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ShapeShift Aided 60 Law Enforcement Inquiries in 2018, Erik Voorhees Reveals

It seems like ShapeShift has done exactly as its name suggests, changing form almost beyond recognition. Founder, CEO, and no fan of the SEC, Erik Voorhees’ exchange once existed without accounts. Now they have full KYC and hand over customer data upon request.

ShapeShift Shocked Crypto World With KYC

In what can only be described as a seismic shift in ethos, ShapeShift started implementing KYC in September 2018. They first sugarcoated it as a “membership program,” for which users would have to provide “basic personal details.” This would allow the exchange to reward them in the form of higher trading limits, cheaper fees, and the like.

Whichever way you spin it, however, the company was paving the way for full KYC/AML. And all customers would have to undergo it by the end of the year. Voorhees later admitted the decision was largely due to “regulatory hurdles.” It also stung the company financially, forcing them to lay off some 37 employees.

ShapeShift made a name for itself as a frictionless way to move crypto funds. But if the company was to compete in a regulatory environment that’s increasingly heating up, it would have to get compliant. Plain and simple.

ShapeShift and Law Enforcement

A blog post tweeted out by Voorhees yesterday may shock its users who thought they had complete anonymity before Q3. Making a reference to Kraken and how their transparency with law enforcement inspired ShapeShift to also help, they say that in 2018, the exchange aided in 60 law enforcement requests.

The below charts depict the various types of law enforcement requests that come in different forms from governments around the world.

ShapeShift Law Enforcement Requests

The company says:

In the United States, they often take the form of subpoenas… What probably won’t come as a surprise is that the United States makes up the largest number of these requests.

A subpoena is a court-ordered request that essentially forces a person or entity to take an action. This could either be to testify before a court or hand over documents. Voorhees is no stranger to these.

What’s interesting is that there was an influx of requests towards the end of quarter three and moving into quarter four. The company says that this is congruous with other crypto companies in the industry, citing Market Watch.

ShapeShift No Longer Anonymous in Anyway

For users who thought that moving crypto through ShapeShift was a viable way of facilitating criminal activity, KYC clipped their wings. And if they had any notion that their transactions were anonymous on ShapeShift at any point last year, they just go a wakeup call.

There’s a lot of scrutiny on cryptocurrencies as the technology and use evolves. ShapeShift has always held financial transparency as a core principle, and for this reason, we felt the world should know that these types of law enforcement requests happen – almost continuously.

What do you think about Shapeshift aiding law enforcement? Share your thoughts below!

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ShapeShift Removes Support for Ethereum Amid Forking Mishap

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Update (10-20-2016, 11:26 AM EST): This article was based on a tweet from ShapeShift that they had temporarily removed all Ethereum-based assets from their platform. That tweet has since been deleted, and the company’s blog post on the matter does not mention removing the assets, although they caution Ethereum-based token traders, telling them to expect transaction delays.

Update (10-20-2016, 11:42 PM EST): Ethereum-based assets have been up and running without issue since being returned to the site.

Technical problems and increasing transaction wait times on the Ethereum network have led popular cryptocurrency exchange ShapeShift to remove all Ethereum-based assets from their platform.

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ShapeShift Says Goodbye to Ethereum

As ShapeShift’s blog states:

“As some are aware, there have been ongoing malicious attacks on the Ethereum network over the past week or two. The attacks are changing and evolving, and as one vector is fixed, others are opened up. This struggle could continue for a while, unfortunately, though we’re confident Ethereum will emerge stronger. What this means for our users is this: Anyone doing an order with Ethereum (or Ethereum-based assets — Reputation REP, Digix DGD and SingularDTV SNGLS) should expect considerable delays in their order processing. Generally, Ethereum-based transactions are simply taking hours (or even a day or two) to get into their first block.”

Ethereum, perhaps, is having a difficult time adjusting to an increasing amount of transactions on its network. The cheap nature of “gas,” the internal cryptocurrency, has made for creative swarms of attackers to overload the system.

While hard forking is not necessarily good practice, some argue that it is the only way forward for Ethereum at this point.

Some stand to profit massively from the creation of a duplicate blockchain, which can double the coins in possession that one has and trade openly on two distinct markets. ShapeShift will not be a part of this, but look for them to re-join the Ethereum trading community in the future.

Dash, Monero, and Lightcoin remain as popular assets on the exchange, but the shift away from Ethereum has widened the spotlight on altcoins to an even wider buffet of choices.

It is not widely known whether or not ShapeShift deploys transactions directly on competing blockchains of altcoins, or if a solution is being used in-house to only interact with those blockchains at certain points. It will be interesting to see whether or not other cryptocurrency exchanges follow suit.

What do you think about ShapeShift’s decision to remove all Ethereum assets from its platform? Let us know in the comments below.

