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FreeRoss.org Releases Rare Ross Ulbricht Home Video

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FreeRoss.org Releases Rare Ross Ulbricht Home Video

The website FreeRoss.org has changed its look and has recently added a never before seen 2-minute film of Ross Ulbricht at his home in Austin. The defense of Ulbricht has recently appealed the double life sentence given to the Silk Road creator. The 170-page motion shows that there was significant corruption in the investigation, and it claims Ross did not receive a fair trial. The new website is showing the rare home video of Ulbricht and also contains a new contest to help fund the appeal.

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Never-Before-Seen Home Video of Ross Ulbricht Released

The new website has a lot to offer supporters of the Ulbricht family and this very topical case. Visitors can get a description of who Ross was and an in-depth background to his life. There is updates on the case and the federal appeal within its pages. The FreeRoss.org website also has a section containing 100 written letters from supporters, family members, and friends of Ross Ulbricht. Now with its recent additions the organization has released video footage of Ross taken in Austin 4 months before his arrest.

FreeRoss.org also has added another section on the website with a new game called The Trial I Saw, created by Ross. They say it was inspired by a dream he had, and it will be used towards funding the appeal. The result of the dream-inspired creation ended up being a unique drawing of how Ross saw the trial from his perspective. For one dollar visitors can purchase a square of the picture and each piece will depict the artwork created in prison. FreeRoss.org says people can also leave a personalized message on each square bought.

With each square of the art purchased 21 random winners will be chosen to receive one gram of gold from the precious metals dealer Roberts & Roberts Brokerage. Purchasers must provide a valid email address and acquire at least one square to enter. The team says, “as the drawing is revealed, see if you can identify all eight characters! Post your guesses on Twitter and Facebook, be sure to tag @FreeRoss”. Roberts & Roberts has been an active supporter of the Ross Ulbricht family and is pleased to take part in changing the precedent. The precious metals dealer is also known for accepting Bitcoin for its gold and silver sales explaining on its website, “We don’t feed the banks.”

The organization says that it is “so grateful” for all the support given to Ross thus far, but the fight is not over. The announcement states, “pre-purchase a poster of the artwork, or bid in an auction on the framed original in the FreeRoss.orgstore. 100% of proceeds go to fund Ross’ appeal and fight precedent that will imperil digital privacy, personal privacy, and Internet freedom.” Squares are available for purchase now, and the website says to make sure to check back as the drawing winners will be announced.

What do you think about the current Ross Ulbricht appeal? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of the Ulbricht family, Roberts & Roberts Brokerage, and Shutterstock

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FreeRoss.org Releases Rare Ross Ulbricht Home Video

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Carl Force’s Lawyer is Pessimistic about Ulbricht’s Appeal

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Carl Force’s Lawyer is Pessimistic about Ulbricht’s Appeal

As Ross Ulbricht seeks a new trial, citing the actions of federal agents Carl Mark Force IV and Shaun Bridges, a lawyer close to the case does not see much hope for the convicted Silk Road administrator. 

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Ulbricht Appeal will Likely be Unsuccessful

Artist rendition shows Ross William Ulbricht in Federal Court in San Francisco

Sentenced to life in prison in May 2015, Ulbricht was found guilty of narcotics trafficking, money laundering and computer hacking charges.

Ivan bates, the lawyer for Carl Mark Force IV, does not believe the actions of his client during the Silk Road investigation means Ulbricht will be freed.

“I don’t really see the major implications for Ross Ulbricht,” he said. “It’s just one of those situations. I know how the government tends to do their cases, they build their evidence well. There was probably more evidence than what’s even known.” Bates sympathizes with Force, who he believes had too much on his plate during the course of the Silk Road investigation.

“One of the things I talked about in court is you see a man that has given so much for his country and his family,” he said. “One of the issues we have to understand is mental health issues are very real. Carl’s issues basically played such a major role in what happened to him.” The government knew about Force’s past, yet still put him in a very stressful situation.

“I feel the government also played a role in terms of not properly placing him in a position for him to be successful in terms of his mental health issues,” Bates said. “The criminal justice system looks the other way when it comes to mental health issues.” Force faced his own trial, and will serve six-and-a-half years in prison. In some ways, this was a relief.

“One of the things we’re happy about is their recommendation that Carl would go to a hospital on the federal side to deal with his mental issues so he can get those under control and move on with his family,” he said. “But, that was merely the recommendation of the court. You’d have to speak with the Bureau of Prisons to truly answer that.” According to Bates, Force was a remorseful individual.

He was struggling with his own issues and it was very sad to me, because you could tell that he had been in a number of positions in his career that caused a great deal of stress and I wish they had paid more attention to him,” the lawyer said. “You don’t just forget these individuals when you put them in stressful situations, because you never know how it will affect their mental health.”

What do you think about this lawyer’s thoughts on Ulbricht’s appeal? Let us know in the comments below!


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Carl Force’s Lawyer is Pessimistic about Ulbricht’s Appeal