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NEM Rises to New Heights, as Partner EcoBit’s Green Project ICO Continues

· June 6, 2017 · 11:00 am

NEM is currently one of the fastest expanding distributed ledger technology platforms in the cryptocurrency space. In the recent days, NEM’s cryptocurrency XEM has seen a meteoric rise in value as it displaced Litecoin as the 4th Largest altcoin, in market capitalization last week.

The recent growth spike has been attributed to the NEM’s recent partnership with EcoBit, a green project supported by the Kelantan State Government in Malaysia.

The recent increase in demand and valuation for the out-of-the-box solution and it’s XEM tokens began earlier in the year with the announcement of the collaboration with EcoBit Project and its Blockchain card on social media site Twitter. EcoBit Blockchain card is a pioneering technology that sees the first ever implementation of Blockchain technology on a smart card, which harnesses NEM technology to enable the transactions of EcoBits tokens.

A leading Spanish cryptocurrency news site recently analyzed the direct correlation between EcoBit events and XEM price spikes, concluding the collaboration has a massively beneficial effect on the consensus in the cryptocurrency community.

Showing a super bullish upward trend line, corresponding with EcoBit events, the graph displayed a 154% increase in NEM prices from $0.0037 to $0.0094, between January and March 11, 2017, in unison with phase two launch of the EcoBit project.

Fast forward a month, and XEM saw another significant surge in price and market capitalization, reaching $0.0247 per token. Within this time frame, XEM saw its value rise in value by an entire decimal point, as EcoBit launched its website and ICO. A month later and XEM recorded yet another decimal point shift to reach $0.1276 (as on May 14, 2017).

Following the EcoBit ICO, and its green initiative, the company has gained more popularity among community members, especially Japan, where artists have created EcoBit fan-art.

What is EcoBit?

EcoBit is a green and sustainable lifestyle movement, developed in partnership with the Kelantan State Government in Malaysia. Having already raised over $1 million during the first 10 days of ICO, the EcoBit project focuses on many environmental initiatives that will be financed through the company’s ongoing ICO.

With NEM blockchain technology, the company creates a public supply chain for all produce created through its green projects on Carey Island. Through blockchain implementation, EcoBit focuses on transparency, immutability, and accountability, ensuring that people know exactly what they are buying, where it is coming from and under what ethical circumstances.

The use of self-sustaining NEM blockchain-based smart contracts enables projects to manage and monetize natural resources to reduce carbon emissions ethically. It also creates a transparent, immutable digital supply chain ledger that allows anyone to track and monitor the carbon credits/impact, project’s yields (agricultural produce) and the movement of products from the origin to supermarket shelves.

Through the ledger, consumers can be assured of the organic nature and ethical handling of food produce. The recently introduced EcoBit Blockchain Card can be used by members to “earn” EcoBit tokens via recycling program and “pay” merchants for their goods and services.

Open till June 8, 2017, EcoBit invites participants to continue to contribute towards and eco-friendly blockchain-based project, fighting global warming and climate change in the process contributing towards its sustainable environmental movement.

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BitConnect Coin (BCC) Records 18x Value Increase, within 6 Months of ICO

· May 23, 2017 · 11:30 am

Cryptocurrency newbie BitConnect Coin recently announced an 18x increase in value within six months, following its ICO. Since the altcoin’s crowdsale in November 2016, BCC has risen from $0.5 to $9 per unit. BCC has followed a trajectory similar to that of Bitcoin over Q1 of 2017 which is expected to continue throughout the year.

Similar to Bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum Classic, BCC has a limited supply of 28 million units, making it a deflationary currency. Should the demand continue to increases above current levels, the cryptocurrency’s price could soon test new heights as the year progresses.

The market currently accounts for around 6 million BitConnect Coins and has a strong investor community for a coin of its age. The market for BCC appears healthy in several Asian countries. The BitConnect development team holds an optimistic outlook towards the cryptocurrency, and they expect its popularity to rise in other equally large markets shortly.

BCC presently commands a market capitalization of $82 million, a valuation similar to that of other innovative alternative currencies such as LISK, Ardor, and Iconomi. The drastic increase in BCC’s price and market cap has attracted the attention of more traders in the last few months. The team is also receiving inquiries about the best BCC trading practices from new investors, which indicates the increasing interest among not just seasoned investors but newbies as well.

Based on BCC’s performance during the first two quarters, the months of May and June presents themselves as an optimal time period for Bitcoin investments, mainly because of: an explosive growth of the cryptocurrency market and the short-term downward trend in BCC.