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ShapeShift Removes Support for Ethereum Amid Forking Mishap

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Lisk Adoption Growing as Currency Added to ShapeShift Exchange

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Blockchain development platform Lisk now has its crypto-token LSK listed on ShapeShift, Yuanbao and CoinPayments.

Disclaimer: This article was provided by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with the firms represented by Bitcoin PR Buzz and is not responsible for their products and/or services.

According to the development team, adoption has been “steadily growing” since the launch, gaining interest from “payment processors and online merchants.”

Now supported by ShapeShift.io, a highly-popular cryptocurrency exchange, traders can buy and sell LSK, instantly converting it to and from other cryptocurrencies. Changer.com and Changelly.com support LSK as well, providing exchange services similar to ShapeShift.

CEO Max Kordek recently visited China to meet with exchanges to talk about expanding LSK’s availability on the crypto-markets. Yuanbao.com and Jubi.com, two of the largest altcoin exchanges in China, decided to support LSK after talking with Kordek.

In addition the the growth in Chinese adoptoin, Polish exchange BitBay.net has added support for several LSK currency pairs, including LSK/USD, LSK/BTC and LSK/EUR.

In another big advancement for the blockchain development project, payment processor CoinPayments has started supported LSK, allowing people to use the currency for online transactions “with a myriad of online shops, all of which are ready to accept LSK.”

These new avenues of LSK acceptance are additions to an already long list of exchanges supporting the currency, such as Poloniex.com, Bittrex.com, YoBit.net, BitMEX.comLivecoin.net, OpenLedger.io, Cryptomic.com, Bloombit.com, and ChameleonBit.trade.

The project says that Poloniex has been particularly innovative in its LSK integration, adding a LSK/ETH pair to their exchange, a move Lisk says is “unprecedented.”

About Lisk

Lisk is a blockchain application platform that offers JavaScript development tools to deploy sidechains and build decentralized applications on top of them. It connects various different decentralized technologies to enable developers to build useful, powerful applications for the real world. Lisk was started earlier this year by Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows.

Learn more –

Get started at –

Documentation is available at –

About Bitcoin PR Buzz

Bitcoin PR Buzz has been proudly serving the PR and marketing needs of Bitcoin and digital currency tech start-ups for over 2 years. Get your own professional Bitcoin and digital currency Press Release. Click here for more information.

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Lisk Adoption Growing as Currency Added to ShapeShift Exchange

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Industry Report: Bitcoin Continues Breaking Boundaries

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Bitcoin Industry Report

Coinbase and and Coinfabrik join forces, Jaxx integrates with ShapeShift, and more bank heists may be on the way. Want to see what you’ve been missing? Take a look at some of this week’s Bitcoin news below.

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Banks are once again being warned of potential cyber-attacks. This time, the warning comes in light of the hacks that occurred within banking institutions tied to the Swift network, whom US regulators claim cannot do enough to protect its partners.

The US Federal Financial Examination Council is warning all banks that the time has come to take matters into their own hands, as more cyber-attacks are imminent, and little can be done about them.

This is particularly rough news to smaller banks, who usually don’t bear the budgets or other necessary means to block their vulnerabilities from malicious parties. The Swift platform is doing all it can to stop these vulnerabilities from being exposed, but this is likely to take some time, and banks are being warned to keep their eyes and ears open for anything that may appear suspicious.


What prevents business relations among men? Cultural differences, maybe? What about currency exchange rates? While these two items certainly have a hand in the arena, language barriers can also get in the way.

CoinFabrik and Coinbase are now joining to potentially solve this problem, and allow all users of cryptocurrency to partake in its pleasures.

Coinfabrik is a cryptocurrency design and consulting firm. Presently, they are bringing a new Coinbase API to light that can be translated into up to 26 different languages, including Android, Javascript, and others.

The new API is slated to bring further Coinbase support to users in both short-term and feature-length versions.


The Jaxx wallet is integrating itself with ShapeShift, allowing users to convert between Bitcoin, Ethereum, and DAO without strain.

All three currencies are supported via Jaxx’s wallet, and now users can take advantage of all of them. Everyone owning the latest version of the wallet will have this trait available. The wallet is presently available for all primary computer operating systems, along with Android, Chrome, and Firefox. Apple is also slated to present its version in due time.

Know any stories that deserve to be included in our special Industry Report series? Post your thoughts and ideas below!


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Industry Report: Bitcoin Continues Breaking Boundaries

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Jaxx Wallet Integrates Shapeshift Conversion Option

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Bitcoinist_Jaxx Wallet

The Jaxx wallet solution continues to take the cryptocurrency world by storm. Not only has the wallet added support for The DAO tokens, but the team also interacted ShapeShift. This will allow users to convert between all three wallet-supported currencies within the app itself.

