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Blockchain-Powered Green Energy Startup WePower Announces Platform Launch and Fundraiser

· August 17, 2017 · 7:00 pm

Gibraltar-based green energy exchange platform WePower is now accepting fundraising registrations as the company gears up for its upcoming launch. The WePower pre-launch fundraiser is similar to a crowdfunding campaign, offering contributors the first chance to receive WePower tokens, in return for Ethereum contributions.

[Note: This is a press release.]


A percentage of the clean energy produced and traded over the WePower platform will be allocated to energy tokens and stored in a smart contract. The WPR digital currency will be tokenized energy stored in a smart contract and accrued with the growth of WePower platform.

WePower has already secured all partner agreements that would facilitate the launch, and all necessary Letters-of-Intent are in place. The Beta version is already live, and another major blockchain update is on the way, which will enable green energy investors to enter the market directly. By purchasing green energy, the platform, investors will finance the development of green energy producers and improve the market in the process.

For some time, most leading scientists have strongly supported the belief that CO2 emissions, brought about through manmade climate change are having a detrimental effect on the world’s climate. These emissions, driven largely by the fossil fuel industry and deforestation, are poised to exacerbate the rise of global temperatures to an unsustainable level by the end of this century. One of the primary solutions to combat this serious problem is through a massive global investment in renewable forms of energy.

WePower is focused on developing a distributed clean energy network based on blockchain and smart contract technologies. It intends to accelerate the shift from a centralized fossil fuel system to a more localized, decentralized clean energy system. The WePower platform connects existing and new renewable energy producers with companies and people willing to switch to clean energy and invest in a 100% renewable future.

Through careful implementation of blockchain technology and smart contracts, WePower is helping solve multiple problems of energy sector at the same time. The platform also brings transparency to the amount of green energy produced, consumed, and how much CO2 emission was reduced in the process. In addition, energy developers cut intermediary commission fees or raise less expensive funds for new start-ups by selling future energy current prices.

As a result, energy consumers benefit from the cheaper future energy and participation in CO2 or other green energy certificate markets. WePower can leverage experience from energy, law, the blockchain, payment systems, security and emerging digital finance industries to develop its platform. In doing so, it will begin to change the way how everyone can earn money by producing, buying and investing in green energy.

WePower Fundraiser

The WePower pre-launch fundraiser is structured as a reward-based crowdfunding campaign, where contributors will receive WePower tokens in return for their Ethereum contributions. Part of the green energy that will be produced and traded on the WePower platform will be assigned to Energy tokens and stored in a smart contract.

Thus, the WPR token will be tokenized energy stored in a smart contract and which accrues donated energy (i.e. projected green energy production) in the form of energy tokens. WPR token holders can use this energy for their own purposes or trade it on WePower platform at any time. It ensures liquidity option for contributors, especially if contributors are from places where WePower is not connected to the grid yet.

Images courtesy of WePower, Wikimedia Commons

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Blockchain Startup CybCSec Solutions Offers Cybersecurity to Cryptocurrency Industry, Announces Crowdsale

· August 16, 2017 · 5:30 pm

Norwegian based tech start-up CybCSec Solutions has announced its new cryptocurrency — CybCSec Coin [XCS] as the company sets out to provide personal cybersecurity solutions for global businesses and individual users across the globe. The company has developed its business model in three individual stages.

[Note: This is a press release.]


The CybCSec team is comprised of industry-leading developers from the cybersecurity sector, many with multiple years’ experience. The company’s mission is to become the leading developer in the Crypto-verse, by designing and implementing innovative security for both personal and business users.

The CybCSec whitepaper offers a brief roadmap of the company’s three phase plan. The company has been specifically designed to offer a long term, stable ecosystem and a growth model that can easily be applied to already established businesses.

The company’s feature release structure is broken down into the following three phases:

Phase 1

Feature Release

The CybCSec coin cryptocurrency is currently undergoing the final stage of its testing before it is approved for full release. CybCSec coin wallets are already available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android devices. TOR network connections for secure messaging and Stealth addresses for anonymous receipt of payments have been already implemented and are in full working order.