Despite a fall in BCC’s value from April 1 till early May, the cryptocurrency has seen meteoric gains since its inception. A recent price bubble in the cryptocurrency market saw most altcoins drop substantially, including BCC. However, in no time, the price of BCC has already started to bounce back, preparing itself to retest the previous high of $15.

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FundYourselfNow Crowdfunding Platform Announces Q1 2018 Launch, ICO Starts June 2, 2017

· May 12, 2017 · 4:00 pm

A new smart contract based crowdfunding platform, FundYourselfNow.com is set to launch in Q1 2018, making its services available to cryptocurrency investors and entrepreneurs. The platform is built with a goal to help the project leaders raise funds in Bitcoin and Ethereum, to back their ideas through various partnerships.

[Note: This is a press release.]

The platform’s mission aligns with the recent trends in the cryptocurrency market which saw a huge rise in ICO investment during 2016. During the period, over $200 million raised across the board. Despite the huge influx of ICO investments, smaller and less technically savvy project leaders are less able to orchestrate such investment vehicles.

FundYourselfNow aims to simplify the crowdfunding process, to give all ‘Project creators’ a chance to receive the necessary funding to establish themselves in the market. FundYourselfNow project creators will be able to create virtual tokens, which will offer unique customized rewards to the investors, which contribute towards the project. The tokens will eventually be eligible to be traded on cryptocurrency market platforms.

FundYourselfNow Crowdfunding Platform Announces Q1 2018 Launch, ICO Starts June 2, 2017

FundYourselfNow is built over Ethereum platform, leveraged by its smart contract capabilities. It has already seen significant developments in terms of inclusion of Bitcoin support via Rootstock and more as the team prepares for the crowdsale.

The Ethereum smart contracts are designed to promote a level of accountability within the crowdfunding ecosystem. The platform has a milestone-based payment option, which allows project investors the ability to withdraw fund, should a project fails to deliver on its targets. This alleviates a large portion of the risk currently faced by investors in most standard cryptocurrency ICO’s.

Hong Kong-listed company, Success dragon International’s CEO Carlos Salas recently lead the seed funding round for FundYourselfNow. Carlos, also an angel investor and accomplished businessman, helped the platform reach their initial funding goal faster than anticipated.

The funds raised through crowdsale will be utilized by FundYourselfNow to continue the platform’s development and offer project creators cryptocurrency-backed funding, through their crowdfunding campaigns.

Pinnacle Digital has acquired Caxton Worldwide Success Limited, in order to assist FundYourselfNow to achieve its own separate legal status. Led by Pinnacle Digital’s team, FundYourselfNow will continue its fundraising and development under the heading of Caxton Worldwide Success Limited. The platform has scheduled its upcoming ICO on June 2nd, 2017, giving investors a chance to support the crowdfunding project from day one.

Images courtesy of FundYourselfNow, Shutterstock

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Bitcoin Games Weekly Payout Hits 154.3 BTC in One Week

· April 30, 2017 · 6:00 am

Popular Bitcoin betting platform Bitcoin Games has recently paid out a record amount of 154.3 BTC worth of prizes in a single week. The winnings were paid out to 11 players, all in the form of progressive roulette winnings.

[Note: This is a press release]

Prior to the record week’s winnings, the increasingly popular Bitcoin betting platform had already paid out over 1,000 BTC worth of prizes in the last six months. The platform’s recent spike in user base has been accredited to the minimal house advantage and lack of registration process.

The Bitcoin gambling platform constantly keeps adding new titles. The popular game categories on the platform include Slots, Blackjack, Poker, Dice, Roulette, Keno, and Craps. The reduced house edge on Bitcoin Games and its provably fair gaming algorithm translates to an expected return of up to 99% for the players. With the absence of a sign-up process, members can freely come and go as they please, with total anonymity.

The biggest and the latest jackpot was won on the platform’s Progressive Roulette game. Players can make the best out of “Progressive prizes” by selecting the ‘Play 1 credit’ button, which will qualify them for the Progressive Roulette wins. Bitcoin Games has further enhanced the gaming experience with faster transactions by removing network confirmations while providing an option for the players to opt for it if they wish. Bitcoin Games comes integrated with Shapeshift to ensure that players can choose to place bets using different cryptocurrencies.

Although the platform has removed few aspects of the membership process that some players might associate with security, Bitcoin Games is as secure as any other similar website. Players are offered the choice of both Authy and Google Authenticator, in order to keep their accounts safe with two-factor authentication.