Adding more functionality to a cryptocurrency wallet is always a positive thing. Jaxx has always been priding itself on supporting multiple currencies, and the addition of The DAO token is a significant move. Having one’s top cryptocurrencies at their disposal on any device is what most users have wanted for a long time.

Shifting Currencies With Jaxx and ShapeShift

But there’s more to the Jaxx wallet than just supporting three different cryptocurrencies. By integrating Shapeshift into the client, users can now convert between Bitcoin, Ethereum, and DAO on the fly. Every user who has the latest wallet client – version 1.0.2 – will be able to make use of this new feature.

At the time of writing, the updated Jaxx wallet was available for all the main computer operating systems, as well as Android, Chrome, and Firefox. The iOS version will be available shortly as well, depending on how fast the update passes through Apple’s standard review process.

A new fox icon will appear below the “Amount” bar in the Jaxx wallet, which directs users to the Shapeshift view. There is a second method to access this new functionality, by entering ShapeShift into the address bar in the Jaxx wallet. This is just a small touch to make it more accessible, but it is a smart move by the developers.

Once the users enter their desired amount to transfer, simply hit the “Shift” button, and the transaction will be completed in real-time. If the wallet would support additional currencies and tokens in the future – which is very likely-  they can also be exchanged intermittently through the Shapeshift platform. That is, assuming the company supports these coins and tokens.

It has been a very long week filled with different announcements by the Jaxx team. For the coming weeks, the team will focus on improving the wallet’s performance, and making the UI crisper. Moreover, some bugs still need ironing out. A new version has been released earlier this morning, which should have taken care of the most pressing matters.

What are your thoughts on the Jaxx updates so far? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Decentral

Images courtesy of Shapeshift, Jaxx

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Jaxx Wallet Integrates Shapeshift Conversion Option

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LocalBitcoins Database Allegedly Hacked, User Info For Sale

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LocalBitcoins Database Allegedly Hacked, User Info For Sale

The bitcoin marketplace, LocalBitcoins, has reportedly been hacked by a malicious agent who claims to have the full database of usernames and passwords.

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LocalBitcoins Possibly Hacked

So far, the hacker has only posted an alleged partial list for sale on Satoshibox and it remains unknown if there is a larger list being sold. There is a belief among some that this is simply a hoax as the very same person who is claiming to be the hacker has apparently tried to sell a fake “bitcointalk.org database” in the past.

Below is a partial quote of the original post on Bitcointalk forum:

For sale in here is the Localbitcoins.com database, including up to 700k+ users, most are active.
I’ve managed to get into a few accounts, but the passwords are encrypted but pretty easy to crack if you have to programs… Inside is a partial upload of the Localbitcoin.com Database… using multiple methods of Cross Service and Injections I’ve managed to gain access to their server. Included with the majority of checked logins are Bitcoins. Please be aware, if you plan to transfer to your account it may be risky business.

With the recent hacking of Shapeshift, this very well could just be the result of paranoia on the part of bitcoin users who are simply over-reacting. However, substantiated or not you can be assured that any hacking claims are going to draw some attention, maybe even more than it should or normally would have.

One thing is for certain, if this alleged hack is for real, then it will be a huge blow to not only LocalBitcoins, but to the entire Bitcoin community. Back-to-back large scale hacking events increases skepticism about Bitcoin and decreases trust in the cryptocurrency. For now, we can’t know for sure what has actually happened, we can only speculate until further events unfold that illuminate the situation a little better.

What Do you think of the possible hacking of LocalBitcoins’ database? Let us know in the comments below!

Sources: 1, 2

Images courtesy of  Harborly, LocalBitcoins.

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LocalBitcoins Database Allegedly Hacked, User Info For Sale

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Bitcoin Price Enjoys An Impressive Jump, Will it Endure?

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Bitcoin Price Enjoys An Impressive Jump, Will it Endure?

In our previous look at the bitcoin price, we observed that everybody’s favorite coin had hit a barricade in its attempts to reach the top. The price was being described as stagnant, and everyone began wondering if Bitcoin had found itself a nice little hole to lay in for the time being before continuing its trek to the final point of the financial mountain.

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The Bitcoin Price Rollercoaster Returns

But just when we all thought things weren’t likely to change from here, bitcoin has pulled a trick from its sleeve and surprised us once again. At press time, the price of bitcoin is equal to about $443, a jump of nearly $13 since our last publishing, and everyone is taking notice.

Such a rise hasn’t been witnessed in some time, so what’s behind it all? Some claim the ongoing negative hype consistently surrounding bitcoin may be dying down. No doubt several of us still read about digital currency in the news and think to ourselves, “I could never get involved in something so dangerous” (things like last week’s hacking of digital exchange ShapeShift don’t help when it comes to changing perspectives). As time has gone by, however, the idea that bitcoin is somehow a nasty seed that harvests criminals and financial abusers has been disproved through the efficiency and safety of the blockchain.

