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VWO Students Read Bitcoin Article For English Exam

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There is a lot of education to be done regarding Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, but Dutch schools are taking a unique approach to this problem.  Students of VWO – which focuses on preparing youngsters for their university studies – included a text on Bitcoin during this year’s final exams.

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VWO Focuses On Texts About Economy and Finance

The educational system is different in most places around the world, and European numbers divide a school year into several exam periods. Now that the end of the school year is almost upon us, it is time for the latest batch of exam preparations. For VWO students in The Netherlands, that means they will have an English exam coming up shortly.

As part of this English exam, students get a selection of English-written texts they need to study. One of these stories talks about Bitcoin, titled ‘Currency Without Borders”, which can be found on page 14 of this document. The text itself is an article published in Scientific American in 2011 and talks about how Bitcoin works and why it is so important to take note of this concept.

While this may not seem as significant as openly talking about Bitcoin, it is interesting to note schools are taking notice of the Bitcoin phenomenon. Given the rather financial nature of this VWO English assignment, it is refreshing to see Bitcoin being mentioned in a positive manner, rather than something only criminals seem to use.

This text will also help put Bitcoin on the map among VWO students through all of The Netherlands. Albeit the country is rather open-minded towards Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general, it never hurts to drive the point across as to why the financial ecosystem as we know it is failing, and Bitcoin is a topic well worth keeping an eye on.

Whether or not this will lead to a new wave of Bitcoin adoption or education in the educational field, remains to be seen. VWO Has certainly set an interesting precedent by using a text on Bitcoin for exam purposes, as it a completely different subject than all of the other documents in the bundle.

What are your thoughts on VMO students having to read a text on Bitcoin? Let us know in the comments below!

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VWO Students Read Bitcoin Article For English Exam