Bitcoin Games also provides players with a full 24/7-customer support chat window for all queries and issues. The platform also has an attractive referral program, giving players a chance to earn up to 25% of the house edge when they onboard other players to Bitcoin Games. All payouts are instantaneous, and players can withdraw their winnings at any time.

Bitcoin Games has focused on streamlining the platform to simplify the gaming experience for its player-base. The platforms sizable progressive prizes, reduced house edge, and absence of registration make Bitcoin Games one of the simplest and easiest Bitcoin betting platform in the market.

Images courtesy of Shutterstock, Bitcoin PR Buzz

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FootballCoin Announces the Soft Launch of Its Cryptocurrency Powered Game Platform

· April 10, 2017 · 8:17 am

Cryptocurrency-based fantasy football game platform, FootballCoin has announced the soft launch of its new platform. The game’s beta launch will offer interested players a glimpse of the platform’s features and gameplay.

Similar to ‘Football Manager’, the largest cryptocurrency based football team building title – FootballCoin gives players the chance to create, manage and strengthen their football squad for the purpose of league titles or championship cups. Although similar in nature, FootballCoin offers something unique that ‘Football Manager’ does not have, its own real (crypto)currency.

FootballCoin offers the use of its own Counterparty-based cryptocurrency (XFCCOIN), enabling the use of blockchain technology. FootballCoin cryptocurrency can be utilized within the game to purchase player cards and stadium cards. XFCCOIN can also be traded for other cryptocurrencies through online trading platforms.   

The FootballCoin project is a result of the collaborative efforts of Crowngem limited and its partners Sportradar, Perform Group and other leading sporting statistic providers. These partnerships maximize the realism of the platform’s gameplay. The FootballCoin project will be the first blockchain-supported football fantasy game, and it is entirely funded by the company and its representatives. The soft launch release will initially support English, Spanish and Italian leagues with coverage extending to include France, Germany and the UEFA Champions League at the time of global launch date in August. The FootballCoin platform is set to add additional options to the platform based on community input as the project reaches its fruition.

With its blockchain powered ecosystem, FootballCoin looks to establish itself as the main

platform to offer the benefit of an XFCCOIN cryptocurrency market to players within the fantasy football realm. The availability of XFCCOIN tokens is limited to 1 billion, this will ensure profitability for the players and also stimulate user adoption. The finite number of available tokens will push the value of FootballCoin’s in-game cards and stadiums while increasing the trading value of the currency against alternatives like Bitcoin.

FootballCoin’s unique XFCCOIN tokens can soon be purchased by participants with BTC at a discount during the games pre-sale. After the pre-sale, players can use the cryptocurrency to purchase blockchain-based football player cards and stadium cards. The tokens will also be made available for acquisition from official game stores and cryptocurrency exchanges. In addition to the game’s tokens there will also be an array of prizes and bounty programs that can gain players additional XFCCOIN tokens.

FootballCoin also intends to release its own debit card for the purpose of cryptocurrency payment and store of value. The FootballCoin debit cards will be supported at places accepting VISA and MasterCard debit and credit cards.  

There are already football-genre fantasy gaming platforms around, but none of them have their own unique currency or even cryptocurrency for that matter. FootballCoin helps players cross the bridge between fantasy football gaming and the world of alternative currencies to attract an untapped niche of users.

Anyone Interested in becoming a part of the new FootballCoin community can do so by taking part in the platforms public beta and XFCCOIN crowdsale. Interested parties can visit FootballCoin website for upcoming pre-sale dates.

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SibCoin Expands Its Reach to China’s Cryptocurrency Market after Tasting National Success

· April 7, 2017 · 8:15 am

SibСoin, a Dash fork cryptocurrency originating from Siberia has gained substantial traction within its homeland and plans to expand its reach to the neighboring country, China. To Russian nationals, the cryptocurrency is known as ‘Siberian Сhervonets’ (SIB). The platform’s official website has added support for the Chinese language to help stimulate interest among Chinese investors and crypto-enthusiasts.

Created in May 2015, SibCoin was intended to cater to the needs of the Russian-speaking crypto-community and was formed under the title of the ‘People’s Patriotic Project’.

SibCoin gathered massive national adoption amongst traders and enthusiasts, as it offered a seemingly trustworthy alternative to Bitcoin.

Siberian Chervonets (SIB) is a decentralized payment system, free of useless intermediaries. The SibCoin blockchain technology uses a public mathematic algorithm on a trustless network, which stores the information for each transaction. The algorithm makes it possible for information to be safely shared among participants.

