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Pre-Order With Bitcoin Using Purse Pre

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The Bitcoin-based marketplace that has connected the community with discounts at Amazon for using cryptocurrency has just announced the launch Purse Pre. This new Purse Pre market will allow Bitcoin users to place pre-orders on goods and trust they will receive the product or get their digital currency back.

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Bitcoin Marketplace Guarantees Pre-Ordered Products With Purse Pre

The San Francisco-based company says Purse Pre will enable pre-orders with Bitcoin and “ensuring  orders are either perfectly fulfilled or customers get all their money back.” Pre-ordering on the worldwide web is great but at times, customers never receive the goods they ordered. Platforms such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and from a company’s own website fail to send items more 60% of the time. Kickstarter alone has an alarming rate of over 87% never receiving a refund. Just last week Paypal explained it would stop insuring crowdfunding failure this summer. Purse wants to put an end to the pre-order madness and offer a more secure solution. During the launch announcement Purse CEO Andrew Lee explains the platform’s objectives saying:   

“Purse Pre is the ultimate place to pre-order the hottest products available. With Purse Pre, you can purchase multiple pre-order items at the same time and in a safe way. Purse’s blockchain technology securely escrows bitcoin to ensure that your money is only released when your items arrive or if you decide to cancel an order. We are excited to bring Purse Pre to consumers around the world and to the community of entrepreneurs on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.”   

Purse CEO Andrew Lee

Purse Pre will use its secure escrow system to safeguard consumer funds until the product ships. The service allows customers to monitor “the production status” and users can cancel at any time before shipment to get a full refund. So far the Purse system has saved customers more than $600,000 in discounts and all purchases are secured with blockchain escrows. Purse Pre will be no different but will apply to the pre-order ecosystem with companies like Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

The marketplace Purse tells us that on launch day the pre-order marketplace will feature “over 80 hand-selected, pioneering gadgets” which include Lily the throw-and-shoot camera, the June Oven, BuzzClip the wearable for the blind, Nebia the sauna-like shower, Trunkster the advanced luggage and so much more. Purse says no other marketplace will have this broad range of pre-order goods and back the purchases by blockchain technology. The company states:

“Purse Pre finally allows consumers to purchase the most popular pre-orders from a single website while using Bitcoin.”  

The company is excited to bring this level of pre-ordered goods to a Bitcoin marketplace and believe they are raising the bar with this additional feature. The company claims to process $1 million USD a month in Bitcoin sales and says it’s only getting started. The firm’s mission is to “make global commerce easier and fairer through blockchain technology.” With its popularity, the startup has attracted investors such as TA Ventures, the Digital Currency Group and more with the hope it will expand the company’s mission vastly.

What do you think about the Purse Pre marketplace? Let us know in the comments below.

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Pre-Order With Bitcoin Using Purse Pre

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Business Blockchain Books Project Is Nearing Completion

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Bitcoinist_Business Blockchain Books Kickstarter

With all of this focus on blockchain technology these days, there are a lot of questions waiting to be answered. One recent Kickstarter campaign for The Business Blockchain Books successfully reached its goal, and two new blockchain books will be coming very soon.

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The Business Blockchain Books Campaign

The person behind this Business Blockchain Books campaign on Kickstarter is William Mougayar, who has been writing on blockchain for quite some time now. In fact, his work has been referenced to in over 100 publications or write-ups over the past two and a half years. This was cause enough for Mougayar to launch a crowdfunding campaign so he could write two new books on how blockchain will impact businesses and everyday life.

Even though this campaign does not herald the first – nor the last book – on blockchain technology, it is kind of interesting to see William Mougayar raise enough funds to write two different books. It is important to take into account both of these books on blockchain will complement each other nicely, and the first one has been completed recently.

The Business Blockchain is an in-depth business book on the concept of blockchain technology, which focuses on explaining how the technology works. Although most cryptocurrency enthusiasts have a decent understanding of what the blockchain is and does right now most general consumers – and enterprises – have no clear idea. Defining the concept is of the utmost importance before we can think of implementing it in various industries.

This is where the second book, called Centerless, comes into the picture. The primary objective of this second book is to explain the aspect of decentralization in the way of trust, information, and wealth. It seems inevitable the blockchain will impact everyone on this planet, and gaining a proper understanding of this technology can prove to be incredibly valuable.

The crowdfunding goal of Business Blockchain Books was US$18,000; due to the high costs associated with writing and publishing these books in e-book format. Additionally, both books will be available in print copy as well, which incurs additional costs. A total of US$37,517 was raised when the campaign ended, which shows a keen interest in these two books revolving around blockchain technology.

Now that book one – Business Blockchain – has been labeled finished yesterday, it looks like interested parties who missed the crowdfunding campaign will be able to place their pre-orders on Amazon soon. The second book will be finished at some point in the coming months, although no official dates have been confirmed just yet. This book will also be available for purchase on Amazon once it is ready.

