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Bitcoin Games Weekly Payout Hits 154.3 BTC in One Week

· April 30, 2017 · 6:00 am

Popular Bitcoin betting platform Bitcoin Games has recently paid out a record amount of 154.3 BTC worth of prizes in a single week. The winnings were paid out to 11 players, all in the form of progressive roulette winnings.

[Note: This is a press release]

Prior to the record week’s winnings, the increasingly popular Bitcoin betting platform had already paid out over 1,000 BTC worth of prizes in the last six months. The platform’s recent spike in user base has been accredited to the minimal house advantage and lack of registration process.

The Bitcoin gambling platform constantly keeps adding new titles. The popular game categories on the platform include Slots, Blackjack, Poker, Dice, Roulette, Keno, and Craps. The reduced house edge on Bitcoin Games and its provably fair gaming algorithm translates to an expected return of up to 99% for the players. With the absence of a sign-up process, members can freely come and go as they please, with total anonymity.

The biggest and the latest jackpot was won on the platform’s Progressive Roulette game. Players can make the best out of “Progressive prizes” by selecting the ‘Play 1 credit’ button, which will qualify them for the Progressive Roulette wins. Bitcoin Games has further enhanced the gaming experience with faster transactions by removing network confirmations while providing an option for the players to opt for it if they wish. Bitcoin Games comes integrated with Shapeshift to ensure that players can choose to place bets using different cryptocurrencies.

Although the platform has removed few aspects of the membership process that some players might associate with security, Bitcoin Games is as secure as any other similar website. Players are offered the choice of both Authy and Google Authenticator, in order to keep their accounts safe with two-factor authentication.

Bitcoin Games also provides players with a full 24/7-customer support chat window for all queries and issues. The platform also has an attractive referral program, giving players a chance to earn up to 25% of the house edge when they onboard other players to Bitcoin Games. All payouts are instantaneous, and players can withdraw their winnings at any time.

Bitcoin Games has focused on streamlining the platform to simplify the gaming experience for its player-base. The platforms sizable progressive prizes, reduced house edge, and absence of registration make Bitcoin Games one of the simplest and easiest Bitcoin betting platform in the market.

Images courtesy of Shutterstock, Bitcoin PR Buzz

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CGBets: Betting Bitcoin on Games of ‘Skills, Not Luck’

Source: bitcoin


CGBets is a new gambling platform that allows users to wager bitcoin against other gamers as they go head-to-head in skill and logic-based multiplayer games.

Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by Bitcoin PR Buzz.

CGBets Offers Games of Skill


On the platform, players compete against each other in flash-based games. According to a press release, the following games are currently available:

Basketball game – A game for two or more players where they are required to shoot the ball into the hoop to gain as many points as possible.

Go game – A two player logical board game whose invention can be traced back to a Chinese emperor’s son. The game, not yet solved by any algorithm can be played only by live participants.

Chess – A familiar two player game on a chequered board with 64 squares arranged in an 8×8 grid.

The company told press that it would soon add “Duplicate Poker,” a game it says “is a variant of the Poker card game based on Texas Hold’em Rules. It is more of a strategy game with no luck factor involved.”

CGBets says its model sets itself apart from other bitcoin gambling platforms because it lets players bet on their own skills rather than luck.

Boasting high quality service, a company representative told press, “We provide high-quality games written in flash technology. We ensure optimum functionality of our gaming platform, guarantee secure, easy settlement and the withdrawal of winnings.”

The company also claims to have a large degree of fairness on its platform because players always compete against real humans and not AI. “This way,” the team said in a press release, “it is not the house but the best player who always wins.”

An Apparent Demand for Blockchain-Based Gaming Platforms


Other cryptocurrency-based platforms have offered the same premise to people competing in console or PC games, such as Call of Duty or League of Legends.

Gamerholic, for example, provides a casual competition platform, letting users make bitcoin bets for online matches.

FirstBlood, an Ethereum-based gaming platform, caters to the highly competitive eSports market, employing smart contracts and cryptocurrency to decentralize the matchmaking and judgement mechanisms common in eSports platforms.

Showcasing the apparent demand for blockchain gaming platforms, FirstBlood’s ICO sold out in minutes, raising $5.5 million USD.

What do you think about CGBets? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of CGBets.

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CGBets: Betting Bitcoin on Games of ‘Skills, Not Luck’

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3 Killer Apps Awaiting Bitcoin This Year

Source: bitcoin

3 Killer Apps Awaiting Bitcoin This Year

For most, bitcoin is used in two ways; it is either held in cold storage as an investment, or used as an alternative payment medium to fiat. Both have their own advantages over their traditional alternatives, but the real driving forces behind bitcoin’s development are rarely discussed – the conversation hangs largely around bitcoin’s price, and whilst that is an exciting topic, it does not inspire those who are truly interested in the power of cryptocurrency.

