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Altcoin Report: Ethereum Classic Embraces the Hard Fork

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Ethereum Classic undergoes a successful hard fork, Zcash prepares for its grand introduction, and Jaxx adds Litecoin. Want to catch up on your latest altcoin news? Read the stories below.

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Following a recent DDoS attack, Ethereum Classic has undergone a successful hard fork to set things “back to normal.”

This is not the first time such a move has been executed, and unfortunately, the price of ether has suffered in the long run. Immediately following the hard fork, the cryptocurrency dropped by about three percent, although this may be a direct reaction to bitcoin’s recent rise (currently $681 at press time). Others are arguing that the system has already undergone too many forks and that Ethereum isn’t likely to benefit as it once has.

The decision allegedly stemmed from cryptocurrency developers without any public input, which has ultimately led to controversy. In response, a small group has already formed to “continue the original ETC chain.”


The launch of Zcash is set to take place on October 28, and mining companies are preparing themselves as best they can. The new cryptocurrency has already earned the attention of platforms like Jaxx, which announced plans to integrate the new system into its blockchain wallet.

Describing his venture, founder Zooko Wilcox states:

“Zcash is a new technology that lets you put encrypted data into a blockchain. Blockchains as they currently exist, don’t offer much (or any) control over the disclosure of the data you put on the blockchain. Any data you put in there is visible to all users of the blockchain. Zcash is the first protocol of its kind, and is the accumulation of years of academic research, hard engineering work, and diligent security work.”


After several calls to add Litecoin to its system, Cryptocurrency wallet Jaxx has announced plans to comply. The virtual coin will be added to Jaxx’s platform and apps, giving users easier and more refined access to what is being touted as the world’s fourth largest cryptocurrency.

Director of the Litecoin Association Andrew Vegetabile explained:

“Having Litecoin integrated with Jaxx allows our community members, who are also members of other communities, to feel a sense of unity when accessing platforms that allow multiple cryptocurrencies. This partnership enables those cross-community members to access their various cryptocurrencies in one platform without having to worry about keeping up with multiple wallets and applications.”

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Altcoin Report: Ethereum Classic Embraces the Hard Fork

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Industry Report: Is the End of Bitcoin Near?

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Bitcoin Industry Report

Quantum computers may end Bitcoin, all episodes of Trust Disrupted are available to view, and Jaxx vows to go international. Want to catch up on your latest digital currency and tech news? Read the stories below.

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The new show, brought to you by TechCrunch, is now completely available for audiences’ viewing pleasure. The first season of the show, which delves deeply into digital currency and blockchain usage, is hosted by New York Times reporter Nathaniel Popper, and comprised of six episodes, which cover everything from Bitcoin to Ethereum.

The entire season can be viewed in its entirety on TechCrunch, or the publication’s YouTube channel.


Scientists are predicting Armageddon for the world of bitcoin. Fiery mists and massive explosions will soon hit digital currency in the form of quantum supercomputers, which can allegedly destroy bitcoin and bring about its abrupt end.

Quantum computers are purportedly some of the most powerful machines on Earth. Their encryption methods make those of today seem primitive. Supposedly, they’re so advanced that their methods can bring about an end to those of bitcoin in a mere heartbeat.

Plymouth University professor Martin Tomlinson explains that Bitcoin requires private keys for currency to be sent or spent. Quantum computers have the power to decipher all private keys within a matter of minutes. Should this occur, bitcoin and the privacy it supposedly offers would become obsolete.

According to Llew Claasen, executive director of the Bitcoin Foundation, many cryptographers are now working on solutions to give bitcoin “quantum-proof technologies.”


After integrating the Augur coin (REP) on its platform in early October, multi-platform wallet Jaxx has announced plans to go international. Bringing REP on board has made Jaxx arguably one of the most widely accessible wallet systems available today.

Jaxx is presently only available in English, but that will change once it becomes accessible to customers in both China and India, two countries with growing digital currency markets. The company is also planning to integrate itself with Coinbase and Shapeshift, and has other plans that CEO Anthony Di lorio spoke vaguely about:

“Our plan is to be blockchain agnostic. Our goal is to add integration of tokens that the community wants to have. The trend is definitely towards more coins and we kind of want to be the browser of the blockchain.”

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Industry Report: Is the End of Bitcoin Near?

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Jaxx Wallet Integrates Shapeshift Conversion Option

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Bitcoinist_Jaxx Wallet

The Jaxx wallet solution continues to take the cryptocurrency world by storm. Not only has the wallet added support for The DAO tokens, but the team also interacted ShapeShift. This will allow users to convert between all three wallet-supported currencies within the app itself.

Adding more functionality to a cryptocurrency wallet is always a positive thing. Jaxx has always been priding itself on supporting multiple currencies, and the addition of The DAO token is a significant move. Having one’s top cryptocurrencies at their disposal on any device is what most users have wanted for a long time.

Shifting Currencies With Jaxx and ShapeShift

But there’s more to the Jaxx wallet than just supporting three different cryptocurrencies. By integrating Shapeshift into the client, users can now convert between Bitcoin, Ethereum, and DAO on the fly. Every user who has the latest wallet client – version 1.0.2 – will be able to make use of this new feature.

At the time of writing, the updated Jaxx wallet was available for all the main computer operating systems, as well as Android, Chrome, and Firefox. The iOS version will be available shortly as well, depending on how fast the update passes through Apple’s standard review process.

A new fox icon will appear below the “Amount” bar in the Jaxx wallet, which directs users to the Shapeshift view. There is a second method to access this new functionality, by entering ShapeShift into the address bar in the Jaxx wallet. This is just a small touch to make it more accessible, but it is a smart move by the developers.

Once the users enter their desired amount to transfer, simply hit the “Shift” button, and the transaction will be completed in real-time. If the wallet would support additional currencies and tokens in the future – which is very likely-  they can also be exchanged intermittently through the Shapeshift platform. That is, assuming the company supports these coins and tokens.

It has been a very long week filled with different announcements by the Jaxx team. For the coming weeks, the team will focus on improving the wallet’s performance, and making the UI crisper. Moreover, some bugs still need ironing out. A new version has been released earlier this morning, which should have taken care of the most pressing matters.

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Jaxx Wallet Integrates Shapeshift Conversion Option