The SibCoin cryptocurrency is currently available for live trade on both ‘YoBit’ and ‘Livecoin’ platforms, and most recently it has been added to one of the most reputable trading platforms, Bittrex.

The SibCoin project leader, Ivan Rublev has said that the development team is focusing on two specific areas as they evolve the cryptocurrency’s ecosystem. MasterNode-based services and traditional services (which includes exchanges and payment collection services) will be the two main areas of focus for the SibCoin team.  

The SibCoin community is going to see a lot of feature additions to the platform during the year 2017. SibCoin’s community meetings have grown in scope and size with community interest now extending beyond Russia and Siberia. With the momentum gathered by the development team in Siberia, SibCoin is now looking forward to becoming the pioneering voice for blockchain adoption in all other neighboring countries.

[Note: This is a sponsored article provided by Bitcoin PRBuzz]

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99Bitcoins Emerges as the Winner of Bitcoin PR Buzz’ Blockchain Company of the Year 2016

· March 9, 2017 · 2:29 am

The results of Bitcoin PR Buzz’ recent Blockchain Company of the Year 2016 contest is out. The leading press release distributor in the cryptocurrency industry has named 99Bitcoins as the winner of the competition after it received the highest number of votes.

[Note: This is a press release]

The contest, held from December 20, 2016, to January 20, 2017, attracted as many as 23 submissions. These entries received a total of 5161 votes.

The Blockchain Company of the Year 2016 contest was organized in association with CoinTelegraph, a crypto-news publication which played the role of a control judge. 99Bitcoins earned the contest title after receiving a total of 1534 votes. Being the winner, 99Bitcoins has been awarded a 1 BTC prize along with a coverage on CoinTelegraph and one Premium PR package worth $827 from the organizer, Bitcoin PR Buzz.


99Bitcoins can now proudly call itself the Blockchain Company of the Year, 2016. The platform’s founder commented upon winning the title. He was quoted in a recent press release saying,

I started 99Bitcoins in January 2014 in hopes of creating a simple website for non-technical people to understand what Bitcoin is all about. It was a crazy journey getting to 1.5 million readers in 2016. My future plans are to make 99Bitcoins the gateway to any newbie trying to wrap his head around Bitcoin and to get as many people on board as possible.

In a span of two years, 99Bitcoins has made an enormous impact on the cryptocurrency community. It is one of the leading Bitcoin knowledge base and resource site. 99Bitcoins has undergone a sea change in the past year. Ofir, explaining the development said,

Throughout 2016 I think 99Bitcoins made a giant leap in terms of being a knowledge hub for Bitcoin. We started our Bitcoin Whiteboard Tuesday Series, continued to update to ever so popular Bitcoin Obituaries section, created the Bitcoin scam test and implemented one of the more popular Bitcoin faucets into our site. I want to thank all the blog’s readers and subscribers for voting and supporting the site. The amount of feedback I got personally during the competition was really heartwarming.

Following closely, LEOcoin gained the second position with a total of 1349 votes and Referral Foundation received a total of 1207 votes. The cryptocurrency community actively participated in the contest and chose the one they believed among the contestants deserved the title.

The Blockchain of the Year 2016 was an initiative solely created to encourage and reward the companies and projects that are working in Bitcoin, Altcoin and Blockchain technology sectors.

Bitcoin PR Buzz hopes to organize the contest every year to encourage the members of the ecosystem to participate in it actively.

Images courtesy of Shutterstock, 99Bitcoins

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mBit Casino Launches New VIP Rewards Program for Customers

Source: bitcoin

mBit Casino

Popular bitcoin gaming site mBit Casino has launched a new VIP program that rewards players for continued activity on the gaming platform.

Disclaimer: This article was provided by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with the firms represented by Bitcoin PR Buzz and is not responsible for their products and/or services.

Casino representative Linda Murphy says that “this new VIP bitcoin casino player reward program was built with sizable input from existing affiliates and players alike.”

“After many months of development,” she continues, “we are proud to announce that the VIP operation is fully active.”

This VIP program gives loyalty points and other rewards to players as they spend time on mBit Casino. The goal of these rewards is to make “each player feel special,” says the casino.

In addition to loyalty points and rewards, the VIP program has a multi-tiered rewards system that gives perks to players based on how many points they earn. Customers with “mBit Black.” status, the highest rewards tier, get a 1 bitcoin top-up on the casino’s bankroll.