Internet of Things and the Machine-Payable Web


You’ve probably heard of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the disruption that will come once this new technology is realized – machines will be able to communicate with one another, allowing for huge efficiency gains and the removal of human error (think driverless cars). While Ethereum is making the IoT a reality through its distributed computational blockchain, bitcoin is moving the technology closer to what has been dubbed by Balaji Srinivasan of 21 as the Machine-Payable Web.

The Machine-Payable Web takes the IoT a step further, and will allow devices to transact value with one another automatically and trustlessly. The value exchanged in any one device-to-device transaction would typically be incredibly small; perhaps for the payment of a single API call, but thousands of these tiny payments per second could result in large amounts of value flowing between machines. In the past, similar payments have been made of course, but they require credit card details, user account registration and other levels of friction that are destined for redundancy thanks to the Machine-Payable Web. This new technology, which is already in beta at 21.co, will demonstrate a move towards a frictionless digital economy that is run on top of bitcoin.

Decentralized Bitcoin Gambling


The gambling market is one of bitcoin’s largest use cases. Players from anywhere in the world can bet at any bitcoin-accepting casino with ease, and in many cases the gambling sites that operate also provide ‘provably fair’ random number generators and extremely low house edge or rake.
But decentralization of bitcoin gambling promises to shift the industry into a new paradigm – one that could not be realized without the use of this cryptocurrency. Through decentralization, a gambling site would operate on the blockchain itself i.e. its code would be distributed across thousands of bitcoin nodes, meaning that the site had no single point of failure. Compare this to the current situation whereby a casino would operate on a single server (or possibly a handful of servers) which are all vulnerable to attacks and maintenance issues.

This level of decentralization would also mean that bitcoin casinos would have very little maintenance costs as their operation would be powered by the blockchain itself. Without the cost of servers and staff, the casino house edge could be reduced to virtually zero, while allowing the operation to scale to enormous heights without any structural or growth issues.

Personal Identity on the Bitcoin Blockhain


Our personal identities are held by a central government; one which has access to every available detail about our personal lives and one which we are forced to trust without reason. A horrific situation that could feasibly arise from this is one in which a Nazi-like leader rises to power and commands a genocide based on data they own about us as individuals – just one worrying result of a centralized ID system. Bitcoin can change all of that.

Taking the Syrian refugee crisis as one example, many of those fleeing war torn cities have had their documents lost or confiscated, causing major difficulty in crossing borders. But what if those documents were stored on the blockchain, and anyone anywhere in the world could access the information that you chose to provide by unlocking it with your own private key? And this goes way beyond just personal identities and travelling across borders; this applies to voting systems, ownership rights, criminal records, reputation and any other aspect of our lives that would benefit from such a technology.

Many people ask why a company would use bitcoin’s blockchain and not a private one? Well the answer is that bitcoin offers the largest public blockchain in the world, the network is kept secure and active by the thousands of nodes and miners that operate within it; and business owners can create scalable products on top of bitcoin’s blockchain with this security in mind. Private blockchains simply do not have the number of participants in a network to keep it secure – and they are also extremely expensive to maintain; bitcoin’s is n

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3 Killer Apps Awaiting Bitcoin This Year

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Bitcoin.com Launches Bitcoin Casino with Over 1000 Games and Free Bitcoin Bonus

Source: bitcoin

Bitcoin.com Launches Bitcoin Casino with Over 1000 Games   and Free Bitcoin Bonus

Bitcoin Press Release: In partnership with Softswiss, Roger Ver’s Bitcoin.com is proud to announce the official Bitcoin.com casino, a trusted platform where players can bet bitcoins on a number of fun and fair games. All new customers will receive 2 free bitcoins to get them started as a welcome bonus. Casino.bitcoin.com is owned and operated by their partners at SoftSwiss, a market leader in the online gaming space and one of the very first to support Bitcoin.

Founded in 2008, SoftSwiss has the experience it will take to ensure a smooth operation for all of their customers around the world.

“By partnering with SoftSwiss, Bitcoin.com has shown that we are dedicated to working with first class professionals to create a more exciting and useful Bitcoin ecosystem for everyone involved.”

– Roger Ver-Bitcoin.com CEO Bitcoin.com’s Casino will feature over 1,000 games from 7 different online gaming providers.

