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Vaultoro Celebrates Anniversary With 50% Trading Discount

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Vaultoro is celebrating their anniversary today, and platform customers can enjoy a 50% trading fee reduction for the next month. Trading between gold and bitcoin at discounted prices is always a bonus and an excellent way to celebrate this company’s service.

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Trading Bitcoin And Gold At Vaultoro Becomes Cheaper

Ever since the Vaultoro platform launched – back in May 2015 – there has been a considerable interest in exchanging between gold and Bitcoin. For the average investors not involved in cryptocurrency, this platform provides an easy way to diversify one’s portfolio through Bitcoin without jumping through too many additional hoops.

At the same time, the platform gives Bitcoin users relatively easy access to gold, which is still a  very valuable commodity in the world today. With the gold value going up again in the past few months, the concept of investing in precious metals has become a lot more appealing to cryptocurrency enthusiasts all over the world.

Vaultoro CEO Joshua Scigala stated the following:

“With Vaultoro, clients are outside of the banking system. People buy physically allocated gold that is secured in their names as their legal property. All clients gold is off Vaultoro’s books, so if Vaultoro was to become insolvent then people still have access to their gold through the Pro Aurum Vaulting facility. Allocated gold means that even liquidators do not have access to clients property.”

Similar to most trading platforms, Vaultoro charges trading fees based on the amount of volume traded. For example, trading between 0 and 500 grammes of gold is subject to 0.5% trading fees, whereas anything above 5,000 grammes is subject to a 0.2% fee. However, given the anniversary of this platform, all of those fees will be cut in half.

This is pretty exciting news for people looking to explore the correlation between gold and Bitcoin trading. Even though the platform has been the cheapest and fastest way to hold physical gold in one’s portfolio for a while now, cutting the fees in half during the anniversary period will only attract more customers. At the same time, this makes the platform an even cheaper option to buy physically allocated gold with Bitcoin.

What are your thoughts on the anniversary and their reduced trading fees? Let us know in the comments below!

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Vaultoro Celebrates Anniversary With 50% Trading Discount