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Kraken Details the Latest Mt Gox Creditors Meeting

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Mt Gox

The leading cryptocurrency exchange Kraken and Tokyo’s court-appointed trustee has announced the current status of all Mt Gox claims have been determined. For the first time, thousands of claimants will be able to see if their claim has been accepted and will soon be processed.

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The Mt Gox Creditors Meeting in Tokyo Determines All Claims

The San Francisco-based Kraken has revealed the news today concerning the long awaited Mt Gox claims. During the creditor’s meeting in Tokyo, Trustee Nobuaki Kobayashi has detailed that over 24 thousand claims were filed. Out of all the claims, a very interesting application of 260 trillion yen by one individual is “likely to be denied.” Kraken states in the announcement what will be released:

“Overall, the amount of bitcoin held by the MtGox estate is approximately 202,185 XBT, or $91,185,435 USD at today’s bitcoin price of approximately $451, which Kraken will help to distribute.”

The report also notes that the investigations are still ongoing with the Trustee is working with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department concerning the case and Mark Karpeles. Not only is Kraken working with investigators but the team also has help from Deloitte and ReEx Accounting looking for possible other lost Bitcoins. Kraken says details of the investigations will remain classified along with the addresses from Mt Gox records. Trustee Nobuaki Kobayashi explains the latest revelations:

“My office and my partners on the Kraken team worldwide are proud to report outstanding news to thousands of MtGox creditors. During our thorough bankruptcy investigation, we have carefully reviewed over 24,000 individual claims and made individual determinations on their validity. In the near future, claimants will be able to browse the MtGox claims website to confirm their status. While the detailed schedule will inevitably be affected by each creditor’s response, we wish to proceed to the distribution process as soon as possible.”

Kraken’s CEO Jesse Powell told the press, “Kraken is honored to provide support to the Trustee on behalf of the community and Mt.Gox clients.” The exchange is pleased with the announcements from the creditors meeting today and look forward to returning assets to customers who suffered losses. Powell says Kraken will be there for the long haul, and the exchange will “continue to offer our assistance wherever possible, and I look forward a speedy resolution from here.”

What do you think about the Mt Gox claims being determined by the creditors meeting? Let us know in the comments below.

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Kraken Details the Latest Mt Gox Creditors Meeting

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Deloitte Blockchain Lab in Dublin Will Create Fifty Jobs

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Bitcoinist_Dublin Blockchain Lab

Blockchain technology is captivating audiences all over the world, and Deloitte wants to bring even more attention to this industry. The company unveiled its plans to create a new European blockchain lab in Dublin, which brings fifty new jobs the region as well.

With so many companies all over the world exploring the boundaries of blockchain technology, more dedicated research labs are more than welcome. Accountancy firm Deloitte has been thinking along the same lines, and they will be rolling out a new blockchain technology lab in Dublin over the next 18 months.

Deloitte Launches Blockchain Lab

This initiative will bring fifty jobs to the table by the time this hub is fully operational, and the blockchain lab will house a mix of developers and designers. In the end, the goal is to come up with new proofs of concept, and eventually turn some of them into functioning prototypes. Deloitte also mentioned how they plan to target Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa with these projects,  which is quite exciting.

Deloitte Ireland managing partner Brendan Jennings told the media:

“We are proud that Ireland has been chosen as the location for this lab. Not only was the strength, expertise, and proven capability of the Deloitte Ireland blockchain team recognised, but the proximity to the headquarters of many global technology companies, our strong focus on innovation and R&D, and the support from governmental institutions, academia, and the local FinTech industry were all key factors in securing this investment.”

It is kind of interesting to note how the Irish Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation O’Connor admitted how the blockchain technology industry has been a “powerhouse’ over the past few years. In fact, she welcomes the Deloitte blockchain lab, as this technology has brought many new jobs to the region already, and this new initiative will keep the trend going.

Bringing this initiative to Ireland is an endorsement of the technical expertise available in the country. Rather than choosing London or the US, Deloitte is very confident Dublin has the potential to become one of the new hubs for blockchain innovation and development. Additionally, the blockchain lab will complement the existing and developing professional services firms active in the country.

What are your thoughts on Deloitte bringing a blockchain lab to Dublin? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Irish Times

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Deloitte Blockchain Lab in Dublin Will Create Fifty Jobs

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Deloitte Announces Growing Blockchain Initiative and Services

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Deloitte Announces Growing Blockchain Initiative and Services

On Tuesday at the Consensus Conference in New York City, Deloitte announced a number of partnerships with companies in the blockchain space to develop 20 ongoing blockchain initiatives and prototypes, thereby signaling a commitment towards becoming an early mover in blockchain consulting services.

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Deloitte Making Big Industry Moves

The “Big 4” firm is scoping and leading development for blockchain-related solutions that span across digital identity, digital banking, cross-border payments, loyalty and rewards, investment management and insurance sectors. The timing of Deloitte’s announcement coincides with a rising interest and research from banks towards implementing blockchain technology. Given the emerging nature of these services, Deloitte is hoping to learn best practices quickly in hopes of generating increased revenue.

Speaking to the initiative, Joe Guastella, a principal with Deloitte Consulting and U.S. and global leader of the financial services practice, remarked, “Blockchain is proving to be a major disruptive force in financial services. The industry prototypes and pilots have shown this, and we continue to focus on helping our clients to make blockchain a reality for their businesses.”

