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Former Maestro CEO Joins Agentic Group Blockchain Consortium

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Blockchain consortia are nothing new under the sun these days, and Agentic Group is one of one consortium very few people have heard of so far. This global Blockchain and digital currency initiative has added former Maestro CEO Ann Camarillo to their Senior Advisors board.

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Agentic Group Focuses On Blockchain And Digital Currency

The name Agentic Group will not ring a bell for most people, although they are a global membership-based consortium focusing on blockchain and digital currency. This group aims to achieve their goals by providing education, development services and consulting to businesses, governments, and nonprofit organizations all over the world.

The addition of Ann Camarillo to the Agentic Group Senior Advisors is a significant milestone for this company, as she brings years of experience in the financial sector to the table. Some people may have heard of her before, as she is the former CEO of Maestro and Cirrus, two names which have made a name for itself in the payments industry before and after the year 2000 came by.

All in all, Ann Camarillo had a 20-year career over at MasterCard Worldwide, which allowed her to rise the ranks and get to the nitty-gritty of payments and settlements. She has experience in business development, customer management, and various other position within the MasterCard Worldwide ecosystem. She is also the President and CEO of Boloro Global Ltd, a company focusing on establishing a mobile payments network.

Agentic Group Founder Rik Willard told the media:

“Ann brings a unique perspective and focus on consumer payments using mobile, evidenced by the explosive entry of Boloro mobile payments into emerging economies. Her mission to drive cash replacement is truly at the epicenter of what our members believe to be the future with Blockchain and Digital Currencies.”

Keeping in mind how Ms. Camarillo has plenty of experience with implementing new technologies to create additional revenue streams, it will be interesting to see what she can do for Agentic Group in the coming years. She does seem to be a big fan of blockchain technology, though, as she feels this concept “will be a true game-changer for creating transparent and trusted transaction records.”

What are your thoughts on this move by Agentic Group? What types of products can we expect from this blockchain and digital currency consortium? Let us know in the comments below!

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Former Maestro CEO Joins Agentic Group Blockchain Consortium