The Bitcoin.com Casino will offer a welcome package for all new customers, giving all new players 2 free bitcoins and 100 free spins up front to get them started. On their first deposit players will get a 150% bonus up to 1 Bitcoin and 50 free spins.

Customers’ second deposits receive a 75% bonus up to 1 Bitcoin and 50 free spins.

The casino will have three promotions per week:

● On Mondays customers will get 10% cashback on all losses from the previous week.

● On Wednesdays, players get a 25% bonus up to 0.25 Bitcoin and 25 free spins

● On Fridays, gamers will get a 100% bonus up to 1 Bitcoin and 30 free spins.

Anyone can register here to claim their welcome package.

Casino.bitcoin.com‘s platform will also support fiat deposit, play and cashout options in Euro (EUR), British Pounds (GBP) and US Dollars (USD). This means that the casino will be a multi-currency venue which will cater for 3 of the world’s 4 most traded currencies, alongside Bitcoin, the world’s fastest growing currency and arguably the most fundamentally secure.

As part of Casino.bitcoin.com’s mission to make playing as easy and fun as possible, they don’t just accept deposits and cashouts in Bitcoin. The casino will also accept payments via Credit Card, Neteller, Skrill, paysafecard, PugglePay and Wirecard (SOFORT banking). With such a wide range of deposit and cashout options at hand there is sure to be a convenient payment option for any user, meaning players get to concentrate on the most important thing at Casino.bitcoin.com – the cutting edge gaming experience!

Casino.bitcoin.com‘s catalog consists of a wide variety of game types, including:

● Slots
● Roulette
● Poker
● Blackjack
● Baccarat
● Video poker
● Live dealer games
● Bitcoin dice
● Casual games such as minesweeper and horse racing
● Other game types coming soon

SoftSwiss is excited to offer these games and bonuses to Bitcoin.com Casino customers:

“Launching the Bitcoin.com casino is a huge recognition of SoftSwiss and its role in cryptocurrency gaming. Could there possibly be another platform behind this top domain? We prefer to think not. :) Our company was the first to mix Bitcoin payments with traditional online gaming, creating a secure mechanism which earned the trust of many successful operators. We are extremely proud of this collaboration and are sure that Bitcoin.com will be a hit. It’s not just about the name, it’s about the combination of the powerful platform, games from the best providers, highly attractive bonuses, and attentive customer support. We are thus motivated to deliver the most exciting gaming experience ever under Bitcoin.com”

– Ivan Montik-SoftSwiss CEO

With SoftSwiss’ Software, the casino will provide the highest level of security to gamers, ensuring that their funds stay safe. The casino will have SoftSwiss’ best development practices at the source code level, ensuring the platform is as secure as possible.

Casino.bitcoin.com will use a special Anti-Fraud System to protect players from scammers trying to take their coins. To protect customer funds, Casino.bitcoin.com will keep all bitcoins in cold storage.

The platform will also require two factor authentication when casino employees manually process withdrawals. Use of two factor authentication enhances the security of customer accounts.

The industry grade Anti-Fraud System will provide the following features to make sure all players are legitimate and honest:

● Review of player history to ensure no abusive strategies were used
● Tracking sharp spikes of winnings in any particular games
● Limit on amount of cashed out winnings to a certain percentage of the cumulative deposits for all time
● Tracking of duplicate player accounts

About Bitcoin.com

Bitcoin.com is the premier source for everything Bitcoin related. The platform offers many helpful services such as helping people buy bitcoins, choosing a Bitcoin wallet, keeping enthusiasts up to date with the latest Bitcoin news and giving anyone the opportunity to engage with the community on the Bitcoin.com Forum. Bitcoin.com is a commercial website that lists wallets, exchanges and other bitcoin related companies.

About SoftSwiss


SoftSwiss is a recognized software provider that develops turnkey B2B solutions for e-commerce and iGaming, with offices in Curaçao, Austria and Belarus. The company was first in the world to introduce a Bitcoin optimized online gambling platform in early 2013, a unique software product at the time. Having launched over 30 online casinos with the support of both Fiat and cryptocurrencies for clients worldwide, SoftSwiss is among the leading technical experts when it comes to fostering the use of Bitcoin in online gaming.

For more information, please visit: Casino.bitcoin.com

Media Contact:


Name: Mate Tokay
Email: mate@bitcoin.com
City and Country Location: Federation of St Kitts and Nevis

Bitcoin.com is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to FDIC and other consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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Bitcoin.com Launches Bitcoin Casino with Over 1000 Games and Free Bitcoin Bonus

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Own Your Deck in Spells of Genesis

Source: bitcoin

spells of genesis

To the casual observer, trading cards died as soon as Al Gore “invented” the internet. Gamers know it’s been quite the opposite; cards went digital and business is booming. Spells of Genesis, on of the latest trading card games to hit the market, thinks it has a unique advantage over other games.