Ecosystem & Growth

The platform already has agreements in place with a global sales team network operating in more than one hundred countries. The network includes over 10,000 different businesses, including restaurants, cafes, and shop, all which plans to soon accept XCS as a payment method. CybCSec Solutions expects to release a compiled database of retail outlets accepting XCS by the end of Q3 2017.

Phase 2

Feature Release

Phase two feature release will see the application of user-friendly Smart Contracts, enabling everyday users to implement XCS into their established businesses.

Ecosystem & Growth

CybCSec Solutions plans to focus on a selection of different real-world and online retail merchants, working with their global sales team, to offer further aid to the currency, across the globe.

Phase 3

Feature Releases

The third phase of feature releases will introduce Antivirus, Cyber Security, Intrusion Sensors, Secure File Transfers and additional security based innovations being developed by CybCSec Solutions.

CybCSec Coin ICO

Unlike other similar start-ups which have chosen to try and raise as much money as possible from their ICOs, CybCSec Solutions plans to sell just 2.5% of the total supply of available XCS tokens, to raise sufficient funds for Phase Two and Three development.

The company will decide at a later date if it will need to sell additional XCS, for further development. The CybCSec public sale will have a similar structure to that of a typical ICO-style crowdsale, with different stages and diminishing bonuses as the sale gets closer to its fruition. The ICO will be hosted directly by CybCSec Solutions via its dedicated website, with payment processing being handled by CoinPayments.

Images courtesy of CybCSec Solutions

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Blockchain Solar Energy Trading Platform SunContract Raises over 8200 ETH in Ongoing ICO

· July 29, 2017 · 12:15 pm

Unique Solar energy trading platform, SunContract has declared a total of over 8220 ETH (about $1.63 million) raised from its ongoing ICO, with still less than a week remaining. SunContract is a renewable energy marketplace developed by power specialists and IT professionals. The platform balances its service to incorporate market demands and blockchain technologies within the energy distribution industry.

[Note: This is a press release.]

Solar energy trading platform

The SunContract Energy Pool is a P2P marketplace that facilitates the exchange of clean energy directly between customers without the involvement of intermediaries, through an automatic digital bidding process made possible through Ethereum smart contracts.

The meteoric rise in the cost of traditional energy is exacerbated largely by sizable investments in infrastructure and costs relating to transmission, taxes, and losses through inefficient work practices. This trend and a growing availability of renewables have resulted in an increased development of the clean energy sector, which has led to a significant increase in the production efficiency.

Also, there is often considerable excess energy, produced from non-conventional power generation units, which is controlled by small and large private individuals or companies.

SunContract aims to reappropriate this excess energy by enabling the producers to sell it through the company’s open P2P market to all different types of consumers, without an intermediary or a trusted third party.

The use of blockchain technology in energy market not only helps automate most of the processes but also acts as an energy fraud and theft prevention mechanism. The transparency, immutability, and security of the Ethereum blockchain makes it easier to track energy distribution and usage, as well as prevent meter tampering, power theft, and other fraudulent activities.

SunContract focuses on the efficient use of clean energy, in a bid to reduce the company’s carbon footprint as much as possible. The company manages this by guaranteeing that all excess clean energy is stored correctly and eventually utilized properly. The company’s project started in 2016 but had already planned out its entire roadmap, explained in the whitepaper.

SunContract ICO

SunContract’s ICO has been successful so far and will continue for few more days. Investors can participate in the initiative by purchasing SNC tokens with Ethereum on the company’s ICO page. SunContract’s native SNC tokens act as the main unit of exchange on the platform.

Investors will receive 10,000 SNC tokens per every ETH, and with the recent increase in energy-backed tokens, the value of SNC is likely to rise when it hits the markets. The SunContract ICO has already surpassed the first milestone of 5000 ETH and now looks to hit 10,000 ETH. Interested individuals can participate in the ICO via the website.

