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OKCoin Adds New Security Features To Mobile Bitcoin App

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OKCoin is one of the leading Bitcoin exchanges in the world, and they have recently updated their mobile application with additional security and other features. More and more traders are looking to access their preferred Bitcoin platforms from the comfort of mobile devices, and companies have to cater to those needs. The recent features added to OKCoin make their application one of the more versatile mobile offerings available today.

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OKCoin Mobile App Gets Major Update

There is nothing more annoying than accessing an online Bitcoin trading platform through a web browser. While several of these platforms offer mobile-friendly versions of their website, the overall experience can feel clunky and annoying rather quickly. Navigating through charts and accessing account menus through a browser on mobile is not a fun experience in most cases.

Mobile applications seem to hold the answer to these problems, and OKCoin is one of the first companies to offer a feature-rich app. The first hurdle to overcome for new platform users is signing up for an account. Luckily, the OKCoin mobile application makes this process rather straightforward, and users can even complete Level 1 verification from within the app itself. Doing so will give them instant access to Bitcoin trading features.

Up until now, withdrawals could not be made from within the mobile OKCoin application. This may seem rather strange for a platform priding itself on their trading features, but it was one of the things that had to be improved in the future. With the updated mobile app, OKCoin users can now withdraw funds in both Bitcoin and Litecoin by accessing the “Withdrawals” menu.

Most mobile applications lack proper security, and the OKCoin developers have addressed those concerns as well. After all, users are storing their trading portfolio wealth on a device that is not always in their eyesight, and proper precautions need to be taken to avoid unauthorized use of the application.

Among the new security features is Touch-ID, which lets users authenticate access through gesture rather than using a password. While gestures may not be a perfect solution either, it is a notable step forwards from letting users stick to [weak] passwords. On the other hand, users who prefer to stick with passwords will have the option to reset it through the mobile app as well, by entering a code sent to them via SMS.

Other Bitcoin Platform’s Apps To Follow?

OKCoin is one of the first major Bitcoin companies to take steps in the right direction for tackling the mobile ecosystem. For some reason, most exchange platforms have no mobile application available, even though global numbers of users owning a mobile device is growing every year.

If and when more mobile apps become available to Bitcoin users, we can only hope to see the same – or an even higher – level of focus on account security. Mobile apps are very convenient, but security is often rather lackluster. In the end, this is real money people are dealing with, on devices that are regularly used by other people.

What are your thoughts on the OKCoin update? Will you be using any of their new features in the future? Let us know in the comments below!

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OKCoin Adds New Security Features To Mobile Bitcoin App