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MobileGo Becomes 2nd Biggest ICO Ever, Netting Over $26 Million

· May 19, 2017 · 9:30 am

MobileGo has gathered over $26 million dollars making it the second most successful crowd sale in the cryptosphere, and the fourth in the world.

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MobileGo Raises Over $26 Million & Counting

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are changing the way projects are being crowdfunded, creating a new generation blockchain-based tokens like appcoins and assets. Although ICOs started with Mastercoin’s relatively modest sum of roughly 500,000 USD, they are now taking new proportions.

As time passes by, it seems that investors are becoming less wary when it comes to investing in blockchain-based crowdfunds. Now, it is not uncommon for ICOs to gather millions on their first day (or minutes) and that’s exactly what MobileGo, one of the largest crowdfunding campaigns in history, has done.

Kicking its ICO off with 4 million dollars on the first day, MobileGo has attracted over $26 million (or 6,800 BTC) so far, making it one of the most successful ICOs ever, second only to the DAO, and the fourth most successful crowdfunding project in the whole world. And the ICO isn’t even over yet, with five days left until the end.

Hosted by GameCredits Inc., the MobileGo ICO allows users to exchange several established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Waves, GAME, and others in exchange for MobileGo (MGO) tokens, which will bring several benefits to its holders and help shape the environment of the GameCredit’s Moblie Store, a platform for mobile games with over 300 games by 150 different developers.

ICOs: Hype or New Paradigm?

The MobileGo ICO will not only help fund the Gamecredit’s Mobile Store marketing and branding efforts, but it will also gamify the platform through the use of Ethereum-based smart contract, allowing users to compete among themselves in a decentralized manner and to earn rewards and reputation while doing so.

The MobileGo token features some of the latest trends in the blockchain space such as dual-blockchain capabilities and a buyback program that will see the token supply decrease over time. The dual-blockchain functionality allows users to transfer tokens between the Ethereum and Waves blockchains through the use of BlockSwap technology.

However, the main aspect of these tokens are not their technical characteristics per se, but rather the function they serve within the platform. Although the GameCredit’s Mobile Store already features its own cryptocurrency, GAME, Ivica Simatovic, CEO at GameCredits Inc, explained to Bitcoinist why a second token is necessary.

GameCredits CEO Ivica Simatovic

He said:

The MobileGO token will be used to provide many important features to Gamecredits Store based on smart contracts. In this store there will be 2 tokens: 1 for processing (Gamecredits) and another for tournaments, betting, virtual market place (MGO).

Not only that, but MobileGo will also reward customers with discounts, free entrance to VIP tournaments and access to private game beta stages.

“This store will be a unique and special place for gamers where they will receive services they can not find in other places,” adds Simatovic.

Money is Pouring into Crypto

Although ICOs are not new, they are certainly one of the new crazes in the world of investment. Not only has the global cryptocurrency market cap doubled in size in May alone, millions and millions of dollars kept flowing into ICOs like MobileGo, Gnosis, Aragon,etc. with many more in the pipeline.

Although some have concerns regarding Initial Coin Offerings and the lack of regulation or guidelines, ICOs are providing new ways for entrepreneurs to get their projects off the ground, which wouldn’t be nearly as easy through banks and VC firms.

While undoubtedly uncharted territory, ICO are shaping the future of technology allowing developers to experiment with blockchain technology at will and to build decentralized and trustless applications, which were not possible before.  

What’s your take on the current ICOs trend? Share your thoughts below! 

Images courtesy of Gamecredits, Shutterstock

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GameCredits, Datcroft Games to Bring Cryptocurrency to Gaming

Source: bitcoin

GameCredits Gaming

On Thursday morning, Datcroft Games announced a partnership with GameCredits to bring secure and seamless use of in-game cryptocurrency to a vast community of gamers and developers using natively-developed, back-end blockchain technology.

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Founded in 2016, GameCredits enables game developers to use the “GAME” token securely for MMORPGs and other games. The first roll-out is within the popular game Fragoria, which already has a user base of 8 million.