Images courtesy of SunContract

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Čvc 24 Partners with North America’s Largest Mining Farm, Adds World Class Cloud Mining to Offerings

· July 24, 2017 · 11:30 am’s mining services continue to grow exponentially as commands roughly 3 percent of the Bitcoin network’s global mining power. In addition to the company’s mining capabilities, is partnered with the largest U.S.-based data center allowing the company to leverage cloud mining services like no other business in the industry.  

[Note: This is a press release.]

Bitcoin mining is a very competitive industry as miners worldwide are verifying transactions while securing the network for economic incentives. takes mining seriously with its world-class mining pool as well as offering the best cloud mining contracts in the industry. In the last quarter alone in partnership with a large confidential North America-based data center has purchased over US$15M worth of Bitcoin mining equipment and have sold more than $8M in cloud mining contracts.

Cloud mining is a unique service that allows anyone to earn bitcoins through the mining process without having to purchase specialized hardware or use complicated software. In essence, users purchase the mining power from a data center enabling them to obtain bitcoins. started its cloud mining operations back in May and has seen record sellouts ever since.

“Our hashrate demand seems to be growing in lockstep with Bitcoin price, and it doesn’t show signs of slowing,” explains developer Shaun Chong after the first wave of cloud mining contract sales were sold.’s CEO Roger Ver is thrilled to see and the firm’s cloud mining services gain so much interest.

This clearly shows that is one of the most profitable companies in the entire ecosystem today. With our continued efforts we will pave the way for the future mass adoption of Bitcoin via on chain scaling as originally outlined by Satoshi Nakamoto.

We can see the significant interest for bitcoin mining as specialized hardware and chips are getting harder to obtain because global manufacturers can’t keep up with the demand.

Our partnership with one of the largest data centers in North America has enabled us to purchase millions of dollars worth of mining equipment. This allows the ability to offer the best cloud mining services in the industry.

As one of the main security components for bitcoin, the most trusted and tested blockchain worldwide, mining will continue to be a profitable industry.’s pool aims to sustain its leadership by offering the very best mining structure to its clients with 110 percent block reward and 0 percent fees. Further, our cloud mining offering includes three contract durations for maximum flexibility: three months, six months, and lifetime (while profitable) plans. sells cloud mining to continue growing its hashrate that supports on-chain scaling and utilizes sales revenue to purchase more mining hardware. is a leader in the digital currency and blockchain industry by leveraging multiple facets of this emerging and innovative technology. The company’s mining pool and cloud services are growing in unison with Bitcoin’s natural development as the future of money.

For more information please visit

Media contact: Mate Tokay

Media contact e-mail:

Images courtesy of

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Virtual Reality Business Networking on The Blockchain

· July 23, 2017 · 11:30 am

Shares Per Hour, better known as SPH, takes business networking to the next level using the innovation of virtual reality (VR) and blockchain technologies.

[Note: This is a press release.]

You’re probably familiar with LinkedIn, if not, it’s a site where professionals can connect & network with each other through a website and mobile app. These current web and mobile app based services are fast becoming hard to use and outdated. SPH brings new life and excitement to the world of “Business Networking”, incorporating distributed technology that brings people closer together than ever before.

The improvements come from utilizing the three leading technologies in computer science: VR; Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. Let’s take a more in depth look at how these breakthrough technologies aid in improving coordination, leading to increased productivity and time savings for businesses and everyday life.

Virtual Reality (VR) Virtual Reality Becomes the New User Experience (UX)

Shares Per Hour demonstrates the power of a deeply immersive work space. No longer are you limited to the size of a computer screen or mobile phone. Now your entire field of vision is accessible and functional. Don’t worry about access to your legacy desktops and cell phones, you still have them right there in the virtual office space of your choice.

There’s no need to pull your cell phone out of your pocket, instead, you can instantly see your phone’s screen and resize it however you like in futuristic holographic representations right in virtual reality. The same goes with your desktop screen and even your team members computer screens. Instantly teleport over to your co-worker’s office to collaborate, even at the virtual beach.