This article was provided by the Vanbex Group.

It’s not just trading card games (or TCGs) like Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft either. Sports games like Madden NFL 16 lets you buy, earn and play your cards at will.  Problem is as soon as a new Hearthstone or Madden comes out your hard-earned card becomes obsolete.

TCG gaming studio EvedreamSoft believes there’s a better way. A path that allows the studio and community to co-own and co-build its assets: Spells of Genesis (for iOS and Android devices).

SoG was created with all the spells and whistles you love and expect from the genre (for a preview of the gameplay and controls, click here), but uses the growing Bitcoin digital currency to ensure cards can safely be traded, sold and tracked however you see fit.

So how do you go from card player to card owner in Spells of Genesis (SoG)?

Buying-in to Bitcoin With Spells of Genesis

Buying Bitcoin is like setting up a PayPal account. Once you’re registered, you can transfer funds to Bitcoin which then lets you buy BitCrystals (BCY), SoG’s in-game currency. The BCY allows you to buy and sell SoG’s digital cards like their cardboard competition.

All transactions are tracked using the blockchain – think of it like a public bank statement that never disappears – and any completed transaction is tracked. There are no takebacksies in Spells of Genesis!

If you sell some cards and have a ton of BCY, convert those ‘crystals back to Bitcoin and send it back to your account. Making real coin in SoG is that easy. No black market trading or dealing with shady merchants.

Card Shopping at the Merchant Market

While non-blockchain (off-chain) cards can be earned randomly by summoning gold in game, blockchain cards are offered for purchase through Merchants – the 7-Eleven of SoG.

However, in this world not all 7-Elevens are created equal. There are three types of Merchants: Partner, Premium and Public. The better your SoG partnership, the better your Merchant, the better your Merchant, the better access to rare cards before everyone else:

  • Partner Merchant: If you have the coveted Partner Rank (currently available only to partners who helped originally crowdfund SoG) all the rare Public and Premium cards are available at this store before being offered by Premium and Public Merchants a month later. Think of it like being a Tesla investor that gets first dibs at that cool Model 3.
  • Premium Merchant: A month later the Premium Merchant offers 40% of the remaining supply of Premium cards, the rest stay with the Partner Merchant. Each Premium Card will be on sale for a week then gets replaced by another. You can also get your hands on certain Premium Cards without spending BCY using the “Free Assets” system (more on that down below).
  • Public Merchant: Public cards are also available a month after release on the Partner Merchant, but the exact date of availability isn’t guaranteed – like a Steam flash sale. The number of cards available for sale is also limited, so be on your toes if you’re looking for rare cards at the Public level.

However, like the Premium Merchant, some Public cards can be had using Free Assets and not BCY, which brings us to…

Free Assets

SoG didn’t just want those with the deepest pockets earning all the blockchain cards, so they’ve offered free blockchain cards that can be purchased with “Free Assets.”

Free Assets are represented by different minerals such as coal, tin, copper or iron and each asset will have three stages (e.g. iron1, iron2, iron3). The different minerals can be acquired as rewards while playing SoG for a specific achievement, moving up the leaderboard, or exchanging your own blockchain card (e.g. you could get one copper1 for a SARUTOBICARD).

Once you have enough minerals to meet the asking price, the Free Asset card is yours to wield!

SoG, Pioneering Gaming Economy

Obviously, successful gameplay in Spells of Genesis comes down to combining the right cards and using the right strategy. But the added addiction will be in collecting, owning and selling your rare deck.

Nearly 9,000 cards have already been solid for a total of over 3,600,000 BCY. While huge franchises like Madden and Hearthstone still have digital cards in the Stone Age, SoG is bringing its deck to the future: Its players’ hands.

You can test ride the SoG beta at

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Own Your Deck in Spells of Genesis

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Spells of Genesis: Magic for the Core, Casual and Crypto

Source: bitcoin

Spells of Genesis

Once relegated to the back of comic book shops around the world, trading card games made a leap forward in 2002 when Magic: The Gathering went online.Unfortunately, at its core TCGs haven’t changed their makeup since: Controls are turn based, games are played in real-time, and though Magic Online lets you trade your cards you don’t physically possess them.When Spells of Genesis (SoG) drops on Android and iOS devices (currently in its BETA stages), expect an evolution that brings new gamers on the go while exciting vets who yearn for when they truly owned their deck.

