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Cryptocurrency-Powered Game Platform ZENIgames Announces Official Launch

· June 4, 2017 · 10:00 am

The new online gaming platform ZENIgames offers gamers a chance to play games and win “Zennies” in the process.

Love online gaming and cryptocurrencies? Then this new gaming platform is just for you. The Bulgarian arcade game website ZENIgames.com has announced its official launch and is powered by “Zennies”, the platform’s own cryptocurrency. ZENIgames offers free-to-play online games and lets players earn Zennies in the process.

ZENIgames joins other companies such as Datcroft Games Ltd. and Ionomy Studios in integrating cryptocurrency into their games. While Bitcoin has already fostered a burgeoning online gambling industry, it has more recently attracted the attention of mobile game companies who wish to use it to further monetize their games.

The ZENIgames Platform

ZENIgames currently offers around 2000 flashed-based games, which work on regular Internet browsers as well as Android and iOS devices. The site offers the usual range of browser-based games, from basic puzzle and platform games to more involved 3D action games.

The games are user-submitted, so their quality tends to vary. Some games, such as Crash Drive 2, are multiplayer-enabled and highly polished. Others, such as Tile War, are clearly meant as amusing time-killers. However, a five-star rating system allows users to push the best games to the top of each game list.

Zenigames Crash Drive 2

Some games track player progress using cookies stored on the user’s machine. The site also includes leaderboards and a site-wide chat system, allowing users to communicate with each other in-game.

Nonetheless, some HTML5-based games will not work on the Chrome browser due to their need for the Unity Web Player plugin. This is not enabled on Chrome by default, as it’s considered a security risk by its developers (amongst its other stability issues). Users will either need to manually enable NPAPI plugins on Chrome, or play using one of the Unity-supported browsers.

Zennies, the Prize Tickets of the Future

The innovation ZENIgames offers is its own cryptocurrency, Zennies, which are currently worth around 0.00000135 Bitcoins (or about $0.0034). Its name is derived from the Japanese word for “coins” or “small change”. According to CryptoCompare, Zennies was launched on March 22, 2017 (likely during the development of the site). Like other cryptocurrencies, Zennies is completely decentralized with its own blockchain and community of developers.

CryptoCompare price index for ZENI

By registering with ZENIgames, users can play games to earn Zexperience points, which can then be converted into Zennies. These can be used on the website as payments for games and other In-App Purchases (IAP). The site also offers tools to help developers integrate Zennies into their own creations.

A Blockchain Gaming Network

Although Zennies can be traded across one or two exchanges, they currently appear to have limited use as payment for game prizes on their own platform. However, ZENIgames is built on the ZENI game distribution system, which allows other arcade sites to fetch ZENIarcade games.

The ZENIverse

Theoretically, this will allow Zennies to be used as a cross-platform payment system on other sites. Should it gain momentum, the ZENI game distribution system may evolve into a networked game system, where Zexperience can be traded to earn prizes across a network of games.

ZENIgames is currently in beta, so expect more developments on the platform to follow in due time.

Is gaming a good application for blockchain? Could Zennies gain momentum as a currency for online games? Let us know in the comments below!

Images courtesy of CryptoCompare, ZENIgames.

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GameCredits, Datcroft Games to Bring Cryptocurrency to Gaming

Source: bitcoin

GameCredits Gaming

On Thursday morning, Datcroft Games announced a partnership with GameCredits to bring secure and seamless use of in-game cryptocurrency to a vast community of gamers and developers using natively-developed, back-end blockchain technology.

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Founded in 2016, GameCredits enables game developers to use the “GAME” token securely for MMORPGs and other games. The first roll-out is within the popular game Fragoria, which already has a user base of 8 million.

Gamers either buy or win GAME and leverage them for in-game purchases, use in other games, immediate cash outs, or as an investment. Developers can also benefit through earning rewards when a popular game is created, or by contributing to the code base, with no cap in rewards potential.