SPH expands much further into the VR immersive user experience but we will first explain the foundation that Virtual Reality will sit on, distributed ledger blockchain technology.

Blockchain Allows SPH to Progress Past a Simple Business Networking Project

The blockchain enables smart contracts to be created between parties. After negotiating a deal in the virtual world, users can close the deal with a “virtual hand shake” backed up by a smart contract running on the blockchain. Secure “per hour” payment plans can be set up in place between users.

User studies have shown “per hour” deals are the quickest to close and begin, Workers actually receive payment every hour, in real time, which aids in the workers’ confidence. Employers are protected through the collaborative UX and the reputation system. We will talk more about this in the artificial intelligence section.

Artificial/Virtual Intelligence (AI/VI)

A great thing about the blockchain is the ability to source it for data, collecting and analyzing this public data for future use. Sourcing data is key to creating a useful AI. A top SPH feature using AI is the VR hiring agent or what some people might call a VR head hunter. This is where users go through a more personal and immersive experience describing themselves and their ambitions to a virtual hiring agent who can aid in determining where they best fit into the digital work force.

The same process happens with employers. In the end, AI/VI algorithms are used to match employees and employers together and schedule interviews. AI is not used to do smart contracts between users. Users interact with each other in the virtual world and come to agreements. AI is used to save time and the human interaction is used to make final confirmations on business networking agreements.

For More Information

If you would like to learn more about SPH, visit the official website:

Read the in depth technical blackpaper or view the friendlier overview and demo videos. The ICO token sale is currently under way. It’s free to join the website. We strongly recommend joining the website since registration for the website will close 72 hours prior to the end of the ICO. Only previously registered members will be allowed to participate in the ICO during the last 72 hours.

Images courtesy of Shares Per Hour

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MBit Casino Gives Away $50,000+ in Monthly Tournaments & VIP Rewards

· July 18, 2017 · 2:00 pm

Following their successful website launch in 2014, mBit Casino has enjoyed a steady growth in user-base, as it became one of the most popular online Bitcoin casinos around. mBit casino has experienced this success due to its 24/7 live support, large monthly tournaments (for both slots and table games) and a generous VIP Program.

More recently mBit Casino has been running a monthly tournament in which players have started to pay out substantial prizes. Every month at least 15 BTC in combined tournament prizes is paid out between 40 different players. In addition, players are also able to exchange their VIP comp points into Bitcoin and free spins.

In total, mBit has been paying out over 20 BTC in monthly prizes, which is valued at around $50,000 today. On top of this payout mBit casino also pays out additional everyday bonuses, welcome bonuses, and weekly cash back offers.

mBit also casino runs two monthly tournaments,  the 10 BTC Slots Tournament and the 5 BTC Table Games Tournament. The Table Games Tournament pays out 5 BTC in prizes to the top 10 Table Game players and the Slots Tournament rewards the top 30 slots players each month with a total prize pool of 10 BTC.

Players can collect points across the month, based on the total amount of Bitcoin they bet in the corresponding games. Players have the whole month, every month, to earn as many points as they can on the leaderboard, after which prizes will be added to their account on the first day of the month.

Images courtesy of Bitcoin PR Buzz

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Startup of Dubai launches ICO to develop applications based on blockchain technology

· July 10, 2017 · 2:00 pm

The Royal Kingdom Enterprise presents projects founded on Crypto’s billionaire market economy by providing participation in the results.

Since Blockchain technology has become the holy grail of the technology sector and its implementation possibilities have influenced the development of solutions in diverse industries, the company has initiated the process of creating projects to accompany this trend.

Aligned with the view of the Dubai Government of having its services and documents registered in blockchain up to 2020, the Royal Kingdom Enterprise invites to the opportunity to bridge the potential of the technology blockchain the needs of people and public or private enterprises.

“Today, July 10, 2017, the Royal Kingdom Enterprise presents the opportunity to participate in this development through its ICO.”

