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Crowdfunding Campaign Aims to Discover Where in the World the Real Satoshi Is

Satoshi Nakamoto’s true identity has been a well-kept secret. Many are still on the hunt. A new crowdfunding campaign has been launched in order to hire detective agencies who will scour the globe in a public-funded search for Satoshi.

The hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto still carries on. Over the past few years, a variety of online publications and individuals have hunted the trail of the person (or people) synonomous with Satoshi.

There have been a number of theories about Satoshi’s identity, and the cryptocurrency community has always been incredibly interested when someone steps forward with something new.

Back in 2016, the virtual currency world was in a frenzy when BBC published a report concerning Dr. Craig Wright, saying he provided “technical proof” he was the elusive Bitcoin 00 creator.

Back in 2016, the virtual currency world was in a frenzy when BBC published a report concerning Dr. Craig Wright, saying he provided “technical proof” he was the elusive Bitcoin creator.

Many were skeptical of the purported evidence, and there have been a number of nuanced, and light-hearted swipes, at Wright’s claims.

Other people, like Tesla creator Elon Musk, have spoken out to quell rumors about being Satoshi. The CIA even responded to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request saying they could “neither confirm or deny” the existence of documents relating to Satoshi. Some took the response as evidence the agency could possess files on the Bitcoin creator.

Now an international group of digital currency enthusiasts are raising funds to conduct an international search for Satoshi.

We Need To Find Satoshi

Posted on crowdfunding site, the campaign is looking to order a search for Satoshi from “several independent detective agencies located in the US and Japan, as well as Europe.”

The creators said the hired agencies would have to conduct a “public and transparent account of their activities,” and mentioned that three locations were chosen because of Satoshi’s purported affiliation with these areas.

According to the creators, people have the “right” to know the identity of Satoshi. They write the need to “declassify it ourselves,” if Satoshi “does not want publicity.” However, the group explains how they pledge not to disturb the person (or persons) if Satoshi turns out to be someone “ordinary” who is “afraid of publicity.”

‘Be Sure Bitcoin Is Not A Global Deception’

The crowdfunding campaign creators list a couple of reasons why finding Satoshi is not just a “trivial curiosity.”

According to the campaign, discovering the identity of the mysterious Bitcoin 00 creator could help with its further development, while possibly solving some of the questioned assumptions behind the digital currency.

The crowdfunding campaign creators list a couple of reasons why finding Satoshi is not just a “trivial curiosity.”

The crowdfunding group also believes cryptocurrency enthusiasts should be able to know the identity of a figure with more than “1 million coins in his wallet,” and a figure who could “overthrow the market overnight” by executing transactions.

At the time of writing, the campaign was 47% funded, having raised roughly 7,103,400 Russian rubles ($104,952 USD) from 1,543 backers. Donors are able to receive a variety of rewards, including an “I Find Satoshi” pin, t-shirts, and hoodies.

The highest reward category, which was limited to one person, was already reached by press time. For 500,000 Russian rubles (roughly $7,390 USD), the donor will have a week-long tour of the country where “Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto will be found.”

Do you think this campaign will be even remotely successful in unmasking the identity of Satoshi? Let us know in the comments below!

Images courtesy of Bitcoinist Archives, Unsplash.

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India Becoming the ICO-Marketing Hub for Crypto Platforms

· April 4, 2018 · 3:00 pm

India may be most well known for its Taj Mahal and Golden Temple. However, it is gaining a reputation in the crypto community as a place to find an extremely affordable provider of marketing services.

Marketing can be expensive, whether in-house services or outsourcing. In the fast-moving crypto world, it will also help in determining how successful your ICO will be. This in itself is a multi-billion-dollar industry, with, according to The Times of India, almost $3 billion being raised last year.

Having similar features as the good old crowdfunding business model, ICOs first rely on making their target market aware of their platform’s services before getting them to part with their hard-earned cash or crypto. This is where the marketing part comes in, and it also seems that this is where Indian marketing agencies are coming in too.

A Different Way of Marketing

More and more crypto platforms are outsourcing their ICO-marketing needs to predominantly Indian agencies. Not only do they offer a cheaper choice, these firms are also using apps like Telegram and crypto-industry-specific platforms to market these ICOs. This is quite significant as it means that these start-ups won’t have to deal with the recent bans by Google and social media giants, Facebook and Twitter.