The other tiers are “Silver,” Gold,” and “Diamond,” each with their own set of rewards.

Launched in 2014, mBit Casino has worked to provide a quality gaming experience for bitcoin gamblers.

“With Bitcoin,” the casino says, “it is now possible for the gambling platforms to offer instant withdrawal options to their users so they can receive immediate payouts.”

Instant withdrawals, among other unique features, “wouldn’t have been possible with outdated conventional fiat payments technologies,” according to mBit.  

About mBit Casino

mBit Casino is one of the leading online Bitcoin casino operators in the world. Operated by Softswiss N.V., the platform is registered under the laws of Curacao. The casino platform offers a wide range of games for its users. Recently mBit Casino has introduced an attractive rewards program.

For more information, please visit:

Learn more about mBit Casino VIP rewards at:

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mBit Casino Launches New VIP Rewards Program for Customers

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Lisk Launches Nano Client, Access Tools on Any Device

Source: bitcoin

Lisk nano

Lisk, the highly-publicized blockchain application development platform, has launched Lisk Nano. This product is a lightweight client that allows users to access their accounts on any device without having to synchronize with the blockchain.

Disclaimer: This article was provided by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with the firms represented by Bitcoin PR Buzz and is not responsible for their products and/or services.

Nano: Access Your Projects on the Go

Since this “Nano” client removes the requirement to sync with the blockchain, the full functionality of the regular client will not be available. However, the Nano client allows users to access the basic tools of the platform, enabling them to do essential work on the go.

The Nano client can be used for creating Lisk accounts, as well as sending, receiving and viewing LSK transactions. Nano 0.1.0 is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

The Lisk platform launched in early 2016, bringing in a large amount of funding and excitement from the cryptocurrency community. This project aims to provide a Java-based blockchain app development environment that can be used by developers from all backgrounds, eliminating the need to learn new, blockchain-specific coding languages.

To date, according to the project’s website, there have been over 14,000 bitcoins worth of LSK exchanged, with close to 4,000 people participating on the platform.

The project’s website features five blockchain applications developed on the platform, their services ranging from ecommerce to “proof of existence.”

About Lisk

This project is a blockchain application platform that offers JavaScript development tools to deploy sidechains and build decentralized applications on top of them. It comes with the ability to connect various different (decentralized) technologies to enable developers to build useful applications for the real world. Lisk was started earlier this year by Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows.

To learn more about, please visit:

Download the Nano client here:


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Images courtesy of Lisk. 

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Lisk Launches Nano Client, Access Tools on Any Device

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World Gold Coin Trading Added to C-CEX Exchange

Source: bitcoin

World Gold Coin

World Gold Coin has announced that it is available for trading on the C-CEX cryptocurrency exchange.

Disclaimer: This article was provided by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with the firms represented by Bitcoin PR Buzz and is not responsible for their products and/or services.

At press time, WGC is trading at C-CEX for 0.00005 BTC. The currency’s developers expect the price to rise as more people invest in it through the exchange.

Marketed as a “Bitcoin 3.0” project, WGC has gained prominence in South East Asia since its launch.

The currency is mined with the X11 Proof of Work algorithm, which doesn’t allow ASIC mining and theoretically prevents some of the mining centralization experienced with Bitcoin. Mining difficulty for WGC is monitored by the Dark Gravity Well.

“[Dark Gravity Well] uses multiple exponential moving averages and a simple moving average to smoothly adjust the difficulty [of WGC],” says a World Gold Coin representative. “This implementation is far more simplistic and better suited to adjust difficulty than [Kimoto Gravity Well] and also fixes all known exploits.”

The supply cap for WGC is 8.88 billion coins, which is expected to be mined over a 10-year period with a block reward of 1689.49 WGC.

The World Gold Coin team has already made plans for the expansion of its project as WGC trading picks up on C-CEX. These plans include the deployment of WGC ATMs and cloud mining services.

About World Gold Coin

WGC Global is the creator of World Gold Coin. The Hong Kong-based company is a leading crypto-solutions provider in the market. WGC Global offers white labelled solutions to the cryptocurrency industry. Some of its solutions include blockchain based digital assets development, exchange platforms, cryptocurrency powered debit cards, customer cryptocurrency development and setup, APIs for customer digital assets, mobile apps and wallet services.

To learn more about World Gold Coin, please visit —

Trade World Gold Coin on C-CEX at

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Images courtesy of WGC Global.

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World Gold Coin Trading Added to C-CEX Exchange