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Safe, Secure and Sought-After: Improving Trust via Crypto-Security with the Token Security Scheme

· November 28, 2017 · 12:30 am

Remember Equifax? Deloitte? Sony? Apart from being all huge companies dealing with very sensitive customer data, they all got hacked, and the fallout was bad. Scrutiny into their security and data management was inevitable and the results would have been a whole lot different, perhaps even avoided, had they modernized their security systems.

In the world of big data and digital transaction, customers want to know their information can be trusted; that it can be stored and managed safely and effectively is a fundamental concern to the development of this trust between customers and businesses.

Digital Trust

There exist very similar traits in consumer trust that extend into the digital age; protection of assets and sensitive information, the defense against malicious attacks, and the confidence to use services that ensure these protocols are being met. Amongst other things, when we achieve these conditions, we can ensure that businesses promise the utmost security in consumer transactional-based business.

Enter blockchain technologies, perhaps the most ground-breaking technological development in the last decade; a peer to peer encrypted security network where information is not stored in one database at the mercy of a company with potentially under-developed security systems. It’s being studied and adopted by all the biggest business verticals. That should be news enough to know its absolute importance in contemporary trade. 

Safeguarding the Crypto Future

Introducing the Token Security Scheme. ‘Multiple’ and ‘trusted’ are common keywords for the Scheme. Multiple verifications for signatures, trusted verifications, and qualified experts ensure up-to-date compliance with security measures. It is a professional amalgamation of high-security services all under one scheme, providing a secure package of the latest and greatest safe-measures to ensure consumer crypto’s flow safely from one place to another.

The safekeeping of digital assets is a high priority to ensure effective and trustworthy digital trade. The Token Security Scheme will develop and host crypto wallets, crypto exchanges, provide safe identity repositories and much more. They do have one fundamental aim: to minimize the theft of crypto-assets from both the individual and the business, as well as providing a safer landscape to carry out all crypto-activities.

The Token Security Scheme will host an ICO of its’ native TSS token, ending on December 4th. This allows participants to purchase a maximum of 100,000,000 TSS tokens to support and bring the security platform project to fruition. The only currency accepted when purchasing tokens is Ethereum and there are exclusive bonuses available depending on the phase contributed. Interested backers should refer to the website for more information.

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