However, even without the bans, Salim Ali does not believe that these big corporations are the way to go anyway. Ali is the CEO of Loyakk, a “blockchain-powered enterprise relationship management platform”, with an upcoming ICO. He said:

Facebook and Google AdWords hardly generate demand (for ICOs). Only a person new to the space would be googling about it.

Growing Business

Growing Business

Karnika Yashwant is the CEO of Key Difference Media, a Chennai-based marketing agency. He had this to say:

Two or three months ago, there were only a few platforms that helped in advertising. Now, a company going for an ICO will have a few hundred proposals from new marketing companies that are sprouting in India.

Yashwant has provided marketing services for 14 ICOs, most of which were led by European clients.

Saving Money

In addition to crypto community groups on Telegram,  ICO clients usually also choose to advertise through a range of crypto websites. In the case of the latter, Yashwant added:

For a banner in a cryptomedia website, you’d have to dish out $10,000 a week.

This is a hefty sum, but usually payable in fiat or virtual currency. However, even though an ICO could net millions, platform founders could be looking to save money in the initial stages, which could be why the more affordable option of Indian agencies could be so alluring.

What do you think of crypto platforms using cheaper Indian marketing agencies for their ICOs? Let us know in the comments below!

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FundYourselfNow Crowdfunding Platform Announces Q1 2018 Launch, ICO Starts June 2, 2017

· May 12, 2017 · 4:00 pm

A new smart contract based crowdfunding platform, is set to launch in Q1 2018, making its services available to cryptocurrency investors and entrepreneurs. The platform is built with a goal to help the project leaders raise funds in Bitcoin and Ethereum, to back their ideas through various partnerships.

[Note: This is a press release.]

The platform’s mission aligns with the recent trends in the cryptocurrency market which saw a huge rise in ICO investment during 2016. During the period, over $200 million raised across the board. Despite the huge influx of ICO investments, smaller and less technically savvy project leaders are less able to orchestrate such investment vehicles.

FundYourselfNow aims to simplify the crowdfunding process, to give all ‘Project creators’ a chance to receive the necessary funding to establish themselves in the market. FundYourselfNow project creators will be able to create virtual tokens, which will offer unique customized rewards to the investors, which contribute towards the project. The tokens will eventually be eligible to be traded on cryptocurrency market platforms.

FundYourselfNow Crowdfunding Platform Announces Q1 2018 Launch, ICO Starts June 2, 2017

FundYourselfNow is built over Ethereum platform, leveraged by its smart contract capabilities. It has already seen significant developments in terms of inclusion of Bitcoin support via Rootstock and more as the team prepares for the crowdsale.

The Ethereum smart contracts are designed to promote a level of accountability within the crowdfunding ecosystem. The platform has a milestone-based payment option, which allows project investors the ability to withdraw fund, should a project fails to deliver on its targets. This alleviates a large portion of the risk currently faced by investors in most standard cryptocurrency ICO’s.

Hong Kong-listed company, Success dragon International’s CEO Carlos Salas recently lead the seed funding round for FundYourselfNow. Carlos, also an angel investor and accomplished businessman, helped the platform reach their initial funding goal faster than anticipated.

The funds raised through crowdsale will be utilized by FundYourselfNow to continue the platform’s development and offer project creators cryptocurrency-backed funding, through their crowdfunding campaigns.

Pinnacle Digital has acquired Caxton Worldwide Success Limited, in order to assist FundYourselfNow to achieve its own separate legal status. Led by Pinnacle Digital’s team, FundYourselfNow will continue its fundraising and development under the heading of Caxton Worldwide Success Limited. The platform has scheduled its upcoming ICO on June 2nd, 2017, giving investors a chance to support the crowdfunding project from day one.

Images courtesy of FundYourselfNow, Shutterstock

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Vulture Capital Hits Crowdfunding Minimum for ‘Listen Carefully’

Source: bitcoin

Vulture Capital Hits Crowdfunding Minimum for ‘Listen Carefully’

Vulture Capital, working with Hedley Productions to integrate cryptocurrency into the film industry, has announced that the crowdsale for its VCAP token has raised the required minimum of 45,000 Ether to start the pre-production process for the first crypto-funded feature film: Listen Carefully.

Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by Bitcoin PR Buzz.