Gamers either buy or win GAME and leverage them for in-game purchases, use in other games, immediate cash outs, or as an investment. Developers can also benefit through earning rewards when a popular game is created, or by contributing to the code base, with no cap in rewards potential.

Cryptocurrency Takes to Gaming With GameCredits

Jon Comer, CMO of GameCredits, spoke to his excitement about the partnership:

“GameCredits Inc. is extremely excited to bring in the team from Datcroft. More than just a business partnership, this is a collaboration of development talents that now number close to 100 people working on the our new payment solution. Datcroft’s expertise and reputation in the gaming industry will give us the leverage needed to bring gamecredits to the mass gaming market.”

Through lower overhead costs brought forth through blockchain technology, purchasing items in-game is additionally enabled. Traditionally, GameCredits said, costs were too high to incorporate micropayments or complex in-game purchases into games without crossing problems of centralization and overhead fees.

Similar to a Ethereum gas, GAME tokens can trade directly inside their own wallets for USD, euro and bitcoin, or traded on digital exchanges.

The Value of In-Game Tokens

Loyal users win GAME and spend them across different games while cashing out or sending to exchanges for trade. The stands to offer incentives for developers too, with Datcroft reporting that their developer community now has access to a larger repository of tools to work with, particularly regarding techniques to acquire and trade scarce digital assets.

The cryptocurrency’s integration into popular games reportedly allows users to have larger deposit limits than traditional payment methods could enable. With increased revenue sharing to developers with quicker payouts, GAME makes a case for developers to contribute to the ecosystem, and can be cashed out into whatever currency one desires.

GameCredits’ advertised transparency and advanced fraud protection provides benefits for gamers as well. Sergey Sholom, CEO Datcroft Games Ltd., remarked how GameCredits and cryptocurrency give users of games on Datcroft new possibilities when gaming.

“Gamers will have the ability to make larger deposits and the ability to earn incentive discounts for purchasing in game items with gamecredits,” Sholom said. “Gamers typically have limited deposit options depending on where they live and cryptocurrency is something that is borderless.”

What are your thoughts about the future of cryptocurrency in gaming? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Images courtesy of Pixabay, GameCredits. 

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GameCredits, Datcroft Games to Bring Cryptocurrency to Gaming

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Altcoin Report: Europecoin Is Back in Action

Source: bitcoin


GameCredits gets bigger than ever, privacy issues surface surround Monero, and an intimate look at Europecoin. Welcome to our second altcoin report! Read on to get the latest news.

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London-based cryptocurrency platform GameCredits is not even two years old, but it’s making a massive name for itself with help from China. This country now lists it on Yuanbao, one of its largest digital currency exchanges. The company has been around since 2013 and boasts over 200,000 clients.

GameCredits is often touted as currency developed by gamers for gamers. Developers work to utilize the currency for “inclusion in mainstream games,” which are enjoyed by over 15 million registered gamers annually.

CMO Jon Comer expressed enthusiasm over the move, saying:

“For us, this is the ideal partnership at the perfect time. Being able to develop a relationship with Yuanbao in advance of our plans for the Chinese gaming industry is something we felt was very necessary.”


Monero is an altcoin slated as being so private, it has become the “mainstream” currency for drug-sellers on the dark net. Monero received widespread publicity on September 1, 216, when online drug haven AlphaBay announced it would support the coin’s usage on its platform, and its reputation continues to garner more users.

However, it appears Monero has experienced privacy issues in the past. Security firm MWR for example recently came across an “open wound” in Monero that made it vulnerable to thieves looking to steal it from third-party wallets.

Hackers must “fool a Monero user into visiting a web page to initiate the attack,” the firm reported. From there, a theft could easily occur. The vulnerability has since been repaired, but users are warned to keep an eye out for anything that may appear suspicious.


Developed in 2014, Europecoin did not have a successful first run among cryptocurrency advocates. The currency eventually disappeared into the mist, but has since been salvaged by developer Matthias Klees, who hopes to build it into something massive.