Did you back this crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter? Are you planning to buy either of these books from Amazon? Let us know in the comments below!

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Business Blockchain Books Project Is Nearing Completion

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Follow My Vote Launches Kickstarter For Blockchain Voting Project

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Follow My Vote Launches Kickstarter For Blockchain Voting Project

Blockchain voting service provider Follow My Vote (FMV) has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the development of open source blockchain voting software.

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Hosted on Kickstarter, this crowdfunding campaign is aimed at funding a blockchain voting project that hopes “to bring transparency, convenience, and security to all kinds of polls and electoral procedures.”

The proposed Follow My Vote platform hopes to “introduce more transparency into the elections without compromising voter privacy while ensuring the accuracy of the election results. To provide such a service, FMV plans to use blockchain technology and elliptic curve cryptography for its platform, which it says will be “secure and truly verifiable from end to end.”

FMV Co-founder and CEO Adam Kaleb Ernest commented on his dedication to this project:

“I have poured my life savings into Follow My Vote. When that wasn’t enough, I cashed out my 401K and maxed out my credit cards. We are so close to making history, I can feel it in my bones. I am confident that my fellow Millennials will find it in their hearts to fund this campaign so that we can get the job done.”

The FMV team believes that blockchain technology will greatly improve the state of voting, which FMV says “is filled with accusations of illegitimacy.” Kammi Foote, a representative from the Inyo County, California Registrar of voters, agrees with FMV’s vision, saying:

“The future of government is in open-source technologies and providing transparent election results will aid to restoring faith in vote counting. I support efforts, like those used by Follow My Vote, that explore how open-source software can lead to greater transparency, integrity and participation in voting.”

Those interested in funding the Follow My Vote’s initiative can do so at the following link to the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

Follow My Vote plans to demonstrate their game-changing technology by hosting an election in parallel to the United States 2016 Presidential Election.

About Follow My Vote

Follow My Vote is a secure and transparent online voting solution platform for the modern age. It was started by a team of innovators with the mission of using blockchain technology to revolutionize today’s obsolete and vulnerable voting systems. The company is currently operating from a shared space in Virginia Tech’s Corporate Research Center and it is a member of California Association of Voting Officials (CAVO), an organization supporting the use of open source technology to improve the electoral process and Open Source Initiative (OSI).

To learn more about Follow My Vote please visit:

Access the Follow My Vote Crowdfunding Campaign on Kickstarter:

Watch videos about Follow My Vote and its initiative at:

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Follow My Vote Launches Kickstarter For Blockchain Voting Project

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Bitcoin Crowdfunding Can Learn From Kickstarter Android App

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Bitcoinist_Mobile Crowdfunding

Kickstarter has been the center of attention for quite some time now in the crowdfunding world, despite some obvious flaws with the way business is handled at certain times. At the same time, there are far too many users who see this platform as a cheap shopping mall for the latest gadgets, which is far from the case. Now that Kickstarter released its Android app, consumers will have additional options to back innovative projects. Bitcoin-based crowdfunding platforms could use such an app too in the future.

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Supporting Kickstarter Campaigns With an Android Phone

Financially contributing to your favorite crowdfunding campaign requires users to log onto a computer, and fill in their credit card information when making a contribution. The new Kickstarter Android application looks to streamline that process, as the main goal of this release is to make crowdfunding that more convenient than it has ever been before.

By giving users the options to pledge funds to any crowdfunding campaign from the comfort of their mobile device, things will get a lot more interesting for Kickstarter. At the same time, one could argue the point this will also hurt consumers wallets all the more, as impulse purchases take place through mobile devices more often compared to other payment solutions.

As one would come to expect from such an Android app, the main focus lies on discovering new projects, as well as showcasing Kickstarter’s activity feed. By using this feed, users will see updates from their favorite campaigns, as well as which projects any of their friends have shown an interest in. Now that Kickstarter users can browse the platform on both iOS and Android, things are looking quite good for crowdfunding in general.

However, some educational efforts regarding Kickstarter campaigns are still needed. Consumers need to be aware of the fact that pledging financial aid to a project is not without its share of risks. Not every campaign is successful in delivering the advertised product or service, and getting funds back can be quite the hassle. Not all campaigns are spelling doom and gloom, though, as most of them turn out just fine.

Bitcoin Crowdfunding Needs A Mobile App

The concept of crowdfunding has crossed over the world of Bitcoin and digital currencies, although efforts have not been as successful as Kickstarter for example. Equity crowdfunding platforms seem to do fairly well so far, primarily because they let any qualified investors back a company in exchange for a share of their equity.

Converting this experience to the mobile ecosystem might help put Bitcoin crowdfunding on the global map in the years to come. Not just the equity crowdfunding part itself, but also making regular contributions to art projects, video game developers, and the likes.

What are your thoughts on Bitcoin crowdfunding in general? Should there be more options that just equity crowdfunding? Let us know in the comments below!

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Bitcoin Crowdfunding Can Learn From Kickstarter Android App