At press time, the 45,000 ETH minimum raised by the crowdfund equates to $522,261 USD, roughly 15 percent of the $3.5 million Hedley said it needed to comfortably produce the film.

However, in light of achieving its minimum crowdfunding goal, Hedley Productions has decided to move up the start date for Listen Carefully’s  filming from its late 2017 estimate to March. Vulture Capital said that it will continue to seek funding both through the VCAP crowdfund and new film and tech investors.

Despite building a loyal following around the film project, Hedley Productions said that the majority of the VCAP funding came from Bitcoin and Ethereum companies. However, Hedley producer Ben Padua said the company hopes it will see more investment from individuals once they start “showing more of what we’re going to shape into.”

Vulture Capital and Hedley Productions Team up to Make Crypto-Funded Comedy

The film, Listen Carefully, is “a smart, sinister comedy that gleefully takes on big businesses, the cult of self-improvement and government funding,” according to a press release from Vulture Capital in August.

Vulture Capital decided to try and fund the film through its VCAP crowdsale as a way to “create awareness about the use of cryptocurrency in filmmaking,” the firm told press, stating that the process has been a new, but apparently successful, experience for everyone.

Hedley receives funding from the revenue raised in the VCAP crowdfund. In return, Hedley and Vulture Capital claim that revenue generated from Listen Carefully will go back to VCAP holders and other investors as repayment.

Furthermore, the two firms said that all profit from the film will be distributed among the film’s producers and VCAP holders.

In August, Padua said that Hedley hopes to become an entirely blockchain-based company, with token holders voting on future business decisions.

“Our token holders aren’t just funders, they’re choosing the content,” Padua told press. “Our next project is going to be greenlit by token holders.

Since the crowdfund started, Vulture Capital has built an enthusiastic community of cryptocurrency users and investors. The firm announced in a recent press release that it would merge its website with Hedley Production’s site, using its strong community to help build support for the budding film studio. On the new, combined website, VCAP holders will reportedly have a dedicated members area, with exclusive access to updates from the Listen Carefully production.

Have you purchased VCAP? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of Vulture Capital.

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Vulture Capital Hits Crowdfunding Minimum for ‘Listen Carefully’

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Japanese Company Raising Funds Abuses Tech Bureau Corp. Credentials

Source: bitcoin

Bitcoinist_Company Credentials

Success in the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency inadvertently leads to unwanted attention. In the case of Tech Bureau Corp, the company behind Zaif and Mijin blockchain technology, they became the victim of Akitsu, Co, Ltd. using some of their product names for commercial purposes.

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Akitsu Crowdfunds By “Borrowing” Tech Bureau Corp. Resources

Both Tech Bureau, Corp and Dragonfly Pte, Ltd saw some names of their staff members, product names, materials, trademarks, and business plan abused by a company going by the name of Akitsu, Co, Ltd. All of these efforts were part of commercial activities conducted by the latter company, primarily in the field of fundraising activities using the resources as mentioned earlier.

Tech Bureau Corp. made it clear they – nor Dragonfly Pte, Ltd. – have any relationship with Akitsu, nor did they make any commitment to share their resources with this company. Additionally, the usage of the trademarks is prohibited,  and there are no capital ties between the affected businesses and Akitsu. However, one of the former officers of Tech Bureau Corp. was involved on Akitsu at a previous stage in his career.

According to the information, we have received, Akitsu was founded in January of 2016, and dissolved less than a month later. To make matters even more intriguing, Akitsu founders have started a new company called Soramitsu Co. Ltd three days later. Tech Bureau Corp. and Dragonfly have no commitment to this new business either, which is registered at the same address as Akitsu once was.

Both affected companies have launched a thorough investigation into the matter, and the evidence is pointing toward a breach of confidentiality, misfeasance, or misinformation. The investigation is still ongoing at the time of publication, and more information will be revealed as it becomes available.

Investors of Tech Bureau Corp. and Dragonfly Pte, Ltd were worried about this new company using their trademarks and names of their staff members. Keeping in mind how Tech Bureau runs the Zaif Bitcoin exchange, as well as the Mijin blockchain platform, they have gotten a lot of attention in recent months. Apparently, certain individuals are looking to ride their coattails, a business malpractice that has been nipped in the bud before it could become a significant concern.

