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Bitcoinist: An Update on Our Recent Big Changes

· February 16, 2017 · 9:00 am

Bitcoinist has become the fastest growing website according to Alexa Rankings in recent months due to major changes across the board as we look to a bright future ahead.

Bitcoinist: New Team, New Look

Bitcoinist was founded in 2014. But if you haven’t noticed already, our domain has changed from .net to .com this past December. This was accompanied by a major overhaul of the website design as well. We do hope you like the design, which we believe is easier on the eyes and a lot cleaner than before.


(Feel free to write us if you have any suggestions to improve.)

What’s more is that the entire staff has been replaced by new management, a new team of editors and experienced writers. These changes have been reflected in our new editorial policy, which you can read here.

News With Useful Features, Powerful Tools

While some of our previous website pages remain, many new features have been added as well. These include a brand new gambling page with reviews of various online Bitcoin casinos and cryptocurrency betting sites.

The new Buy Bitcoin page enables our users to acquire bitcoin with a debit or credit card in over 200 countries. Since we believe privacy is an integral part of Bitcoin, we chose to work with the online bitcoin-buying service Indacoin, which doesn’t store any customer data for this very reason.

Another new feature that we’re excited about is our realtime price ticker – the only one in the news space that displays realtime prices of not one, but three of our favorite cryptocurrencies, namely Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash. We’re also planning to launch a full altcoin price page in a few weeks, so stay tuned! 

tickerMeanwhile, some of the most useful features have remained, such as our Knowledge Base, which is a great place to start for anyone who’s new to Bitcoin.

We’re Growing, Adding Advertisers & Hiring

We’re always looking for talented writers so the Jobs section is still available for those looking to put their creativity to the test and earn bitcoin in the process. In fact, this is undoubtedly the best way to learn (and earn) Bitcoin and cryptocurrency!

Overall, these improvements have already boosted our readership, social media followers, and website traffic. Additionally, our newsletter circulation has recently topped 6,000 subscribers.

Advertisers should note that we have been the fastest growing site in the cryptocurrency space according to Alexa Rankings in the past several months.

We’re still happy to offer Press Release publishing services and promote your conferences on our Events section. We already have a large number of conference media sponsorships booked for 2017 so don’t miss out! 

Additionally, the Bitcoinist front page can also accommodate your ICO countdown widgets for everybody to see.   

Finally, we welcome all potential investors to join us as we continue to grow along with Bitcoin.

For investment opportunities, please contact our Managing Director Norbert Radoki: norbert.radoki@bitcoinist.net

Images courtesy of Bitcoinist.com, Shutterstock 

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Dash: The Original DAO

Source: bitcoin

Dash: The Original DAO

The rise of Ethereum’s The DAO is certainly cause for excitement. However, for Dash, the prospect of successfully operating a decentralized autonomous organization is already old news.

Disclaimer: This article was provided by the Vanbex Group. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with the firms represented by the Vanbex Group and is not responsible for their products and/or services.

Created in 2014 by Evan Duffield as “Darkcoin,” Dash quickly grew from a platform for highly-anonymized transactions to a full service network for payments, project funding and decentralized governance by protocol.

Dash: Two Years Ahead

With all the talk about The DAO, people seem to have forgotten — or simply don’t know — Dash has been providing DAO-like services for a couple of years.

With its Decentralized Governance by Blockchain (DGB) functionality, anyone can propose changes to Dash. Masternode owners host monthly votes on these proposals, which range from marketing and community-based decisions to direct modifications to Dash protocol.

Dash’s project budget is funded by 10 percent of the block reward, which is entered into a fund that can be used to finance Masternode-approved projects.

Unlike The DAO, Dash funds its projects with money internal to the network, produced by miners, and controlled at the protocol level by Masternodes.

This method of funding promotes network strength, creating a positive feedback loop of internal capitalization that gets injected right back into the system for projects to improve the protocol.

The DAO, on the other hand, operates on a system of conflicting incentives, which could set the organization up for bouts of massive devaluation and ether dumping.

By requiring people to purchase DAO tokens with ether, the organization has also set up a system that turn DAO voting rights into a tradeable commodity, opening the door to  crypto-token trading and other similar perils, vulnerabilities like pump and dump schemes, fraud and theft.

DAO tokens could even become more of a target for speculative day traders than those with genuine interest in voting and developing new projects.

Meanwhile, Dash, with its “internalized” system facilitating voting across Masternode owners, pushes forward project funding decisions to protocol questions without disruption.

Decentralized Governance

Since the rollout of its DGB functionality in last August, Dash’s system has continued to evolve via Masternode voting, itself an effective — incentivized — blockchain-based system.

It’s swift and reliable decision making process has also yet to reach any roadblocks caused by internal strife, a common good buoyed by the vested stake in the overall working of Dash that each Masternode owner possesses.

But even so, based on rough documentation, the upcoming Version 12.1 update to Dash will make the DGB system even more efficient with the addition of elected project managers.

They will also specialize in certain fields, such as marketing, legal and technical, while project managers will help to hire “employees” to complete approved projects.

Further, project managers will be held accountable by the network if they do not perform to the standards of the network or misuse the allocated budget.

In addition, with the new system in place, Masternode owners won’t have to be heavily involved in projects beyond the voting stage, allowing them to use their resources to work on other areas of the Dash network.

“We’ve decided to create a structure which will allow decentralized teams to personally manage our investments for the full life cycle of each project,” said Duffield.

“We hope other projects will adopt a decentralized version of some sort of management structure as well,” Duffield continued. “We consider this a critical component of a successful implementation.”

In March, Dash laid out a more concrete outcome of Version 12.1, slating it as a plan to make Dash more accessible to mainstream users.

Duffield said that, as 12.1 gets rolled out, the core development team will turn most of its attention to creating “fiat access ramps,” which he described as “more liquid and better fiat-dash exchange services.”

Since the announcement, Dash has been integrated with Deginner, Coinapult and Crypto Capital to provide users with fiat-dash exchange services. With these “direct fiat access ramps” in place, Duffield believes that Dash will be able to move into its next growth phase.

With these real-world projects organized by the Masternode network the company has proven its viability in the space of decentralized autonomous organizations.

With a market cap of $52.4 million USD, Dash is currently the fifth-largest cryptocurrency in the world, sixth if The DAO is considered a separate cryptocurrency entity.

Images courtesy of Alpha Coders, Dash.

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Dash: The Original DAO