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World Gold Coin Trading Added to C-CEX Exchange

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World Gold Coin

World Gold Coin has announced that it is available for trading on the C-CEX cryptocurrency exchange.

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At press time, WGC is trading at C-CEX for 0.00005 BTC. The currency’s developers expect the price to rise as more people invest in it through the exchange.

Marketed as a “Bitcoin 3.0” project, WGC has gained prominence in South East Asia since its launch.

The currency is mined with the X11 Proof of Work algorithm, which doesn’t allow ASIC mining and theoretically prevents some of the mining centralization experienced with Bitcoin. Mining difficulty for WGC is monitored by the Dark Gravity Well.

“[Dark Gravity Well] uses multiple exponential moving averages and a simple moving average to smoothly adjust the difficulty [of WGC],” says a World Gold Coin representative. “This implementation is far more simplistic and better suited to adjust difficulty than [Kimoto Gravity Well] and also fixes all known exploits.”

The supply cap for WGC is 8.88 billion coins, which is expected to be mined over a 10-year period with a block reward of 1689.49 WGC.

The World Gold Coin team has already made plans for the expansion of its project as WGC trading picks up on C-CEX. These plans include the deployment of WGC ATMs and cloud mining services.

About World Gold Coin

WGC Global is the creator of World Gold Coin. The Hong Kong-based company is a leading crypto-solutions provider in the market. WGC Global offers white labelled solutions to the cryptocurrency industry. Some of its solutions include blockchain based digital assets development, exchange platforms, cryptocurrency powered debit cards, customer cryptocurrency development and setup, APIs for customer digital assets, mobile apps and wallet services.

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World Gold Coin Trading Added to C-CEX Exchange