To develop products and services that aggregate value to society in a sustainable way, the Royal Kingdom Enterprise decided to seek funding through crowdfunding, developing its own token (Royal Kingdom coin-RKC), a ERC20 at the top of the blockchain of the Ethereum platform. The issuance of the RKC token aims at the voluntary participation of network users to promote projects proposed by the company.

In this way we invite everyone to know our projects and align themselves with the same goal through the involvement of the ICO of the Royal Kingdom coin. The total quantity of RKC will be in the limited number of 15 million (15 million) in total (including those available for sale during ICO 2,700,000). Your issuance will be unique and it will not be possible to generate new RKC tokens, because they will be configured on the smart contract.

In the medium and long term, the Royal Kingdom coin will show itself as a reflection of the organization’s positive performance, obtaining its own market value, being regarded as a consumable virtual product. The initial value of each token will be $0.10, and this price will increase proportionately according to the volume of its acquisition by the market.

The RKC token can be acquired from the Venture Kingdom platform, you must register and enter balance in bitcoin or ether to be prepared for the opening of the ICO. Contributing to the ICO of Royal Kingdom coin, through the acquisition of RKC, grants benefits to the coin carriers. Among them we would like to highlight that the Royal Kingdom Enterprise from February 2018 will share with the participants the monthly earnings acquired.

Monthly will be allocated 50% of the company’s profits to purchase the RKC token on the market, and these will be distributed proportionately to the carriers of the RKC according to the amount of coins they possess in their wallets RKC.

ICO participants invest in the success of the Royal Kingdom enterprise projects and can help to disclose the sale of RKC tokens to increase awareness in the general community, enabling the anticipated liquidity of RKC tokens through our reward campaign.

The ICO is a transformative step for the development of the projects of the Royal Kingdom Enterprise, as it makes it possible through the community’s participation to construct ideas and share the results.

To understand the project in full we offer the whitepaper, on the official page of the ICO of the Royal Kingdom coin.

Be part of this construction and come with us!

Images courtesy of Royal Kingdom Enterprise

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How to Save on Bank Transfers: Cryptopay Bitcoin Wallet Paves Its Shortcut to the AppStore

· July 4, 2017 · 2:30 pm

Cryptopay Ltd. (London, England), today we’re finally launching the Cryptopay app for iOS that aims to make top-notch financial technologies affordable and convenient for everyone.

[Note: This is a press release.]

Our new app allows iPhone owners to receive, store, send and make purchases with bitcoins in a tap of a finger.

How much do I waste on banks

Cryptopay leverages Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency based on the Blockchain technology.

We don’t like to wait. We don’t like to pay more than it takes.

The traditional banking system is in total control of fiat currencies. The main flaw of such control is the lack of transparency, and I have a little story to illustrate the point. Once I had to make a transfer to my friend in the USA. I went to the local Barclays branch old school style, to show them my ID to prove identity and pay the international transaction fee.

CryptoPay chart

Barclay’s (left in the image above) charges a £20 fee if I’d like to make sure that payment has arrived. Halifax charges its own fee and warns that receiver bank in non-EEA country may also charge some amount of money. It’s difficult to even say how much.

I have compared the offer with Halifax, just to make sure everyone charges the same amount in average.

If I need to send a £1000 through the Barclay’s to a non-EEA country, the total will be £1040 + receiver fee, not mentioning £20 they charge for tracking the payment. There’s also a good chance to pay the additional £7 fee in case of Barclay’s for the mistake in paperwork. A trans-Atlantic transaction took almost a week and required the receiver to visit the bank branch to prove his identity.

The same payment in BTC would result in 0% fee and would be delivered in an hour or three. That’s how we see the general idea of Cryptopay — free you from the centralized banking system and its unfair demands.

Eric Benz

Three Steps to Break Free From Banking Fees

Already described as simple and intuitive by early testers, we’ve made a step forward on user interface idea. New Cryptopay iOS app provides environment to receive, store, send and make purchases with bitcoins.

