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Coinsecure Announces New Head Of Global Business Development

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Coinsecure Announces New Head Of Global Business Development

Coinsecure one of the oldest established India-based Bitcoin businesses and is an algorithmic trading platform with a secure wallet. Founded by Benson Samuel in June of 2013 the company aims to target the many challenges associated with the growth of the Indian economy. This week the service is excited to announce Elizabeth (Ploshay) McCauley as its Head of Global Business Development.

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Elizabeth McCauley has been a member of the Bitcoin community for quite some time. Starting her career as a board member of the Bitcoin Foundation, account manager for Bitpay, and advising many projects such as Code To Inspire and BitGive she’s familiar with the crypto-space. Now McCauley is joining the Coinsecure team to help them promote Bitcoin in the world’s second most populated country.

The company says in its blog that McCauley has always been a “powerful evangelist for the Bitcoin cause” with her experience with “several of the top Bitcoin companies such as Bitpay.” Coinsecure is pleased to have her join the forward progress of establishing the digital currency within the region. Because she is a “key player” they have aligned with her they say so “ she can “maintain and quicken” Coinsecure’s place in the Bitcoin environment.

India has had remarkable Bitcoin growth in the region and continues to remain on top of technology’s innovative changes. An array of companies reside in the country that have been pushing the idea of cryptocurrency adoption greatly like Coinomat, Zebpay, and others. India’s IT giant Infosys has also been very supportive of blockchain technology and is helping research with an accelerator program. Then in late December 2015, India’s Reserve Bank publicly endorsed the distributed ledger protocol and acknowledged its potential with transparency. The country’s lead in innovation also shows that quite a bit of the world’s IT workforce resides in the region. Coinsecure says:

We welcome Elizabeth and look forward to a powerful step towards growing Bitcoin across India”

The company has also announced that because of “volatility” in the market they have seen a “tremendous surge in daily volumes” at Coinsecure. They have also added YES Bank and HDFC to its list of banking partnerships and believes this will enable better access to its user base. Coinsecure is excited about its new Head of Global Business Development and believes McCauley will fit right in with the team. Bitcoin has been a “global enabler” they say and Coinsecure plans to keep India’s technological growth in the limelight.

What do you think about India’s rate of Bitcoin adoption within the region? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Coinsecure Announces New Head Of Global Business Development

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The Bitcoin Foundation Unveils 2016 Plan, Might Shut Down Instead

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The Bitcoin Foundation Unveils 2016 Plan, Might Shut Down Instead

The Bitcoin Foundation has recently divulged its goals for 2016 amid controversy surrounding the organization.

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Is the Bitcoin Foundation Coming to an End?

Many of bitcoins earliest spokespeople have separated themselves from the group.

“It’s gonna cost money [to rehabilitate its image] and its lost so much credibility within the industry,”Trace Mayer said in a recent interview. “The problem is outside the industry people still kind of look at it and give it credence.” Mayer considered the notion of rehabilitating the foundation, but suggests “just winding it up.”  He does have one concern:

“What I would not like to see is it co-opted,” he said.

Moreover, law enforcement might also have its doubts about the group’s viability considering both Charlie Shrem and Mark Karpeles – two people who displayed disregard for law and order – sat on the foundation’s board.  

According to the Bitcoin Foundation, it’s 2016 mission will remain to “help advance Bitcoin and related technology through education advocacy and outreach across the globe by focusing on three primary areas:

1) Fostering Core Development

2) Furthering education & adoption

3) Working to limit harmful regulations and encourage technical rather than regulatory solutions

Core Development has grown more diffuse in recent years, with that trend speeding up in 2015. The Bitcoin Foundation has covered development funds in the past, but that does not necessarily need to only be done by the Bitcoin Foundation. Apparently the Blockchain can be used for that…

The Scaling Bitcoin conference has done nearly as much for Core Development than has the Bitcoin Foundation in a shorter history. The main tool Bitcoin cites for this is the DevCore conference, which has taken place in London, Boston and San Jose. That’s an average of one per year in the foundation’s existence since 2012.

The foundation also cites as a goal for the 2016 the “fostering [of] development is in the areas of exploring better ways to bridge the gap of knowledge between development and the public and corporations.”

Despite this, there are no reports of Bitcoin Foundation investing difference-making amounts into the information portals in Bitcoin. In fact, the foundation basically snubbed the entire community when it hired theAudience to handle those obligations, which has no Bitcoin ties. What theAudience does can, obviously, be done by a bitcoiner and probably better for a more cost-effective price.

The Bitcoin Foundation also plans to limit regulations. “We believe that it is most effective to focus on technical solutions rather than regulatory solutions such as by encouraging usage of multi-sig keys, solid audit standards, exchange proof of reserves and other technical based activities,” the foundation’s statement reads.

The foundations wishes to educate lawmakers and focus on elected officials “or the most senior officials possible.” The foundations strives to offer the most non-regulatory suggestions and solutions.

However, since the foundation has basically wasted hundreds of millions of dollars in bitcoins, why give them any legitimacy? Well, we’ll see if there is consensus on this topic shortly:

Do you think the Bitcoin Foundation should be shut down? Let us know in the comments below!

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The Bitcoin Foundation Unveils 2016 Plan, Might Shut Down Instead