Cryptocurrency Takes to Gaming With GameCredits

Jon Comer, CMO of GameCredits, spoke to his excitement about the partnership:

“GameCredits Inc. is extremely excited to bring in the team from Datcroft. More than just a business partnership, this is a collaboration of development talents that now number close to 100 people working on the our new payment solution. Datcroft’s expertise and reputation in the gaming industry will give us the leverage needed to bring gamecredits to the mass gaming market.”

Through lower overhead costs brought forth through blockchain technology, purchasing items in-game is additionally enabled. Traditionally, GameCredits said, costs were too high to incorporate micropayments or complex in-game purchases into games without crossing problems of centralization and overhead fees.

Similar to a Ethereum gas, GAME tokens can trade directly inside their own wallets for USD, euro and bitcoin, or traded on digital exchanges.

The Value of In-Game Tokens

Loyal users win GAME and spend them across different games while cashing out or sending to exchanges for trade. The stands to offer incentives for developers too, with Datcroft reporting that their developer community now has access to a larger repository of tools to work with, particularly regarding techniques to acquire and trade scarce digital assets.

The cryptocurrency’s integration into popular games reportedly allows users to have larger deposit limits than traditional payment methods could enable. With increased revenue sharing to developers with quicker payouts, GAME makes a case for developers to contribute to the ecosystem, and can be cashed out into whatever currency one desires.

GameCredits’ advertised transparency and advanced fraud protection provides benefits for gamers as well. Sergey Sholom, CEO Datcroft Games Ltd., remarked how GameCredits and cryptocurrency give users of games on Datcroft new possibilities when gaming.

“Gamers will have the ability to make larger deposits and the ability to earn incentive discounts for purchasing in game items with gamecredits,” Sholom said. “Gamers typically have limited deposit options depending on where they live and cryptocurrency is something that is borderless.”

What are your thoughts about the future of cryptocurrency in gaming? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Images courtesy of Pixabay, GameCredits. 

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GameCredits, Datcroft Games to Bring Cryptocurrency to Gaming

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Japanese Gaming Site Gesoten Adds Bitcoin Settlements

Source: bitcoin

Japanese Gaming Site Gesoten Adds Bitcoin Settlements

By providing millions of players around the world a variety of online environments and gaming experiences, online game worlds have generated billions of dollars. Now, the Japanese online gaming industry is getting ready to fully embrace bitcoin.

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Japanese Gaming Gets Introduced to Bitcoin

Gesoten, one of the most notable Japanese online gaming platforms, has just announced the addition of bitcoin as one of the settlement options available for the purchasing the platform’s in-game virtual currency.

Gesoten is a Japanese-based online game company that provides a communication and end gaming platform for games such as PointTown, yaplog! and freeml. The company is owned by GMO Media, Inc. and it is currently offering games to more than 10 million users.

The company immediately saw bitcoin’s potential for international transactions, since it has lower costs. GMO Media, Inc. was the first to introduce Bitcoin in Japan back in December 2014. The group originally added bitcoin as a point conversion option in one of the company’s most popular online games, PointTown.

Most multiplayer online games operate on a subscription basis, charging a monthly fee for new game content and patches, and Gesoten thought bitcoin would be perfect to complete such transactions. The company believes that improved user convenience through extensive choice of settlement options may come to boost user activity.

Bitcoin is growing fast, gaining adoption around the world. Bitcoin Wallets recently exceeded 12 million instances worldwide. In Japan, more than 100,000 users are trading a total of 500 million to 1 billion yen in the digital currency every day.

So far Japan has shown a friendly attitude towards digital currencies. The country defines digital currency as Value Records, referring to electromagnetic records with certain values. Following the cabinet approval of the revised Settlement Act on March 4, 2016, the Japanese government expects a further increase in the use of digital currency and already has plans to regulate bitcoin as a currency.

What are your thoughts on bitcoin and online games? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Press release provided by Gesoten

Images courtesy of Gesoten.

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Japanese Gaming Site Gesoten Adds Bitcoin Settlements