This Article was provided by The Vanbex Group 

Attack, Defend, Progress Whenever You Want in Spells of Genesis

Real-time multiplayer is the foundation of TCGs, but it’s a tough sell when you’re a gamer on the go.

How do you commit to a full match on the way to work or school? SoG solves that by using asymmetrical multiplayer, a style of PvP gaming popularized in games like Clash of Clans and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mobile Strike.

Choose your cards, pair up with your offline opponent’s defense and go on the attack. You’ll face their cards in the form of orbs – the bigger the orb the larger its hit points – and if you don’t choose a capable combination of cards or elements, they’ll be leveling up instead. Conversely, you can build your own defense for opponents to attack while you’re offline.

Pause the game if you hit your stop on the subway. Fire off spells at your opponent while in a traffic jam. Use your best defensive spells to give your profile strong protection while offline. How and when you choose to attack or defend is completely up to you.

Fuse Your Magic. Build Your Deck. Make Some Coin

The standard in online TCGs like Magic Online and Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is buying packs to empower your overall deck. Even if you find something rare in a pile of doubles and low-level cards, the card itself will never change or evolve.

To ensure improving your deck isn’t just the luck of the draw, SoG is letting you upgrade and max out your cards like you’re playing Final Fantasy.

Either after beating the CPU or an online opponent, victories earn you Elemental Crystals to upgrade your cards. Max out the “Minotaur” card; fuse it with another upgraded copy to evolve it to “Minotaur Shield Holder.” Then upgrade and fuse two Minotaur Shield Holders again to help it reach its final form, “Devastating Minotaur” (yes, it’s powerful and … devastating).

Keep the final form in your collection forever if you want, or sell it for real money. And don’t believe the hype that digital trading in gaming is destined for unregulated disaster. EverdreamSoft has a simple and monitored solution to owning and selling your digital purchase: the Bitcoin blockchain.

Using the Bitcoin Blockchain to Own Your Deck

Unless you’re still playing live, no TCG player legally owns their hard-earned digital cards. Think of it like the iTunes Store, you may have paid $10.99 for that Jonas Brothers album, but when you die it (thankfully) dies with you.  SoG is changing all that by using the booming digital, cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin allows you to buy the game’s BitCrystals (SoG’s in-game currency), then own cards like digital property. You buy your card, and it exists like your favorite chaos spell in cyberspace. Cards are yours forever and Bitcoin keeps track of any trade you make. No dishonest deals, no hoping for fair delivery.

EverdreamSoft is already selling rare cards created with partners and sponsors on the blockchain. Some of those cards are already in short supply; expect them to skyrocket in value once they’re sold out.

Unfortunately, understanding everything about Bitcoin is like understanding the housing crisis. But the gist is it’s a currency you can exchange for any other. When you’re ready turn your Bitcoin into cash you can withdraw it to your bank account or go shopping at any of the (thousands) online stores that accept the currency.

The lure of the original Magic: The Gathering is more than nostalgia. It’s the ability to physically own or physically sell unique cards for a huge market price. SoG is finally bringing it online.

‘Magic’ Your Way

Nobody is disputing current online TCGs are a huge commercial success. Twitch.tv and eSports definitely brought them to the forefront. But there’s room to expand the mobile audience while bringing back perks that made the genre so popular in the first place.

Use the game as filler during your morning latte, or join the numerous tournaments and rare card sales EverdreamSoft plans on dropping throughout its lifespan. With SoG, the time, investment and spells are yours to control.

Images courtesy of Spells of Genesis.

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Spells of Genesis: Magic for the Core, Casual and Crypto

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LimoPlay Launches World’s first 3D Slot Game

Source: bitcoin


Bitcoin Casino LimoPlay.com has launched the world’s first animated WebGL 3D slot game, “Johnny the Octopus.” This game features a variety of high quality animations, and is available to players on all platforms and devices. 

Disclaimer: This article was provided by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with the companies represented by Bitcoin PR Buzz and is not responsible for their products and/or services.

LimoPlay Introduces Johnny the Octopus

LimoPlay debuted Johnny the Octopus at the London Affiliates Conference on on February 4 through 7, where they mingled with the biggest names in online gambling.

Johnny the Octopus uses lively animations, with hardly any static elements in the game. All slot symbols are animated at all times, and the game has “clever details,” such as an “‘alive’ ocean bed with tiny bubbles of air, plankton, and sun beaming through the ocean waters.”

LimoPlay’s new game features an interesting backstory in addition to its cool animations. Players take on the role of a person seeking the treasure of Johnny the Octopus, a retired pirate who spent his career spreading horror all over the Atlantic Ocean with a brutal power and bravery that knew no limits. After retiring a few centuries ago, though, Johnny calmed down a bit, and decided that he wanted to share his treasures with those who prove themselves worthy.