Free Bitcoin wallet with some magic in it

The account you get on sign-up is already divided by BTC, EUR, USD and GBP, so you have the ability to hedge your savings from the inflation and volatility.

Cryptopay users transfer bitcoins to any possible location throughout the world, while their friends and relatives receive them commission-free. International transactions take a few minutes instead of hours for banks:

  1. Scan the QR-code or specify a wallet address manually
  2. Specify the sum
  3. Confirm the payment, no identity checks required on both sides

The new app provides users with an opportunity to buy bitcoins on-site: just deposit some money and transfer to BTC account, bitcoins will appear on your account in a few seconds after the exchange.

Virtual & plastic debit cards

Bitcoin plastic & virtual cards are an ultimate method to pay with BTC in-store and online or withdraw cash at ATMs everywhere MasterCards are accepted. Buy a couple of beers, a chainsaw for a zombie apocalypse or a new laptop — Cryptopay would assist in all your aspirations.

Use virtual cards for recurring payments such as Adobe subscriptions, Uber rides or residential utility bills.

Cryptopay Infographic

About Cryptopay

Founded in October of 2013, Cryptopay is a wallet and debit card service in the UK, backed by the bitcoin payment protocol.

Download Cryptopay App on the AppStore

Leave your feedback in the Live Chat or email to

Images courtesy of Cryptopay, AdobeStock

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easyMINE: A Revolution in Mine Management Software

· June 28, 2017 · 1:30 pm

Even as the past few years have witnessed cryptocurrencies evolve from a niche hobby into a booming global industry, the level of technological savvy required to successfully run even a small-scale mining operation has remained quite high. Now, a new software platform is promising to make things easier than ever before.

[Note: This is a press release.]

The growing interest in various mining services signals an important shift in the public perception of cryptocurrency. No longer the exclusive domain of hardcore enthusiasts, the field now begins to attract less technologically inclined individuals, for whom accessibility and ease of use are just as important as potential profits.

To meet the needs of this rapidly expanding group, a team of developers from a Polish information technology company, Grupa IT, is creating an innovative, user-friendly mine management software system. The tellingly named easyMINE promises an unprecedented level of convenience – without compromising on control, flexibility, or reliability.

Suitable even for complete beginners, easyMINE streamlines and automates every aspect of the mining process. On first boot-up, the eMOS operating system – a heavily modified Linux distribution – automatically configures the hardware. GPUs are detected and flashed with custom BIOSes, and a preliminary adjustment of clock timings and core voltages is performed.

This is followed by an aggressive optimization stage, during which the settings are further fine-tuned for maximum performance and stability. Finally, the system selects the most profitable currency and mining pool of the moment and begins work. From that point on, it also constantly monitors and dynamically tweaks all of the operating parameters to ensure that the mine is always functioning at peak efficiency.

easyMINE logo

While the easyMINE system is fully capable of operating with practically no human supervision, users seeking more direct control over mining machines will find a complete set of configuration, management, and reporting tools. With a web or mobile dashboard providing access to all the hardware and software settings, real-time performance monitoring, and detailed operating history, easyMINE makes overseeing even several dozen mining rigs intuitive and straightforward.

With alpha testing nearing completion, the easyMINE team is preparing to launch an Initial Coin Offering to fund further development of the project. 27,000,000 easyMINE tokens (EMT), based on the Ethereum Classic platform, will be available for purchase during the 30-day ICO sale scheduled for this summer. The tokens are expected to be exchange-listed as early as in the third quarter of 2017.

For more information, visit the project website at:

Images courtesy of easyMINE

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Cryptocurrency Gambling company Monster Byte Inc. launches ICO

· June 25, 2017 · 11:00 am

Monster Byte Inc. owns a suite of long standing and profitable gambling websites that have been custom-built with proprietary technology owned by Monster Byte. Monster Byte is looking to raise additional funds to not only enhance their current consumer’s sites but also begin to resell their intellectual property and enter the B2B iGaming space.