The technology witnessed in the blockchain can be labeled as near-perfect in the sense that it prevents problems one might encounter in a traditional banking world, such as statement fraud, from ever occurring. Transactions are recorded in real-time through a ledger system that’s nearly impossible to be tampered with by a single hand. As more have come to terms with this idea, our mutual trust of bitcoin and its respective technology has also grown.

Now the time is arriving where people are beginning to look at bitcoin as more stable than gold. It’s a day that many investors likely never thought would come, but now the day appears nearer than ever. Presently, the bitcoin industry is estimated to possess a value of approximately $6.6 billion. Of course, gold still stands in the high $100-$200 billion range, but the bitcoin industry is clearly marked with the word “billion” in its description. That’s “billion” with a “b.” Not an “m,” and things can only get stronger from here.

So if bitcoin still has you worried, the time to overcome your fear is now, before the price gets too high and you find yourself unable to join in all the fun.

How high will the bitcoin price get? Do you predict another massive rise? Post your comments below!


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Bitcoin Price Enjoys An Impressive Jump, Will it Endure?

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Wheel of Doge Allows Players to Use Any Coin Through ShapeShift

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wheel of doge

Wheel of Doge is a play on the classic Wheel of Fortune game. With its super colorful design, it is focused on Dogecoin. However, you can play with any cryptocoin, through the Shapeshift integration.

Disclaimer: This is a press release. Bitcoinist is not responsible for this company’s products and/or services. 

About Wheel of Doge: Bet with Dogecoin and More Through ShapeShift Integration

The game is super fun to play, with a low house edge. It is also very versatile. Players have full control. Yet it remains super easy to understand. You can instantly see how it works and start playing. Everything accessible, displayed in a single page, responsive and fast loading.

No accounts are required. All gameplay is done through a unique URL. So it is simple to start playing from anywhere, on any device, at any time.

Because of this it can even be used as a Dogecoin wallet. Though the game operators do not recommend this, it is possible.

The site is very new, launching less than one month ago. Some promotions are in the works. For the moment, to reward players, there is an affiliate program and an invest (‘Put-up-Doge’) function.

If you use your affiliate link to refer people, you will share in the site’s winnings. And if you invest in the site’s bankroll you will earn from that too. All your earnings go direct to your game balance. This is very convenient.

The support team are quick and friendly.

Overall Wheel of Doge shows an attention to aesthetics and user experience that is lacking in the crypto gaming space. We’re sure everyone will thoroughly enjoy playing Wheel of Doge.

To learn more about Wheel of Doge’s gaming options, visit the website here

To learn more about ShapeShift, visit the website here

Images courtesy of Wheel of Doge

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Wheel of Doge Allows Players to Use Any Coin Through ShapeShift

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Multi-sig Wallet BitGo Integrates with ShapeShift.io API

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SWITZERLAND, Feb 17, 2016 – ShapeShift.io, an instant Bitcoin and blockchain exchange service, has been integrated into the multi-sig Bitcoin wallet, BitGo. The ShapeShift API integration allows BitGo wallet users to send or receive all leading cryptocurrencies without leaving the wallet.

Disclaimer: This is a press release. Bitcoinist is not responsible for these companies’ products and/or services.

Multi-Sig Wallet for Altcoin Exchange


“We’re constantly impressed with the ShapeShift product for its speed and ease of use,” said BitGo CEO Mike Belshe, “BitGo customers can now instantly transfer their Bitcoin into any alt-currency with just a few clicks!”

See how BitGo works with ShapeShift in this quick video:

The relationship between the companies has continued to strengthen. ShapeShift previously integrated BitGo’s “Instant” feature to enable zero-confirm transactions from BitGo wallet users to ShapeShift.

Developed primarily as an API platform, ShapeShift has been integrated into over 45 partner services throughout the blockchain industry.

For businesses interested in learning more about ShapeShift API integration, please contact emily@shapeshift.io.

About ShapeShift.io

ShapeShift is how digital asset exchange should work. From start to finish users can convert digital currencies in seconds, with no account required. No emails or passwords. No lengthy sign­up process. No accounts. No bid and ask orders. No friction. ShapeShift’s goal is to be the fastest, safest, and most convenient way to trade digital assets. See more at:

About BitGo

BitGo is the leader in Bitcoin security and a pioneer of multi-signature technology. The company offers BitGo Enterprise, an enterprise-grade, multi-sig, multi-user Bitcoin wallet, and BitGo Platform API, a robust set of tools and services to access the underlying platform. BitGo recently announced handling of $1 billion of Bitcoin transactions per quarter. The company was founded by veterans in online security, digital currency, and financial technology, and has raised more than $14 million in financing to date. Learn more at www.bitgo.com.

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Multi-sig Wallet BitGo Integrates with ShapeShift.io API