Johnny the Octopus players will attempt to get his treasures by playing the slot game. Those who are worthy enough to win will get a chunk of Johnny’s fabulous treasure accumulated during his pirating career.

LimoPlay offers a unique gaming experience to its customers. Looking to provide a luxurious atmosphere for players, the casino was designed around a limousine theme, with the intent of bringing the luxury and exclusivity associated with a limousine to the online gambling world. LimoPlay backs up this high-class gambling theme with a variety of cutting-edge games. To make their service even more enjoyable, the casino accepts bitcoin, and pays out winnings in the digital currency. They also feature bitcoin slots and exclusive bitcoin-only games.

About LimoPlay Casino

Based in Cyprus, LimoPlay provide the top and best Bitcoin Casino games. Founded in mid-2015. The online casino focuses on pampering its players with luxurious services and providing them with a pleasant gaming experience through its first-class casino games and bonuses – all of which may be accessed through LimoPlay’s no download, instant play, and mobile gaming platform.

For more information about LimoPlay, or to play Johnny The Octopus, please visit:

About Bitcoin PR Buzz:

Bitcoin PR Buzz has been proudly serving the PR and marketing needs of Bitcoin and digital currency tech start-ups for over 2 years. Get your own professional Bitcoin and digital currency Press Release. Click here for more information.

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LimoPlay Launches World’s first 3D Slot Game

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BetCoin Launches TOR Casino TorBet777!

Source: bitcoin


BetCoin is a Bitcoin Casino that has already established a solid foothold within the Clearnet but has decided to expand into the “Darknet” with their newest offering, TorBet777.

Disclaimer: This article was provided by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with BetCoin and is not responsible for its products and/or services.

TorBet777 “is a 50/50 chance game” where “players choose the image they think will come next, and the payout is based on the result.” TorBet777 brings all of this with speed typically not associated with TOR, which will come as pleasant surprise to players.

The adult-themed game is only accessible via the TOR browser, giving users the ability to gamble with an unprecedented level of anonymity. While there have been TOR casinos in the past, they have suffered from minimum deposits and/or unstable service; there’s no guarantee the service in question will return Bitcoin if they were to go down due to a malicious attack.

“There is also the issue of the stability of these markets. If, for example, you are high on luck have some big wins, there is a real risk that a market can be shut down or temporarily taken offline due to a malicious attack. It is unknown whether or not the owners would, at that point, return your Bitcoin.”

With TorBet777, there’s no minimum deposit that users must worry about. With a company as big as BetCoin putting their support, users should feel safer in putting their funds with TorBet777 compared to other TOR casinos.

About BetCoin™

BetCoin™ Bitcoin Entertainment Network has been at the forefront of the Bitcoin Gambling sector for almost 3 years, and continues to show its commitment to not only innovating, but capitalizing on the core aspects of Bitcoin – including the anonymity it can provide to the privacy-concerned user. The endorsement of TorBet777 continues this trend of embracing the powers of Bitcoin – innovation, privacy, trust, and anonymity wrapped in an enticing package.

 The Original Press Release Source is Bitcoin PR Buzz

About Bitcoin PR Buzz:

Bitcoin PR Buzz has proudly served the PR and marketing needs of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin tech start-ups for over 2 years.


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BetCoin Launches TOR Casino TorBet777!

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How to Choose the Best Bitcoin Gambling Site?

Source: bitcoin


The online gambling industry has recently been caught by a heavy revenue decrease. Government restrictions all over the world have been threatening this healthy industry. The issue has influenced a lot of companies to start using digital currencies to freely provide gambling services to users all around the globe. In fact, gambling has been responsible for bringing a lot of people to bitcoin. Many bitcoin users started to use bitcoin because they needed to find a way to be able to gamble without any restrictions.

Disclaimer: Bitcoinist does not endorse online gambling or any service. Use at your own risk.

Why Bitcoin?


Since its launch back in 2009, Bitcoin popularity has grown immensely. Its main properties give it the ability to avoid government control. Bitcoin is immune to certain regulatory restrictions since bitcoin gambling sites don’t need to apply the same regulatory framework that traditional gambling sites need to follow. Bitcoin can even be used as a workaround to surpass government’s restrictions and this has been attracting a lot of people in the online gambling industry.  Bitcoin is now turning out to be a great tool for both gamblers and gambling sites.