[Note: This is a press release.]

This ICO is unique because the company has been generating revenue, adding users and enhancing its products since 2013. Instead of wondering if you are buying vaporware with the ICO you have a chance to share in the growth and profits of an established company.

From Sports Betting to Provably Fair Games

Monster Byte owns and operates,, and Bitcoin Rush offers sports betting and a provably fair casino all custom built and originally founded as “” in 2013.The sportsbook currently offers highly competitive odds and a daily cashback system that is not available at any other bitcoin sportsbook. Peerbet was established in 2012 and offers 1% edge dice games and an on-site exchange for various cryptocurrencies. Finally, Bit777 was acquired by Monster Byte in 2014 from UltraPlay LTD and is a flash based casino with 49 different games.

The sportsbook currently offers highly competitive odds and a daily cashback system that is not available at any other bitcoin sportsbook. Peerbet was established in 2012 and offers 1% edge dice games and an on-site exchange for various cryptocurrencies. Finally, Bit777 was acquired by Monster Byte in 2014 from UltraPlay LTD and is a flash based casino with 49 different games.

What will the ICO Funds be Used For?

First and foremost, Monster Byte is hiring several functions, including additional developers, and community managers.

The sportsbook will be updated with a new UI/UX model and implement a system that earns between 2-4% per bet regardless if the player wins or loses. will be relaunched with a new modern design that will be responsive for tablet and mobile device play. will start accepting more coins including Waves, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and others in time for the next NFL season in September.

B2B syndication of its games and API access to both traditional fiat and cryptocurrency gaming portals. The new line of business will supplement existing revenue streams.

Telegram messenger betting support. People will be able to place bets from their telegram app.

What do Token Holders Get?

Monster Byte Token will be issued exclusively on the Waves Platform due to the ability to easily trade tokens against other assets and cryptocurrencies all within the DEX, a very liquid decentralized exchange in the Waves LiteApp Wallet.

On a quarterly basis, all Monster Byte token holders are entitled to their share of the collective profit (revenue – expenses) of Monster Byte. Dividends will be paid in bitcoin, and detailed quarterly reports will be published to provide full transparency on all operations. A dedicated Slack channel will also be created to follow the day-to-day operations and development progress with the team itself.

When is the Monster Byte ICO? I Want in NOW!

The ICO pre-sale will begin on July 3rd, 2017 at 16:00 UTC, and extend until July 8th 16:00 UTC or whenever the pre-sale is sold out, whichever occurs first. During the pre-sale, 2,500,000 Monster Byte tokens will be sold at $0.08 USD, a 31.5% discount over the general sale. The general sale will open at July 8th at 16:00, and 7,500,000 Monster Byte tokens will then be sold at $0.11 USD.

Is There a Cap?

Yes, in total, Monster Byte anticipates raising $1,025,000 USD which gives Monster Byte a $4.4M post-money valuation. They chose not to have an open cap as savvy investors should know exactly what they are buying into, with a well-defined capitalization model.

A Unique Opportunity

This is your chance to invest in one of the fastest growing industries. Sports betting and online gambling is one of the best use cases for cryptocurrencies. Currently, online gambling as a whole is a $46 Billion/year market. Depending on estimates, that figure is expected to reach $50 Billion/year by 2019. At the same time, due the benefits of both the player and operator, cryptocurrency gambling is going to ‘eat into’ this market gradually year over year.

Based on Monster Byte’s solid reputation and long-standing history in this young niche market, as well as their expansion into B2B operations this is an ICO that is sure to go quickly.

Visit our website and sign up for our newsletter to get the latest updates on the ICO and presale. You can also connect with us on Slack and on BitcoinTalk.

[Disclaimer: Bitcoinist accepts money to publish press releases in the dedicated PR section. However, we do not endorse and cannot guarantee any claims contained in these press releases. We advise our readers to always do their due diligence before sending any money to companies and services, particularly those who guarantee profits. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.]

Images courtesy of Monster Byte

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