What are your thoughts on Akitsu using the trademarks and staff member names of another company involved in the Bitcoin world? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Tech Bureau

Images courtesy of Tech Bureau, Shutterstock

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Japanese Company Raising Funds Abuses Tech Bureau Corp. Credentials

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Valyrian Tech Presents Bitcoin Spellbook Project

Source: bitcoin

Bitcoinist_Valyrian Tech Bitcoin Spellbook

Bitcoin blockchain development is an area worth exploring by all kinds of developers, and the Bitcoin Spellbook v0.1 wants to make that process a lot more approachable. Don’t expect any pointy hats and wand-waving, though, as this project is all about combining APIs and web services using the Bitcoin blockchain to create new applications and tools.

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The Bitcoin Spellbook Focuses on Blockchain Development

Wouter Glorieux, the man behind Valyrian Tech and creator of The Bitcoin Spellbook, is not your everyday developer. That is to say, he is very passionate about Bitcoin and the blockchain, but Wouter is not a part of the “core development team.” Nor is he part of a major company in the Bitcoin and blockchain world either, which makes his take on development rather unique.

The primary focus for Wouter – and The Bitcoin Spellbook as well – is to write software using the Bitcoin blockchain, by using standard features which can be found in every wallet solution available. Granted, this may limit some of the tools and options at the disposal of developers, but it also creates a better foundation for future innovation in the industry. With so many trying to figure out what Bitcoin and blockchain are, there is no reason to get ahead of ourselves at this stage.

It is important to note The Bitcoin Spellbook has nothing to do with new tokens or special apps, as all the user needs is a Bitcoin wallet address. Or to be more precise, this needs to be an address the user can control at all times, as sending from the same wallet address is the best way to go about things. Reusing the same address time and time again has its caveats, but since this project is all about public use cases – and not personal wallet usage – there is nothing major to worry about.

Over the coming weeks, more details regarding The Bitcoin Spellbook will be revealed by Wouter Glorieux. Some of the topics touched upon include fetching data from multiple blockchain explorers, a simple voting mechanism, and automatically distributing BTC based on a SIL or custom distribution. All of these topics-  and more – hold a lot of promise for the Bitcoin blockchain in the coming years, and it is positive to see someone taking their time to explain this technology further.

So far, Wouter Glorieux has been funding the development of The Bitcoin Spellbook himself. However, he is hoping to complete his crowdfunding campaign successfully on Indiegogo, which aims to raise at least 10,000 EUR over the coming month. Bitcoin contributions are more than welcome as well, and the Bitcoin donation address can be found in the blog post.

What are your thoughts on this initiative by Wouter Glorieux? Will this help put Bitcoin blockchain development on the radar? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Medium

Images courtesy of Valyrian Tech, Wouter Glorieux

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Valyrian Tech Presents Bitcoin Spellbook Project

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Business Blockchain Books Project Is Nearing Completion

Source: bitcoin

Bitcoinist_Business Blockchain Books Kickstarter

With all of this focus on blockchain technology these days, there are a lot of questions waiting to be answered. One recent Kickstarter campaign for The Business Blockchain Books successfully reached its goal, and two new blockchain books will be coming very soon.

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The Business Blockchain Books Campaign

The person behind this Business Blockchain Books campaign on Kickstarter is William Mougayar, who has been writing on blockchain for quite some time now. In fact, his work has been referenced to in over 100 publications or write-ups over the past two and a half years. This was cause enough for Mougayar to launch a crowdfunding campaign so he could write two new books on how blockchain will impact businesses and everyday life.

Even though this campaign does not herald the first – nor the last book – on blockchain technology, it is kind of interesting to see William Mougayar raise enough funds to write two different books. It is important to take into account both of these books on blockchain will complement each other nicely, and the first one has been completed recently.

The Business Blockchain is an in-depth business book on the concept of blockchain technology, which focuses on explaining how the technology works. Although most cryptocurrency enthusiasts have a decent understanding of what the blockchain is and does right now most general consumers – and enterprises – have no clear idea. Defining the concept is of the utmost importance before we can think of implementing it in various industries.

This is where the second book, called Centerless, comes into the picture. The primary objective of this second book is to explain the aspect of decentralization in the way of trust, information, and wealth. It seems inevitable the blockchain will impact everyone on this planet, and gaining a proper understanding of this technology can prove to be incredibly valuable.

