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Sony Aims to Reshape Education with Blockchain Technology

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Sony Aims to Reshape Education with Blockchain Technology

TOKYO, JAPAN Sony the multinational technology corporation is swiftly moving into the blockchain territory. In a press release from the conglomerates, Global Education sector the company has announced its using distributed ledger protocol into the educational field.

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Sony Believes the Blockchain Can Revolutionize Education

The report states the developed system allows “academic proficiency and progress records,” with blockchain technology being its underlying architecture. Sony understands that distributed ledgers and cryptocurrency has attracted popularity and attention within financial markets. The company says that blockchain technology will be a revolutionary tool that can be used for a vast array of applications and solutions. Sony states:   

“Blockchain shows great promise in revolutionizing services of all kinds, however, not limited to just finance. It enables network users to freely and securely transfer permissions, without the need for an established relationship of trust between network participants, and in such a way that damaging or tampering with programs and data is prohibitively difficult.” — Sony Global Education Inc.

Sony Global Education says they have created a system that leverages this emerging technology towards the educational methods of data transmission. A blockchain can record academic proficiency and testing all while sharing this information across a “system-wide-basis.” The world’s organizations utilize testing records and evaluations in a different way globally, and Sony believes a distributed method could create a higher credibility in education. The Global Education announcement explains:

“As education paradigms evolve, technological innovation is expected to diversify the ways in which tests are designed and individuals are evaluated. With this diversification and the changes it brings about, different evaluating organizations may come to utilize individual’s’ test results in different ways, each in accordance with its own evaluation methods. Open and secure handling of academic data will become possible through the adoption of application programs that leverage Sony Global Education’s new technology, leading to the emergence of new educational services in the future.” — Sony Global Education Inc.

The business says it believes in the core technology of blockchains and says it can significantly reshape our educational systems worldwide. Sony Global Education’s Math Challenge is one example of where the digital system will be applied. The event attracts over 150,000 participants globally and in 2017 the company hopes to implement a blockchain infrastructure to the program. The Global Math Challenge will be the first use of the newly created open data protocol the company has built. However, Sony notes that education is not the only sector this technology will help forward as the company believes it will change other areas as well. The announcement concludes by saying, “Sony Global Education’s new technology can be applied not only in the educational arena but also in a wider range of industries, from medical care to environmental services to energy.”  

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Sony Aims to Reshape Education with Blockchain Technology