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Crix.io Launches Private Beta

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February 24, 2016 — Crix.io, a bitcoin trading platform specializing in futures trading by providing the instrument to fix the US dollar (USD) value of bitcoin (BTC) income, regardless of BTC/USD rate changes, is launching a private beta of its platform this month.

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The Crix.io Trading Platform

To join, see the sign-up page at Crix.io and follow the instructions. Beta testers will have to create a Crix.io wallet. They will be provided with access to 100BTC to play around with. These are of course not real bitcoins and cannot be withdrawn from the account.

The official public launch is yet to be announced. Crix.io will be collecting data from the beta test and working in adjustments and improvements in the ensuing months.

The Crix.io platform works on a mathematical model which analyses the market history and sets the price limits and margin requirements for every session, thereby ensuring participants are guaranteed fair settlement regardless of the liquidity and volatility of the market.

The probabilistic risk model gives an accurate price range for 24 hours by carrying out an analysis of the historical data of the bitcoin spot markets. This price range is used to margin the futures contracts.

This model assures no margin calls or liquidations are necessary during 24 hours trading sessions which in turn guarantees fair settlement.

The platform is designed to provide the fairest hedging opportunity and offers leveraged trading that varies from 2.75 to 6 depending on volatility of the market.

Crix.io has passed the on-demand security audit by Crowdcurity (now Cobalt) confirming the platform is protected to withstand high-risk attacks.

To join the beta test group, visit Crix.io.


Step 1: Sign up Step 2: Top up Step 3: Trade
–       Go to to click ‘Sign Up’-       Follow the instructions to confirm your email and then log in-       Create your Crix bitcoin wallet by going to TRADE/FUNDS and clicking  the ‘Deposit’ button on the BTC line.


–       As you see the QR code, click ‘Close’ as no real bitcoins are needed for the beta test.-       Go to futures section by clicking ‘FUTURES’-       Top up your margin account with 100 test bitcoins by going to TRADE/MARGIN ACCOUNTS, clicking ‘Deposit’ and entering 100 into the deposit pop-up.


–       Your margin account balance should be 100BTC now. These are not real bictoins, so withdrawal will not work ☺-       You are all set, so start the trading! 

About Crix

Crix.io is an innovative cryptocurrency platform offering fast and secure trading in a host of digital currencies, including alternative currencies. It provides the instrument to fix the US dollar (USD) value of bitcoin (BTC) income, regardless of BTC/USD rate changes.

The company behind Crix.io is backed and run by a team of bitcoin enthusiasts from Latvia. Their aim is to help grow the digital currency ecosystem and to make the trading of digital currencies more simple and more accessible.

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Crix.io Launches Private Beta