The crowdfunding goal of Business Blockchain Books was US$18,000; due to the high costs associated with writing and publishing these books in e-book format. Additionally, both books will be available in print copy as well, which incurs additional costs. A total of US$37,517 was raised when the campaign ended, which shows a keen interest in these two books revolving around blockchain technology.

Now that book one – Business Blockchain – has been labeled finished yesterday, it looks like interested parties who missed the crowdfunding campaign will be able to place their pre-orders on Amazon soon. The second book will be finished at some point in the coming months, although no official dates have been confirmed just yet. This book will also be available for purchase on Amazon once it is ready.

Did you back this crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter? Are you planning to buy either of these books from Amazon? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Kickstarter

Images courtesy of Business Blockchain Books, William Mougayar

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Business Blockchain Books Project Is Nearing Completion

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Rudimental Media to launch Ethereum Based Equity Crowdfunding Site

Source: bitcoin


Rudimental Media, Following their withdrawal from youtube and other traditional video platforms announces that they are launching an artistic media equity crowdfunding platform powered by Ethereum – enabled by recent legislation making crowdfunding of this type legal that went into effect in late January.

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The Rudimental: Far From Basic

The platform, dubbed The Rudimental, is focused primarily on films and artistic media, with stated plans to expand its scope upon launch. No release date has been revealed, though the legislation that enables it went into effect a few days ago. Rudimental media has also announced plans to launch a Bitcoin subscription service for their media, hosted on OpenBazaar and other bitcoin platforms. This entertainment media company is unique in their interest in Cryptocurrency and their platform agnostic approach to its implementation.

Ethereum’s Smart contracts could bring a much-needed system of accountability to crowdfunding, something severely lacking in platforms like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. Cash-grab projects on both have led to what can comfortably be called legal Ponzi Schemes. Things like Programmable smart-escrow and multisig can take the burden of trust out of the project creator and put them in open source, auditable code. Ethereum shows broad applicability for transactional networking, but it’s distributed applications like this where it truly shines. The Rudimental’s implementation may just be the start of a trend that could make Ethereum the lingua franca in distributed investment, the same way OpenBazaar could bring bitcoin to small retailers globally.

Equity Crowdfunding Engenders Accountability

The Rudimental also adresses a big flaw in current crowdfunding platforms: Equity. Up until a few days ago, it was illegal to sell parts of a company or project to people under a certain level of income. With the change in the SEC rules taking effect, this plaform will leverage shares in the project or company being crowdfunded — to anyone that throws Eth at the associated contract. This adds more accountability to project starters, as the backers are essentially shareholders. Ethereum as a backend makes a lot of sense in this brave new crowdfunding ecosystem, as the days of Kickstarting a project for the promise of an overpriced toy are fast coming to an end. Leveraging Cryptocurrency’s low overhead makes The Rudimental an attractive contender in the lineup of crowdfunding startups.

While a lot of questions remain as to the exact specifications and scope of The Rudimental as a crowdfunding platform, I see it as a promising start for ethereum in enabling the distributed global economy. Time will tell if crowdfunding using this methodology will become commonplace, but low overhead, zero-intermediary crowdfunding could have wide-ranging implications for everything from fintech to consumer transactions, via MassDrop’s approach to crowdfunding.


What do you think of Ethereum’s growing number of applications and cryptocurrency equity crowdfunding? Let us know in the comments!

Images courtesy of The Rudimental,

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Rudimental Media to launch Ethereum Based Equity Crowdfunding Site

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Different Ways to Raise Funding For A Bitcoin Startup

Source: bitcoin


Starting a company in the Bitcoin world is not that hard these days. All one needs is a good idea, and a proof-of-concept to show this idea is valuable to begin with. But the biggest challenge for most startups is to raise enough funding, as day-to-day operations can be quite costly. Rather than looking for VC funding, there are other alternatives well worth exploring by Bitcoin entrepreneurs.

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Raising The Funding For Your Bitcoin Company

When it comes to securing funding for a Bitcoin startup, venture capitalists are the preferred target. Presenting one’s case at any of the Bitcoin conferences around the world is a great way to reach an audience of potential investors, although the end results may vary slightly. Not every concept needs VC backing, though, as there are plenty of other ways to raise funds.

Crowdfunding campaigns in the Bitcoin ecosystem are not all that common just yet, although things are changing. Equity crowdfunding is a particularly interesting trend in the digital currency space these days, where companies will offer a small share of their company in exchange for funding. What makes these campaigns so interesting is how they will get a company lots of press exposure, and there is no need to hunt down individual investors.

