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LimoPlay Launches World’s first 3D Slot Game

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Bitcoin Casino LimoPlay.com has launched the world’s first animated WebGL 3D slot game, “Johnny the Octopus.” This game features a variety of high quality animations, and is available to players on all platforms and devices. 

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LimoPlay Introduces Johnny the Octopus

LimoPlay debuted Johnny the Octopus at the London Affiliates Conference on on February 4 through 7, where they mingled with the biggest names in online gambling.

Johnny the Octopus uses lively animations, with hardly any static elements in the game. All slot symbols are animated at all times, and the game has “clever details,” such as an “‘alive’ ocean bed with tiny bubbles of air, plankton, and sun beaming through the ocean waters.”

LimoPlay’s new game features an interesting backstory in addition to its cool animations. Players take on the role of a person seeking the treasure of Johnny the Octopus, a retired pirate who spent his career spreading horror all over the Atlantic Ocean with a brutal power and bravery that knew no limits. After retiring a few centuries ago, though, Johnny calmed down a bit, and decided that he wanted to share his treasures with those who prove themselves worthy.

Johnny the Octopus players will attempt to get his treasures by playing the slot game. Those who are worthy enough to win will get a chunk of Johnny’s fabulous treasure accumulated during his pirating career.

LimoPlay offers a unique gaming experience to its customers. Looking to provide a luxurious atmosphere for players, the casino was designed around a limousine theme, with the intent of bringing the luxury and exclusivity associated with a limousine to the online gambling world. LimoPlay backs up this high-class gambling theme with a variety of cutting-edge games. To make their service even more enjoyable, the casino accepts bitcoin, and pays out winnings in the digital currency. They also feature bitcoin slots and exclusive bitcoin-only games.

About LimoPlay Casino

Based in Cyprus, LimoPlay provide the top and best Bitcoin Casino games. Founded in mid-2015. The online casino focuses on pampering its players with luxurious services and providing them with a pleasant gaming experience through its first-class casino games and bonuses – all of which may be accessed through LimoPlay’s no download, instant play, and mobile gaming platform.

For more information about LimoPlay, or to play Johnny The Octopus, please visit:

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LimoPlay Launches World’s first 3D Slot Game

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LimoPlay to Announce Cutting Edge Game at LAC 2016

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LimoPlay stands out from its online gambling competitors by bringing a feeling of luxury to every one of its customers. Created by a team of “iGaming professionals, with more than 15 years of experience,” LimoPlay believes that its services trump all others, giving its players “the best games and offering you the biggest rewards.” The company expects to improve their player experience even further after the London Affiliates Conference 2016 (LAC) on February 4 through 7, where it will reveal exciting new games and Services.

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LimoPlay at LAC 2016: Introducing Johnny the Octopus

This conference will be a big opportunity for LimoPlay to increase the number of affiliates working with bitcoin casinos. Since the company also has a large fiat userbase, LimoPlay representative Jay Simons believes that they will be able to draw in affiliates they wouldn’t be able to get otherwise.

In addition to presenting special offers to potential affiliates, LimoPlay will use LAC 2016 as an opportunity to announce its new game, “Johnny the Octopus.” Simons claims that this new game is “the world’s very first online slot game based on WebGL, a technology that delivers real 3D graphics across multiple devices.” By using the webGL technology, “Johnny the Octopus” will feature 3D graphics, making it extremely “lively.” “You will notice the ocean bed is ‘alive’,” says Simons, describing the visual features present in the 3D slot game, including “tiny bubbles of air, plankton, [and] sun beaming through the ocean waters. This new game is a revolutionary concept both among bitcoin casinos and fiat online casinos

“Jonny the Octopus” has an interesting story to go along with its cutting-edge technology. The game’s main character, Johnny, is a retired octopus pirate. Johnny “once spread horror all over the Atlantic Ocean. His brutal power and bravery knew no limits.” After retiring around 200 years ago, though, he has mellowed out a lot, and wants to share his treasure. LimoPlay customers will get a chance to claim their share of the treasure by playing this slot game, which will be added to the company’s long list of games very soon. Together with more than 500 other games, LimoPlay offers large variety of entertainment to its customers.

LimoPlay hopes that this game will help them grow their user base of Bitcoiners and fiat currency users. LimoPlay expects “Johnny the Octopus” to uphold the company’s “luxury” gaming reputation, which it has built by offering “more than 500 games from the best providers.” The online casino’s work has earned it a spot among “the top of the list” of bitcoin casinos, as well as recognition among fiat-based services. Simons says:

Placing our care on the player’s needs is one of our core values and we believe that this is the way to provide different and unique gaming experience

LAC 2016 will be held from February 4 to the 7th, 2016, at the Olympia Conference Centre in London. If you are interested in attending, you can register as an individual or as part of a group on the LAC section of the IGB Affiliate website. Tickets for non-affiliates start at 559 GBP.

Will you be attending LAC 2016? Let us know in the comments below!

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LimoPlay to Announce Cutting Edge Game at LAC 2016