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BetCoin Poker Launch Accompanied by 1 BTC Freeroll!

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BetCoin recently launched their new Bitcoin multiplayer poker platform, promising a clean user interface with, for a limited time, 0% rake at all tables. Running via native HTML 5, the entire poker site is fast as it is beautiful. Since it is a web interface, resizing works excellently, with BetCoins casino working on devices of all screen sizes. Moreover, to top things off, the largest Bitcoin poker freeroll will accompany BetCoins Casino.

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Freerolls vary depending on the situation, from daily .1 BTC freerolls, 0.01 early bird free rolls, and weekly 1 BTC freerolls. There are also an infinite amount of Free Freerolls, which brings the entire value of the whole Bitcoin Poker Freeroll Campaign worth hundreds of Bitcoin.

Freerolls are granted to the user as they rank up their profile, and earn custom avatars and other rewards. On top of the freerolls, leaderboards and rewards pay out more than 1 BTC a week as well, giving users plenty of incentive to stick to the casino.  

On top of multiplayer poker, BetCoin also has other offerings in its casino suite, such as BetCoin Circle, Live Sports, as well a Live Dealers. The CTO of Betcoin commented on the state of the gambling market, fiat and Bitcoin likewise:

“It’s not long before fiat players in legacy casinos around the world see the attraction of Bitcoin for online gambling – my prediction is that within 10 years fiat-based casinos will have to adapt or die, and our offering makes us poised to grab the bullish Bitcoin Gambling market by the horns and continue to expand our platform to keep us at the top of the heap. Our casino – and our multiplayer poker suite in particular – make BetCoin™ an attractive package for any player converting to Bitcoin.”

Players will not have to wait long for an update, with the CTO stating several integrations and third-party operators taking part in the company’s rapid growth.

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BetCoin Poker Launch Accompanied by 1 BTC Freeroll!