Some of the main benefits of gambling with bitcoin:

  • Players can deposit and withdraw anonymously
  • No need for third Parties
  • Play with lower sums
  • No need for third Parties
  • Pay and cash out with bitcoins
  • Provably fair gaming system
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals
  • No need ID verification
  • Accessible from anywhere in the world

Where to play with bitcoin?


Today, the bitcoin gambling industry is having a growing boost and we can already find a lot of gambling sites that exclusively accept digital currency. With the enormous quantity of bitcoin gambling sites from where to choose from, picking up a trusted site to put your money turns out to be a difficult task. For starters, you can check Bitcointalk to find a list of bitcoin gambling sites. You will find several options such as Bitcoin Casino, Bitcoin Poker, Bitcoin Dice, Bitcoin Sports Betting, Bitcoin Binary Options, Bitcoin Forex, Bitcoin Lottery, Bitcoin Bingo, and many Other Games.

In this article, we will give our readers some hints on how to pick up the best and most adequate gambling site where you can have fun and be successful.

First, I’m betting, you will probably want to find a safe place to gamble and where you can keep your stack safe, and for that, you will need to find a trusted gambling site. You need to consider a lot of factors when choosing a gambling site:

Trust – Look for different information and reviews on gambling sites can be a great help. There were several websites reviewing casinos and other games, but few are aimed or designed with Bitcoin gamblers in mind. You can take a look at GamblingWithBitcoin.com, where you will find excellent reviews that will certainly help you how to choose wisely.  They have a team of experts in both the online gambling industry and can provide you the best information.

Bonuses & other offers – It is common for many gambling sites offer a first user a deposit bonus and other free bonuses or free bets. You should try to find the one who can give you the best option. Other than that you can also attempt to find the ones who have the best offers for Rakeback percentages.

Events – Sites that promote big events are also a good option.  

Gameplay & Interface – Having a responsive and user-friendly interface is one thing to consider as well.

Player Volume – Another thing to consider (does not apply to all), especially if you are playing poker, is the number of active players. You should always consider finding a gambling site with a considerable number of active players.

Whether it is the classic roulette, blackjack, or Poker, you will need to choose wisely where to put your money. If you’re a casino enthusiast and are looking to start using bitcoin, before running into the first bitcoin gambling site, be sure to follow my suggestions and do your own research.

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How to Choose the Best Bitcoin Gambling Site?

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Gamerholic, the First ‘Billion Dollar Gaming Company’? A Q&A With Anari Sengbe

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Gamerholic is an online, competitive gaming platform that uses cryptocurrency as the fuel behind its services. Members of Gamerholic can enter tournaments and competition or make wagers on games using “Gamerholic coin,” the platform’s own cryptocurrency.

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Gamerholic: A Platform for Crypto Gaming

Users can purchase Gamerholic coin on the Bittrex exchange, which has an exchange rate of  0.00000473 BTC ($0.0018 USD) as of press time. With this cryptocurrency, will get 20% off on purchases made on Gamerholic.com, they will be able to participate in all of the website’s games and tournaments, and they can exchange their coins back to bitcoin on the Bittrex exchange.

For all you altcoin nerds, here are the specs for Gamerholic coin as listed on the Gamerholic website:

  • Algo: SHA-256D
  • POW/POS Hybrid
  • Avg 60 second block time
  • 4% annual interest
  • 8 hour stake age
  • Emission Schedule
  • Block 0 – 10,000: 100GHC
  • Block 10,001 – Infinity: 2.5GHC
  • 250 blocks to maturity

Although the website is fairly bare at the moment, with the service in its early stages of life, it is clear that Gamerholic has an interesting idea going on. There are several games that are played natively on the website. The most visible one is “Grabbit” and its several variables, where players can compete with one another to “grab” the prize. Grabbit prizes span across a wide range of gaming and tech merchandise, with things like PlayStation Store and Blizzard gift cards, console games, and even an iPhone 6S Plus up for “grabs.”

For more competitive gamers, Gamerholic offers a console and PC tournament section on their website, where it picks a game and sets up a tournament for its customers. At press time, the current tournament is for Madden ’16 on PlayStation 4. This tournament has 3 prizes, similar to the prizes for other tournaments hosted on Gamerholic. First place gets 1 bitcoin and 1,000 Gamerholic coins (GHC); second place gets 0.50 btc and 1,000 GHC; and third place will receive 0.25 btc and 1,000 GHC.

Unfortunately, the website doesn’t seem to be fully functional just yet, as the link buttons to the rules and registration for the console and PC tournaments do not seem to work, as nothing happens when they are clicked. With such a new and seemingly complex service though, minor bugs like this are to be expected, so we’ll give Gamerholic the benefit of the doubt and assume that the website will become more functional as the project progresses.

