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Emercoin Added to Microsoft Azure Platform

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Emercoin Microsoft Azure

The Emercoin platform was built with a key goal in mind, to help solve real-life problems and deliver decentralizing solutions for businesses around the world — and that goal became a little easier to achieve earlier this year.

This article was provided by the Vanbex Group on behalf of the Emercoin project.

Emercoin Added to Microsoft Azure Platform

As of January 2016, Emercoin-based products were made available in Microsoft Azure’s Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) platform for users to build from scratch and deploy, at various scales, blockchain-based architectures.

It also means users are no longer dependant on inflexible data center servers as Azure integrates everything and offers tailored packages to fit users’ needs and capacity.

“Azure is similar to a mall, where organizations can buy cloud services, and we provide our platform for all their needs while they build within Azure,” said chief technology officer at Emercoin, Oleg Khovayko.

“For us, this is a win-win situation. Azure can expand its BaaS suite of offerings and we can offer our Emercoin platform to existing customers on a highly flexible and powerful virtual machine platform.”

The Azure platform operates throughout 24 regions in the world with over 22 available online and over 100 data centers operating to power the network. Virtual machines are available to run on Windows, which is a familiar environment to much of the world, as well as Linux.

For those wishing to try the Emer platform on Azure, the BaaS Node template is available in the Azure github storage (here). Getting running is as simple as click-and-deploy.

The basic package comes with a secured API connection for external applications and a built-in web interface for wallet management.

The current available products offered on Azure for the Emercoin platform are:

  • EMC SSL: Decentralized solution for online security and passwordless authentication.
  • EMC SSH: Decentralized solution for secure shell management.
  • EMC DNS: Censorship-resistant domain name system.
  • EMC TTS: Trusted time stamping service.
  • EMC STREAM: Micropayment library for streaming digital media of all types.
  • EMC LNX: Decentralized pay-per-click advertising network of its kind.
  • EMC DPO: Digital proof of ownership solution for physical or digital goods and services.
  • EMC InfoCard: Storage for digital business cards for use with EMC SSL.

As Azure’s BaaS continues to develop, the technical and creative capability for businesses to develop innovative blockchain solutions grows that much easier.

It begins with accessibility, which, on one hand, is helped by manageable costs. Most practical, however, is what the Emercoin ecosystem offers, which is a breadth of decentralizing technologies to help push enterprises large and small, forward, into the latest, state of the art future-tech for business.

Emercoin is a merchant platform, that can provide cost-savings and streamlined solutions for more efficient and robust applications than currently being applied across a majority of industries today.

Emercoin on Azure is a stepping stone to changing the way business can be conducted.


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Emercoin Added to Microsoft Azure Platform

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Blockchain Platform Emercoin is Moving Beyond Cryptocurrencies

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Though cryptocurrencies have received much attention with the rise of Bitcoin, what has resulted in more excitement and utility for real businesses has been what is possible using the underlying technology of cryptocurrencies, the blockchain. The team at Emercoin have matched creative ideas for what blockchain solutions are capable of to comprehensive technical approaches for solving issues surrounding current, centralized models of commerce.

This article was provided by the Vanbex Group.

CEO of Emercoin, Evgeny Shumilov, reflected on the origins of Emercoin, stating:

“I am often asked why EmerCoin is so named. It is from the word ‘emergence’ — signifying the emergence of new properties in the system, more than the sum of its components. This fusion, synthesis, evolution.”

As a leader in blockchain-based network security solutions, and worldwide Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Emercoin has focused on three areas they feel they can add the most value: the workings of the Internet, online advertising and legal verification practices.

Emercoin: A Versatile Currency

Founded by Shumilov in December 2013, Emercoin was established as the currency for a variety of internet projects including social networks, research projects, networking, and gaming, as well as supporting and sponsoring high-tech projects such as robotics, electric vehicles and submersibles.

Shumilov recalls some of their earlier innovations leading to applications in streaming content.

“At that time, we offered the library for streaming content payment in SIP telephony. We hoped that the counterparties will be able to exchange traffic and money at the same time,” said Shumilov.

“Perhaps this method [was] ahead of [its] time, telephone operators were skeptical. It’s a pity. After some improvements, our library allow[ed] you to make money on any type of streaming content.”

As the company developed they moved into solving what they saw to be more pressing and addressable challenges in the space of decentralized blockchain services within the Emer platform.

Now, Emer is a platform that offers two primary product umbrellas, a blockchain-based platform for a variety of of services including security, advertising, and legal. It is also a payment services unit in Emercoin which also runs through the Emer platform.


While the name Emercoin might be recognizable from the standpoint of being a cryptocurrency used to send and receive payment and is ultimately tradeable, it is just a piece of what makes the Emer platform so valuable in the services it offers and the problems it can solve.

For developers seeking to build products or solutions based off of the Emer platform, they’ve provided a quick-start guide for deploying an Emercoin wallet on an Ubuntu instance within Microsoft Azure.

Considering other high profile blockchain-based companies have been given direct access to develop through the Azure virtual environment, Emer is in good company with developers doing serious work with serious technology.

This move is integrated into the “Blockchain Engine” project, designed to easily integrate blockchain innovations into existing businesses and startups.

Making Distributed Internet Possible

In a centralized world, Domain Name System (DNS), Secure Shell (SSH) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) services are often offered by default by domain name registries or hosting companies.

They all offer pretty much the same features and weaknesses. Despite many hosting and domain companies being well-guarded from an IT perspective, they are still subject to DDOS attacks and even governmental influence.

For a company operating within a region of the world that might be subject to censorship or attack from hackers, a decentralized platform for a DNS, SSH and SSL is a saving grace.

