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LaBITconf in Buenos Aires Shows Latin America Is Fertile Ground

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Buenos Aires laBITconf Bitcoin

As a sign of Bitcoin’s growing strength in Latin America, the fourth annual laBITconf returns to Buenos Aires from November 4-5. With over 60 high-profile speakers, the event is becoming one of the Bitcoin industry’s hottest tickets.

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Major speakers will include Andreas Antonopoulos, Peter Todd, Anthony Di Iorio, Erik Voorhees and Trace Mayer. Representatives from IBM and Microsoft will attend, along with five of the largest mining companies. Organizers said attendees represent “almost 50% of Bitcoin’s mining power.”

Argentina a Regional Bitcoin Leader

It’s Argentina’s second turn at holding the conference, having hosted the

Conference co-ordinator Rodolfo Andragnes said Argentina is a bitcoin leader in the region. The country’s recent history of economic hardship led it to become a haven for those looking for financial solutions.

“Numerous businesses, mostly hotels, began to use Bitcoin as a form of payment and ever since then, the rate of Bitcoin transactions continues to increase and the attention towards its underlying blockchain technology continues to grow,” Andragnes said.

“We chose Buenos Aires because the new government is open to understanding and promoting this technology.”

The 2014 Bitcoin Market Potential Index (BMPI) report agreed on Argentina’s importance. Moreover, it said the country tops the list of those with highest potential for Bitcoin adoption.

Looking at the Most Topical Issues

Organizers said laBITconf 2016 will look at those issues most affecting the region. These include implementing blockchain technology for global banking, plus regulation and compliance — and perhaps most importantly, cryptocurrences’ ever-growing impact on society.

Presentation titles include “The Trust Revolution,” “Types of Blockchains,” “Legal Challenges After Smart Contracts,” and “Modernization and Entrepreneurship in Argentina,” There will also be a pitch session for Argentinean startups, and a hackathon for budding developers to show off their blockchain talent.

Decentral founder and CEO Di Iorio will give the event’s keynote presentation. He praised the event for welcoming Bitcoin industry veterans and newcomers alike, saying the technology is “revolutionizing industries” and “paving the way for a brighter future powered by cryptocurrency.”

There’s also a strong Chinese contingent looking to build intercontinental bridges — represented by BitAngel’s Chandler Guo, BitKan‘s Fanny Yu, plus Jihan Wu and Yuan Zhang of Bitmain.

Privacy-oriented cryptocurrency Dash is an laBITconf platinum sponsor. Business development VP Daniel Diaz agreed Latin America’s politial and financial situation makes it “fertile ground for digital currencies”.

laBITconf Ticket Prices and Other Details

Early bird discounts to the event finished at the end of September, but tickets are still an affordable $150. There’s also a $400 VIP option and $800 for an “exclusive box”. The hackathon is free.

laBITconf will take place at Buenos Aires’ Piazzola Tango theatre, Florida 165, CABA, on November 4-5.

Will you attend laBITconf 2016 in Buenos Aires? Or are you kicking yourself for missing a Bitcoin event in one of the world’s party capitals? Either way, let us know.

Images courtesy of laBitconf 2016.

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LaBITconf in Buenos Aires Shows Latin America Is Fertile Ground

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Price Report: Bitcoin is Dominating Argentina

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Another small rise is in the books. Following a drop to $639, the price of bitcoin has jumped up to about $645 at press time.

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At first glance, this appears to be a meaningless rise. Just a few dollars, nothing to scream and shout about, but considering the circumstances surrounding the halving that has now officially taken place, the results are something to celebrate.

The price of bitcoin fell about 5 percent at midday on Saturday, slumping to the $620 range. This drop was only temporary, though, as just a few hours later the price rose by an additional $20, causing everyone to breathe a deep sigh of relief.

Following the first Bitcoin halving about four years ago in 2012, the price of a single coin dramatically increased. We’re likely to witness a similar spike in the coming weeks, granted these results repeat themselves.

“The impact of the halving isn’t based on size, it’s based on marginal profitability,” explains Erik Voorhees of Shapeshift.io.

But some aren’t looking at the halving as an influence at all, believing action in countries like Argentina could lead the digital currency towards a particularly impressive jump. This is where a few unusual situations come in.

Bitcoin Saves the Day in Argentina

In Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina, growing “dial-a-ride” service Uber is facing opposition for allegedly operating without permits or tax-identification numbers. Lawsuits from taxi companies are popping up regularly, and credit card companies have blocked Uber payments. Even city officials are taking a stance.

So what’s Uber done? Wanting to stay in business, the ride-sharing service has turned to bitcoin company Xapo, where it has found security in a bitcoin-funded debit card that customers can use to purchase rides. The card is not used locally; rather, transactions occur out of Gibraltar, an area that doesn’t oversee or block Uber payments. Xapo head Anni Rautio says the process of obtaining a card is easy, and the company has already witnessed several customer requests:

“All they have to do is set up their Xapo and receive it at home, and it’s ready to use… This is a very specific situation with a very specific problem and a very specific solution… Since last week, all Uber users in Argentina have been able to use their Xapo bitcoin debit cards to pay for their Uber rides… This is a win for all local Uber users and drivers, and for Uber as a company, as they are able to continue operations in Argentina through Xapo’s debit card.”

So in its fight to garner financial independence for users, it would appear that bitcoin has chalked up another valiant win.

Do you foresee another massive rise? Post your thoughts and comments below!


Images courtesy of Uber, Wikimedia Commons.

The post Price Report: Bitcoin is Dominating Argentina appeared first on Bitcoinist.net.

Price Report: Bitcoin is Dominating Argentina