I got to ask Gamerholic Founder Anari Sengbe a few questions about Gamerholic, as well as other projects his team has worked on in the past.

We don’t claim it to be better than bitcoin, we don’t claim it can do what bitcoin can’t. It’s a coin for gaming, with it’s [sic] own unique api sets.

Tell us a little bit about Gamerholic.

Gamerholic is a competition as a service gaming platform.

Natural competition is part of gaming, you want to beat the computer, your friend or a stranger gamer hundreds of miles away.

Gamerholic enhances natural competition with real world prizes, not points and badges.

Digital currencies like bitcoin and Gamerholic coin are perfect for gaming. Buy in-game items at a fraction of the cost, or participate in robust gaming economies.

What is the inspiration behind this project?

Gamerholic Founder Anari Senge in Gamerholic’s pitch for Shark Tank

Years ago when PS2 1st allowed play over the internet, it made sense that friendly wagers over the internet would be next. The problem with that is chargebacks, when I learned about bitcoin, instinctively I believed micro payments and gaming go hand in hand, bitcoin and the immense brainpower behind it is great, but a crypto currency you can dedicate to gaming would be pretty cool as well.

How competitive is Gamerholic, is it a place for professional gamers, or is it meant for casual competition?

It’s a bit of both, the important thing about the Gamerholic platform, we don’t make games, We simply provide an API for game developers to accept Gamerholic coin within their games. So in theory there should be more than enough games to choose from and with expanded creativity, you should see more competitive games.

The one game we did make is called Grabbit, a fun shopping game with real prizes. You win bitcoin for FREE or xbox live point cards, video games and more. There’s always something awesome up for grabs in the grabbit game. That game can get REALLY competitive.

 Tell us about Gamerholic coin.

I love Gamerholic coin, I can’t wait to see game developers rush to it. It’s really just a fun crypto currency for gaming. We don’t claim it to be better than bitcoin, we don’t claim it can do what bitcoin can’t. It’s a coin for gaming, with it’s own unique api sets.

The biggest value of Gamerholic coin will be noticed by game developers who can create more dynamic situations within their games. The coin is going up on the exchange, what should happen in your game? the coin is going down on the exchange and so on.

This includes education games, Gamerholic coin is a real world incentive for young people to do well in math, or history games, or biology games.

What makes Gamerholic unique from other gaming projects that integrate cryptocurrency?

I think the strength for us is the brand, Gamerholic is a persona, everyone loves the brand. From t-shirts, to hats, to gaming accessories… we have more avenues to get Gamerholic coin in the hands of gamers. Competitively, that’s our advantage and that will keep us going long enough to best the technology advantages other gaming projects offer.

If you don’t mind me asking, has Gamerholic gotten much traffic since you guys started it?

There is an education hurdle for sure, I knew that during the transition to crypto currency. I think we’ll continue to play the role of introducing a demographic to crypto currency for a couple of years.

What is your ultimate goal for this project?

My fulfillment will come when I see Gamerholic coin applied to education games and young people in sierra leone where I’m from can make money from learning. That for me will be the ultimate disruption.

I noticed that your firm has been involved in several hackathons, can you tell us a little bit about your other projects?

Hackathons kept me alive in San Francisco. Hackathons are great idea battles. Often we apply fun gamification or different use cases for crypto currency in our hacks.

For the Emirates Airlines hackathon, we built PlayFlight, a way to use your airline miles as virtual currency in video games.

For the HP hackathon we used Gamification to identify Alpha’s in an Organization

And for the Mercedes benz [sic] hackathon, we built BenzPay a way to pay for parking, gas and more using bitcoin.

Lastly at during the TechCrunch hackathon, a we built foodhigh club, a way to pair your favorite strain of marijuana with delicious meals from local restaurants.

Any big plans in store that you want to tell us about?

LOL, this is stealth city, Game developers conference is around the corner, game developers will be the biggest buyers and sellers of Gamerholic coin so, we’ll be at GDC and give away a pile of Gamerholic coin to game developers. I’m very excited about that push, I’m confident we’ll have over 500 games using gamerholic coin by years end with a $250,000 market cap.

What do you think about Gamerholic? Is it a gaming platform you could see yourself using? Let us know in the comments below!

Images courtesy of Gamerholic

The post Gamerholic, the First ‘Billion Dollar Gaming Company’? A Q&A With Anari Sengbe appeared first on Bitcoinist.net.

Gamerholic, the First ‘Billion Dollar Gaming Company’? A Q&A With Anari Sengbe