An eye-catching component of Deloitte’s announcement is the partnerships with blockchain companies BlockCypher, Bloq, ConsenSys, Loyyal (formerly known as Ribbit.me) and the Stellar Development Foundation. Due to a steep learning curve and relative shortage of blockchain developers at Deloitte and beyond to meet the growing demand from clients, such partnerships with industry players are mutually beneficial and will shorten the timeframe towards the implementation of these projects for Deloitte’s clientele.

The traditional nature of Deloitte’s client base means that the solutions being developed are not specifically limited to blockchains. Rather, blockchain equivalents such as permissioned or private blockchains appear to be on the forefront of development efforts. For example, the Press Release claims “BlockCypher’s platform runs Ethereum, Bitcoin and custom private chains at-scale.” Additionally, “Deloitte and Bloq are working together to deliver blockchain-enabled technology designed to improve integrity and security, and reduce costs in the $1.1 trillion insurance industry.” With strict regulatory requirements around the banking, investment, and insurance spaces, fully public and open blockchains are not in alignment with the regulatory frameworks, data accessibility, and consumer protection goals. Therefore alternative, privatized solutions are being developed.

Work seems to be ongoing with clients outside of the United States, too. This is encouraging as globally spanning projects leverage the global nature inherent within blockchain technology. Remarking on the partnerships, Mr. Guastella added, “These five blockchain companies are collaborating with Deloitte’s teams not just in the U.S., but across key geographies as well. Each complements our deep industry experience and, together, we are harvesting the benefits of blockchain technologies — developing new revenue models, improving cost efficiencies and creating innovative solutions across the globe.”

With PWC’s recent announcement of a Blockchain Practice in Northern Ireland, Accenture’s partnership with Digital Asset Holdings, and EY’s partnership with the Post-Trade Distributed Ledger (PTDL) Group, interest from professional services firms in expanding revenues by offering blockchain related services is rising quickly. As traditional players look to implement solutions, the services provided by professional services firms will likely prove invaluable towards advancing initiatives in the space. In Deloitte’s case, their ability to bridge traditionally oriented clients with blockchain-focused startups is a unique value proposition. Whether or not the private solutions are truly a “blockchain” remains to be seen as projects are completed and technical details are made public.

What are your thoughts on Deloitte’s announcement? Will more professional services firms open a blockchain practice in coming months or years? Share your thoughts below!


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Deloitte Announces Growing Blockchain Initiative and Services

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The Multinational Service Giant PwC Announces Blockchain Research

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The Multinational Service Giant PwC Announces Blockchain Research

January 22, 2016 The multinational professional services giant PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has announced it will be entering the Blockchain environment. PwC has said they have created a new team of specialists to research the potentials of the technology due to customer demand. Steve Davies partner at EMEA FinTech leader at PwC feels his company is well positioned to explore the new protocol. Davies says:

There is a growing interest and a real demand from our clients to help understand the implications of the Blockchain and how to respond to it. So, as the Blockchain juggernaut continues to gather pace, PwC will be well placed to service our clients needs at the global level”

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Founded in 1998 from the partnership of two existing companies Pricewaterhouse and CoopersLybrand the business offers an array of consultation, auditing, and financial advisory. It’s operations netted in a revenue of 35.4 billion in 2015 and continues to remain a finance consulting giant. Vault Accounting has named PwC the most prestigious accounting firm in the world seven years in a row. The firm handles quite a bit of public services that they believe will benefit from the use of distributed ledger technology.

PwC has signed up fifteen FinTech specialists to operate its blockchain R&D program. The company is convinced that the technology will reduce costs and add transparency to the financial landscape abroad. The protocol can assist the company’s role with auditing services, real estate, insurance and basically every multinational service they offer. PwC plans to continue its role as a top provider of these services and hopes distributed ledger technology can change the traditional finance ecosystem for the better. Steve Davies explains:

“PwC is now breaking new ground in developing radical fintech solutions and these appointments represent the first stage of our plans to grow a world-class fintech offering. We expect the initial core team of 15 experts to grow rapidly, with PwC in Belfast continuing to expand, exploit and deliver technology and digital solutions to global clients.”

PwC is one of the world’s Big Four auditors, along with Deloitte, EY and KPMG. Deloitte has also shown strong interest in blockchain technology as well this past year. These two accounting mammoths know that the protocol is changing the financial horizon and getting in on the action is a smart move. Businesses all over are recognizing the blockchains potential to disrupt traditional institutions who are not paying attention. PwC U.K. Executive Board member and EMEA consulting leader Ashley Unwin see this happening already. Unwin says:

“Blockchain technology is worrying major players in the financial services industry as they don’t know where it will go or its potential to disrupt business models. However, in document delivery and settlement processing alone, it will offer significant cost reduction and efficiency gains, we are confident that these disruptive fintech technologies will trigger a huge increase in demand for blockchain expertise, and we intend to be a leader in exploiting these disruptive new technologies,”

With PwC and Deloitte leading the way with R&D teams implementing distributed ledger technology most likely smaller firms will join the movement. Clearly traditional financiers see the great potential with this type of platform and are open to its improvements. A technology that heavily reduces costs and keeps things secure and transparent is a legacy banks dream. It seems quite a bit of these large institutions are sharing the same vision.  

What do you think about PwC joining the blockchain revolution? Let us know in the comments below.

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The Multinational Service Giant PwC Announces Blockchain Research