Eight months went by of retaining all the original coins. A new web-wallet was built to house them, and Europecoin has since garnered an impressive reputation thanks to its lasting independence from miners.

The team behind its success has grown tremendously, and Klees now looks to enforce Europecoin in areas like Belgium in the hope its blockchain-based abilities will influence political activity.

Know of any good altcoins that we should cover in our reports? Post your comments below!


Images courtesy of Quartz, bitcointalk.org

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Altcoin Report: Europecoin Is Back in Action

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‘GAME Changer’ Announced at Coinsbank Blockchain Summit in Turkey

Source: bitcoin


The beautiful setting of the Mediterranean Sea on the Turkish Riviera welcomed some of the brightest minds in blockchain to the Coinsbank Summit. These industry leaders made major announcements, including a new gaming platform that utilizes expanded capabilities and in-game integration for cryptocurrency.

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When Ronny Boesing, CEO of Coinsbank, decided to have a “Blockchain Party” of some of the brightest minds in the blockchain industry, he wanted to do it in the comfort and beauty of a place where these people could share, think and network together.  This international roster came together last week (October 6-9, 2016) in Belek, Turkey and I was fortunate enough to be part of this group, and heard some big announcements from this formidable roster of blockchain thinkers and doers.

Big Industry Announcements at Coinsbank Summit

The “party” was organized by Coinsbank, which continues to grow at a feverish pace into what Boesing calls, “the new bank on the block.”  It’s clear that Coinsbank is not just interested in being a typical bitcoin wallet company, but is instead focused on offering many banking services to its customers worldwide. These services include not only a “new type of safe wallet with multi-signature hardware,” as Boesing calls it, but will provide lending services from the cryptocurrency holdings in clients’ wallets.

Other speakers attended, including Nick Ayton from SmartLedger Labs.

Ayton discussed his approach to implementing blockchain based solutions for financial institutions, where he feels innovation in this area can significantly change existing processes models and create large savings.  He particularly sees an opportunity to disrupt and improve the model for insurance product processes and pricing with blockchain technology.

Marco Streng, CEO of Genesis Mining, gave a well-detailed update on the state of crypto mining.  Streng’s company has been a leader in the area of involving individual investors to financially benefit from mining operations. He also discussed his new offering, called the Logos Fund, which has been registered with the SEC and is available for appropriate investors (minimum of $25,000).

Sergey Sholom, CEO of Datcroft, a leading gaming company gave a detailed presentation on the state of the gaming industry today.  Some of these issues involve the severe limitations that developers face including on-ramping of their funds, the severe revenue surcharges from Google and Apple to developers and a generally highly competitive environment that suppresses monetization.

Along with Nebojša Maksimović (call him Nele), Chairman of GameCredits, Sholom made a significant announcement that their joint company will integrate the cryptocurrency GAME into the fabric of games to address these issues.

Sholom pointed out that the intent was not to provide just another use of cryptocurrencies, but to ultimately provide a solution to the gaming industry that is truly different and unique in the industry, which is projected to hit over $100 billion of revenue next year.

Both saw this as a way to integrate the growing world of cryptocurrencies with a successful and growing base of games (Sholom’s company, Datcroft has over 10 million players) that will create a platform that benefits both gamers and developers.

They were very excited about the opportunity for this to not only expand the utility of the GAME coin (which has been around for a few years) but to provide an opportunity for gamers and developers to recognize the benefits of cryptocurrency as a way to build wealth and show their ability to provide a better experience for everyone.

The growth of Coinsbank continues and next year they plan on having the next CoinsBank Blockchain Party on a cruise ship in a body of water to be named later, in May, 2017.  Boesing hopes to see more leading Blockchain movers and shakers at that one, including any who may have missed this year’s festivities.

What do you think?  How can cryptocurrencies help the gaming industry?

Images courtesy of Coinsbank, International Bellhop.

