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The New Humble Book Bundle Includes a Book On Bitcoin

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The Newly launched Humble Book Bundle is all about hacking, programming, and Bitcoin this time. A lot of valuable books can be picked up for a very fair price, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts can pay in Bitcoin as well.

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New Humble Book Bundle Is Quite Appealing

Every now and then, there is a new Humble Book Bundle, which combines various books on a particular topic and offers them at a very low price to support charity. This week’s bundle is focusing on hacking, programming, and there is a Bitcoin book as well. Especially this latter one is kind of interesting, as it will give people a better understanding of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Bitcoin for the Befuddled, as this book is called, was released back in November of 2014, and some of the information might be slightly outdated. However, this book is mostly focusing on the core principles of Bitcoin, the history of cryptocurrency, and includes details on the blockchain as well. It is good to see such a book as part of the Humble Book Bundle for sure. Keeping in mind how the regular ebook would cost US$19.95, paying the full price for this book bundle will still save interested users money, and they will get a lot of other good books as well.

Hacking is the primary focus for this edition of the Humble Book Bundle, and there are various books on Python, Linux, and privacy to be found in there. All in all, this entire offering has a little bit of everything for everyone and is a must-have for anyone who is fascinated by the concept of cybersecurity, Bitcoin, or just wants to learn more about Python and Linux.

One of the books also talks about how the analyze malware, and how enthusiasts can “dissect” malicious software to their heart’s desire. Given the mounting threat of malware, crypto-ransomware, and the lackluster cybersecurity employed by most individual and enterprise users these days, such a book could turn out to be quite valuable for aspiring security researchers.

Last but not least, this entire Humble Book Bundle can be paid for in Bitcoin. There have been some issues with Bitcoin not being accepted by Humble Bundle in the past, although that is always decided upon by the people creating the bundle, and not the platform. It is positive to see Bitcoin payments enabled for this particular offering, especially because there is a Bitcoin book included.

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The New Humble Book Bundle Includes a Book On Bitcoin