The company HashCoins uses Emer’s emcSSL/emcSSH technologies to manage their distributed mining pools. Even websites blocked by regional governments are able to operate without interruption using the distributed Emercoin DNS systems.

Blockchain for Legal Records and Verification

Digital proof-of-ownership is just one example of what the Emer platform offers to merchants who are looking to both scalably and transparently store records of both digital and physical assets on the blockchain.

From a resolution of land title disputes between law offices to licensing associated with anything from streaming video services to anti-virus software subscription, the Emer platform helps manage these processes.

In addition, the verification of these records is much simpler to access and complete using the Emer platform as all records are kept securely and accurately on the blockchain.

This can lower costs and the time spent both from a customer perspective and from the lawyer’s perspective, removing the need to deal with physical documents to complete routine transactions.

Blockchain for Advertising

One problem for several websites is online advertising, a key source of revenue, and managing payment models with advertisers.

Both ContextOne and Advendor use emcLNX as basic technology for their ad-tech businesses which allow them to more efficiently manage contracts between advertisers and publishers and the delivery of traffic or clicks between them.

Using decentralized blockchain ledger technology through Emer, the often mysterious space between publisher, advertisers and the middleman has been bridged.

Users will no longer need to deal with the limitations of Adsense, which requires a minimum of $100 in ad revenue to withdraw and a bank account to withdraw into.

This is especially attractive with the concept of Emercoin, which is a currency capable of exchanging payment between parties participating in the ad network.

With an eye towards innovation, Emer and Emercoin are also looking to use their blockchain technology to move into the area of streaming content online.

By using a decentralized, peer-to-peer payment model, users could pay through their browser for the exact amount of content that want to consume.

No ‘Pump-and-Dump’ Coin

Chief marketing officer at Emercoin Stanislav Polozov spoke on how he sees Emer playing a role in the future of blockchain technology.

“We want to be in the market for a long time and provide a bunch of services. We’re not a pump-and-dump coin.”

Polozov added, “VPN peer to peer connections — any protocols for that matter — can be made absolutely safe using blockchain. We will build on other protocols if enough people need them.”

“If people demand a solution, we will create it using Emer. Emer blockchain based solutions and products are bricks for people to build their own distributed structures.”

The team at Emercoin continues to focus on the fusion of their technological applications to real-life problems. The synthesis of new ideas and the evolution of the platform expand the realm of what is possible with blockchain and this will only continue to grow.

Images courtesy of Emercoin.

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Blockchain Platform Emercoin is Moving Beyond Cryptocurrencies

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OpenLedger and Emercoin Partner to Create ‘New Synergies’

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OpenLedger and Emercoin Partner to Create ‘New Synergies’

The Bitshares 2.0 platform OpenLedger has announced its latest partnership with Emercoin to create “new synergies” within the blockchain-based service space. The two companies want to provide an array of new concepts to the cryptocurrency and distributed ledger landscape believing each platform can better the technologies. Jason Cassidy, Chief Communications Officer at Emercoin, is thrilled about joining forces stating:

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‘OpenLedger represents the future of not only digital currency trading but all digital assets. As blockchain technology blossoms there will be many more layers of innovation coming to the market and we feel the OpenLedger platform is a great example of this. Users will be able to interact with Emercoin (EMC) in many new, creative ways.’ — Jason Cassidy, Emercoin

Emercoin and OpenLedger collaborating means both services can offer new features and “bring the world a new type of trading experience.” New synergies include:

  • Create their own currency as a User Issued Asset (UIA)
  • Collateralise a new coin by creating a Market Pegged Asset (MPA). This allows a physical commodity (such as gold) to back the underlying value of the currency
  • Deploy their own real-time blockchain using OpenLedger

As well as adding each team’s innovations OpenLedger says they are looking into implementing Emercoin’s blockchain-based services within the Bitshares platform. Emercoin has recently made headlines for working with the Microsoft Azure BaaS project. The Danish registrar for OpenLedger, Ronny Boesing, CEO of CCEDK exchange says, “We are excited at the possibility of being able to integrate Emercoin’s suite of tools and services into the OpenLedger platform. Emercoin representatives will be introduced to the BitShares Community in one of coming Beyond Bitcoin weekly hangouts on Mumble, offering the community and guests a close-up opportunity to evaluate and vote on what EMC services could be brought on board and in what fashion. Services like EMC SSL have solid potential to increase the security, stability and ease of use of the OpenLedger platform, for example.” The partnership will provide insight to both companies on the technologies they offer such as Market Pegged Assets (MPA), SmartCoins, and the creation of a permissioned blockchains. Ronny Boesing told the Bitcoinist over Skype:

“With today’s announcement of Emercoin joining OpenLedger I feel it is a great new day of innovation and a day where we might already have caught a glimpse of what Openledger will be looking like in the near future. I feel personally overwhelmed by the interest in many fresh and highly professional currencies showing interest to join the platform, and expect the world to see much more to come. Wouldn’t it just be great if we all met on OpenLedger exchanging not only crypto but also ideas for progress making it a win-win situation for all.” — Ronny Boesing, CEO of CCEDK 

Boesing says for a limited time from February 8-18th all Emercoin users who sign up with OpenLedger will receive ten free Obits. Obits are the native currency of the OpenLedger network and the coin had “the first successful buyback took place on 2nd February with the result that some 49,800 OBITS were burned, equivalent to 13 BTC.” Both teams say they are excited to offer each other new ways to improve their already solidified networks and look forward to growing the partnership.

What do you think of the OpenLedger and Emercoin partnership? Let us know in the comments below.

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Images courtesy of OpenLedger & Emercoin websites, and Shutterstock



The post OpenLedger and Emercoin Partner to Create ‘New Synergies’ appeared first on Bitcoinist.net.

OpenLedger and Emercoin Partner to Create ‘New Synergies’