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‘GAME Changer’ Announced at Coinsbank Blockchain Summit in Turkey

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Money Demystified: How the Blockchain Offers Financial Safety

Source: bitcoin

bitcoin blockchain

Despite eight years revamping the world of finance, digital currency is still getting a bum rap. Indeed, we can acknowledge the fact that Bitcoin and the blockchain has thus far held a rather short life and faced excessive negativity and competition from traditional financiers, but is that enough to lessen its accomplishments?

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Since coming to fruition in 2008, Bitcoin has practically rewritten the way we think about money. It has overcome a number of false “death reports” and risen to a value equaling several hundred in USD. Among the major merchants accepting bitcoin are Microsoft, Overstock.com, Expedia, Dell and Dish Network. Even charities such as Greenpeace and the Mozilla Foundation have welcomed bitcoin with open arms, and the number of retailers allowing bitcoin as a payment method grows on a daily basis.

And yet, many people can’t seem to read the news or look at Bitcoin without feeling nervous and jittery, but are such feelings based in reality?

Nothing can be classified as “perfect,” and virtual currency is no exception, but to claim that digital currency and the blockchain are terribly dangerous is also inaccurate. The blockchain is often regarded as the safest and most convenient method for performing financial transactions, and here’s why:

Making Money Easier With the Blockchain

The blockchain is special because it allows users to send and receive funds electronically, thereby eliminating any third-party fees. According to Angela Ruth, the blockchain can replace the middle-man and provide a “payment alternative” that can potentially protect buyers and sellers from payment scams, assuring that everyone receives what they’re rightly owed. The system provides an unbeatable form of security, as information between buyers and sellers is shared within “tamper-proof public ledgers” which ultimately make it difficult for scammers to double-spend or provide counterfeit funds.

As stated in The Economist, “mathematical scrambling” is initiated to stimulate an original information code known as a “hash,” and any attempts to fumble around with the blockchain are noticed quickly as no hash is the same. The blockchain contains a public ledger that validates transactions on a global scale, not just in certain areas. The transactions are backed by several computers, and the system is decentralized, which creates an environment that’s impossible for one person to manipulate. Double-spending and counterfeiting are easily avoided, and top-level users are prevented from price gouging or falsifying financial statements. Through the blockchain, transactions are carefully monitored and recorded, and problems encountered through traditional finance are often stopped long before they can begin.

The birth of Bitcoin has paved the way for relatively other cryptocurrencies to follow in its stead. Together, they create a monetary system designed to aid in financial independence and enhance user safety and prevent the release of private information. They also bring the advantage of speed. Through platforms like GameCredits, transactions occur via blockchain-oriented codes. Aside from its relative ease and comfort, one of the main benefits of GameCredits is that users don’t have to wait extended periods of time to attain the funds they’ve earned. By merely opening an account, users obtain their money quickly and safely without the risk of having personal or private information forwarded to third-parties or other entities usually involved in traditional transaction methods.

If you’ve been keeping up with the news lately, the words “Panama Papers” should ring a giant bell. By way of the Mossack Fonseca law firm in Panama, the confidential papers are now disclosing hundreds of figures ranging from politicians and world leaders to athletes and celebrities (we’re talking to you, Emma Watson) tied to offshore accounts for the alleged purpose of concealing wealth from regulators and creditors alike. As explained above, the blockchain can potentially put an end to such activity through its real-time recording techniques, so why are the blockchain and the world of cryptocurrency often demonized when it comes to financial prowess?

The answer is that many of us simply don’t understand the “magic behind the walls,” so to speak. Many people freely admit that they have no idea what the blockchain or digital currency is while others bear only minimal knowledge of one or both subjects. As our technology changes, however, our financial system will undoubtedly strive to keep up, and perhaps shortly, monetary scams and deviations from legality can finally be labeled as embarrassing moments of a shaky and ambitious past.

Are cryptocurrencies all they’re cracked up to be? Post your thoughts and comments below!

Images Courtesy of Warranteer, bitcoinlasvegas.net, extremetech.com, es.onlinegames.credit.

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Money Demystified: How the Blockchain Offers Financial Safety