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Duo Search Is A Search Engine For OpenBazaar

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Now that the openBazaar project has been launched, various cryptocurrency enthusiasts all over the world have set up their shops. Duo Search is a new search engine to help Bitcoin users find whatever they are looking for among OpenBazaar offerings. This valuable tool will go a very long way in the world of decentralized marketplaces.

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Duo Search For OpenBazaar

One thing people have to take into account with projects such as OpenBazaar is how it is rather difficult for consumers to find particular items unless they know the exact store details.  Unlike traditional commerce, where people can search for just about anything through a search engine or centralized platform, the world of decentralized marketplaces is something entirely different.

But that search has become a lot easier now that Duo Search has launched, as this platform is a dedicated search engine for OpenBazaar stores. Users can select from different categories on the left-hand side, or just enter a search term and see what comes up.

What makes Duo Search so important is the way users can distinguish between item listings. For example, users might look for physical goods, digital items, or even services. In the case of physical products, the condition will matter, as well as where the item is shipped from. Plus, some sellers offer free shipping, which is another important filter across the OpenBazaar protocol.

Even though there are still the very early days of the OpenBazaar initiative, it is invaluable to have Duo Search available to users already. Rather than wait until this concept comes to full fruition, more people will be enticed to open up their shop knowing that Duo Search will include them in the results.

Last but not least, users can communicate with the Duo Search team directly through a chat option on the website. This will help with providing customer support to novice users, and makes the project more approachable in general. Moreover, this is a valuable service to the OpenBazaar team as well, as it goes to show there are lots of people interested in exploring the boundaries of this project.

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Duo Search Is A Search Engine For OpenBazaar