Even though most countries around the world are still debating on whether or not they should create a regulatory framework for Bitcoin, there could be a bright future ahead. Bitcoin offers innovation, and any form of innovation should be stimulated through startup grants. It remains to be seen whether or not these perks will ever translate to Bitcoin startups, but it is an alternative form of funding to keep in mind for the future.

Angel investors are quite popular among Bitcoin entrepreneurs these days, as they offer flexible business agreements and bring a strong network of partners to the table. But at the same time, it is difficult to obtain follow-up investments from angel investors. Startup unicorns might be an exception to this rule although they are very uncommon these days.

Last but not least, there is the option of receiving a peer-to–peer loan. Keeping in mind how Bitcoin is all about the peer-to-peer transaction, this type of funding seems to be perfect for digital currency startups and entrepreneurs. These loans provide a fast way to raise capital without sacrificing equity, but they do require some form of collateral in most cases.

There Is No Wrong Approach To Secure Funding

With so many different options at the disposal of startups and entrepreneurs in the Bitcoin industry, there is no wrong way to raise funding. Every individual method has their pro’s and con’s, and cookie-cutter solutions simply do not exist. Different types of businesses will benefit from different approaches.

Raising the necessary funding to get one’s project off the ground is an important aspect of the Bitcoin business world. Just having a bright idea is not enough, as, without money, there is not much progress to be made. That being said, combining several of the options as mentioned above might yield the best results.

How would you go about raising the necessary funding for a bitcoin funding? Are the other ways that are viable as well? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Tech In Asia

Images courtesy of Shutterstock, Catalyst Resources

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Different Ways to Raise Funding For A Bitcoin Startup

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Bitcoin Crowdfunding Can Learn From Kickstarter Android App

Source: bitcoin

Bitcoinist_Mobile Crowdfunding

Kickstarter has been the center of attention for quite some time now in the crowdfunding world, despite some obvious flaws with the way business is handled at certain times. At the same time, there are far too many users who see this platform as a cheap shopping mall for the latest gadgets, which is far from the case. Now that Kickstarter released its Android app, consumers will have additional options to back innovative projects. Bitcoin-based crowdfunding platforms could use such an app too in the future.

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Supporting Kickstarter Campaigns With an Android Phone

Financially contributing to your favorite crowdfunding campaign requires users to log onto a computer, and fill in their credit card information when making a contribution. The new Kickstarter Android application looks to streamline that process, as the main goal of this release is to make crowdfunding that more convenient than it has ever been before.

By giving users the options to pledge funds to any crowdfunding campaign from the comfort of their mobile device, things will get a lot more interesting for Kickstarter. At the same time, one could argue the point this will also hurt consumers wallets all the more, as impulse purchases take place through mobile devices more often compared to other payment solutions.

As one would come to expect from such an Android app, the main focus lies on discovering new projects, as well as showcasing Kickstarter’s activity feed. By using this feed, users will see updates from their favorite campaigns, as well as which projects any of their friends have shown an interest in. Now that Kickstarter users can browse the platform on both iOS and Android, things are looking quite good for crowdfunding in general.

However, some educational efforts regarding Kickstarter campaigns are still needed. Consumers need to be aware of the fact that pledging financial aid to a project is not without its share of risks. Not every campaign is successful in delivering the advertised product or service, and getting funds back can be quite the hassle. Not all campaigns are spelling doom and gloom, though, as most of them turn out just fine.

Bitcoin Crowdfunding Needs A Mobile App

The concept of crowdfunding has crossed over the world of Bitcoin and digital currencies, although efforts have not been as successful as Kickstarter for example. Equity crowdfunding platforms seem to do fairly well so far, primarily because they let any qualified investors back a company in exchange for a share of their equity.

Converting this experience to the mobile ecosystem might help put Bitcoin crowdfunding on the global map in the years to come. Not just the equity crowdfunding part itself, but also making regular contributions to art projects, video game developers, and the likes.

What are your thoughts on Bitcoin crowdfunding in general? Should there be more options that just equity crowdfunding? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Engadget

Images credit of Kickstarter, Shutterstock

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Bitcoin Crowdfunding Can Learn From Kickstarter Android App