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Industry Report: Bitcoin Continues Breaking Boundaries

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Bitcoin Industry Report

Coinbase and and Coinfabrik join forces, Jaxx integrates with ShapeShift, and more bank heists may be on the way. Want to see what you’ve been missing? Take a look at some of this week’s Bitcoin news below.

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Banks are once again being warned of potential cyber-attacks. This time, the warning comes in light of the hacks that occurred within banking institutions tied to the Swift network, whom US regulators claim cannot do enough to protect its partners.

The US Federal Financial Examination Council is warning all banks that the time has come to take matters into their own hands, as more cyber-attacks are imminent, and little can be done about them.

This is particularly rough news to smaller banks, who usually don’t bear the budgets or other necessary means to block their vulnerabilities from malicious parties. The Swift platform is doing all it can to stop these vulnerabilities from being exposed, but this is likely to take some time, and banks are being warned to keep their eyes and ears open for anything that may appear suspicious.


What prevents business relations among men? Cultural differences, maybe? What about currency exchange rates? While these two items certainly have a hand in the arena, language barriers can also get in the way.

CoinFabrik and Coinbase are now joining to potentially solve this problem, and allow all users of cryptocurrency to partake in its pleasures.

Coinfabrik is a cryptocurrency design and consulting firm. Presently, they are bringing a new Coinbase API to light that can be translated into up to 26 different languages, including Android, Javascript, and others.

The new API is slated to bring further Coinbase support to users in both short-term and feature-length versions.


The Jaxx wallet is integrating itself with ShapeShift, allowing users to convert between Bitcoin, Ethereum, and DAO without strain.

All three currencies are supported via Jaxx’s wallet, and now users can take advantage of all of them. Everyone owning the latest version of the wallet will have this trait available. The wallet is presently available for all primary computer operating systems, along with Android, Chrome, and Firefox. Apple is also slated to present its version in due time.

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Industry Report: Bitcoin Continues Breaking Boundaries

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CoinFabrik Ports Coinbase API to 26 Languages

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CoinBase API

The Coinbase API may be coming to the language and platform of your choice, and not through the usual channels, either. A new specification for the coinbase API has been made for Swagger, a framework for generating client libraries from JSON and YAML API packages. CoinFabrik, a cryptocurrency development and consulting firm, has started an open-source project using Swagger to implement the Coinbase API on many previously unsupported platforms. The auto-generated client libraries include support for Tizen, QT 5, C++, Objective C, Javascript, Android, and over 20 other languages, frameworks, and platforms.

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Coinbase API Client Libraries in 26 New Languages

The auto-generated client libraries come with full documentation, examples included, and can be made by simply dragging a .json file into Swagger’s web-based editor interface. For interested developers, there’s a Github with further info, and CoinFabrik claims the specification supports 26 languages out of the box. The Swagger spec isn’t yet full featured, though and currently only supports the more basic, core functions of the Coinbase API. Expect Fuller support as the project continues to be developed, though.

This development follows several controversies surrounding the use of the API, including the unofficial app that hit the iTunes App Store in late 2014, and the company’s coming rebranding to GDAX after integrating ethereum into their exchange. The new Swagger port will expand the available API interfaces from the officially supported 6 to 26, enabling far easier 3rd party Coinbase app development.

What does this new client library port mean for the end user? Most likely, more basic coinbase support in more wallets and applications in the short term and more unofficial, feature extended versions of the default offerings from Coinbase as the Swagger spec matures. While the mobile side of things is already pretty saturated, It will be interesting to see what independent developers do regarding desktop wallet plugins and standalone applications.


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CoinFabrik Ports Coinbase API to 26 Languages