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Lisk Adds Charles Hoskinson & Steven Nerayoff to Team

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(June 2, 2016, Aachen, Germany) – Lisk (www.lisk.io), the blockchain application platform for decentralized services written in JavaScript, has announced the addition of IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson, Boulder, Colorado, and serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist Steven Nerayoff, New York, as senior advisors according to Lisk CEO Max Kordek.

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“We are extremely pleased to announce Charles Hoskinson and Steven Nerayoff as our senior advisors, which accelerates Lisk product growth by giving valuable input on the technology and startup methodology,” said Kordek.  “Charles and Steven were two of the most prominent individuals responsible for the phenomenal success of Ethereum. There is no one else in the world like Charles who has the vision to build a successful cryptography project and Steven, who has an invaluable entrepreneur insight after founding six companies and being a venture capitalist. Steven knows exactly what a startup needs to become a success. With their advice, we are dedicated to creating a blockchain application juggernaut.”

Hoskinson founded Invictus Innovations and created BitShares which is the first cryptocurrency utilising Delegated Proof of Stake, a consensus algorithm also used by Lisk. He is a founder of Ethereum and served as its initial CEO from December, 2013, until June, 2014. Hoskinson’s major contributions to smart contract platform include designing the legal structure, crowdsale model, and building a global network of evangelists and developers which continues to this day. He worked on the original cryptographic design and is greatly responsible for what it is today. Hoskinson is currently the CEO of the Hong Kong based Input Output HK, which hosts one of the largest cryptocurrency research divisions in the world.

“Whether it be Bitshares, Ethereum or Cardano, I only work with projects that satisfy three criteria.” said Hoskinson. “First, they have to promote a cascading disruption in an industry. Second, the technology has to be interesting. Third, the team has to be honest and hardworking. Lisk satisfies all three of these criteria and I’m glad to be advising the team as they develop a vision and execute on a roadmap throughout the coming months and years.”

Steven Nerayoff, Esq. LL.M. is a prolific serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist and attorney, having founded six companies and inventor on 20 patents.  Nerayoff is currently the CEO and founder of Maple Ventures, a venture capital firm with a heavy focus on blockchain related technologies.  He is also the Founder and CEO of Cloudparc, a patented next generation artificial intelligence company in the smart city and Internet of Things sectors. Previous companies founded by Nerayoff include iOffer (third largest marketplace on the Internet), Freedom Home Health Care (largest company in the sector) and Fleetwood Owed (world’s largest celebrity memorabilia company with partner Mick Fleetwood from Fleetwood Mac). Nerayoff advised and contributed to Ethereum from its earliest days, created the initial legal framework and co-drafted the crowdsale model which set the standard for all other crowdsales to follow.

“I saw the gargantuan potential in Ethereum very early, and I was pleased to be part of their meteoric rise,” said Nerayoff.  “I see similar potential in a very different aspect of the blockchain’s potential with Lisk, and I look forward to working with this incredible team to fulfill the potential of consumer blockchain applications in much the same way Ethereum is now realizing the potential of financial blockchain and smart contract solutions.”

Being leaders in their respective fields Hoskinson and Nerayoff offer an invaluable pool of advice in technologic, strategic, and management decisions for the Lisk team. With their guidance Lisk is on the way to become the go-to platform for blockchain applications and provider of decentralized services.

About Lisk

Lisk, launched on May 24th and built on a federated, decentralized network with its own token of value, is rapidly evolving into a decentralized technology platform for app developers. It strives to become the de-facto standard for blockchain applications and services. Blockchain applications are standalone, decentralized, blockchain based apps developed in JavaScript. Blockchain services can be integrated into regular, centralized apps and provide decentralized technologies like immutable storage, a decentralized federation of hosting, oracle services, or computation of smart contracts.

Following one of the most successful public crowdsales in history, Lisk is establishing itself within the blockchain and app industry by building a strong, solution oriented team. Currently there is a number of open positions available at Lisk, take a look at the careers page and get in contact.

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Lisk Adds Charles Hoskinson & Steven Nerayoff to Team