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Bet Bitcoin on UFC 208: Holly Holm vs. Germaine de Randamie

· February 11, 2017 · 7:00 am

This weekend includes a chance to bet bitcoin on a UFC card with championship implications. Let’s have a look at one of the fights.

Bitcoin continues to grow as a method for people to bet on sports. Over $4.25 billion USD were bet on the Super Bowl. It is unclear how much of this amount was in Bitcoin, but it is clear that Bitcoin gambling is on the rise.

Holly Holm vs. Germaine de Randamie

There is a new weight division in the UFC. The women’s lightweight 145-pound division. This weekend we will know who the first champion of this division is. This title fight has two of the top strikers in women’s MMA.

Holly Holm known for her spectacular knockout win over Rondy Rousey will fight decorated striker Germaine de Randamie. Holm professional boxing record includes 16 title defenses won at three different weight classes, and Germaine de Randamie is 37-0 in kickboxing with three titles.


Although they are both known for their striking, they have two distinct styles. Holm is known for her technical counter-striking. She keeps her distance and prefers to stay on the outside and use her reach. She does not take very much damage and can win rounds by getting clean strikes and avoiding damage.

However, this time around she does not have the reach advantage that she is used to as de Randamie has two inches longer reach. Germaine is not only known for her technical striking but also for her power. She tends more to go forward and engage the fight and has also shown a strong clinch game including knees, which ended her fight against Anna Elmose.

The question here is will de Randamie’s forward movement open her up for Holm’s counter-striking? De Randamie is not the run of the mill MMA striker. She has years of experience and has shown her ability to judge distance and not just to go forward with abandon.

I give de Randamie the advantage in power and clinch. She will be able to back up Holm and get her up against the cage. The threat of de Randamie’s power is going to make Holm hesitant to commit to her strikes and make it difficult for her to win rounds on points. I am going with Germaine de Randamie.

Pick: Germaine de Randamie 1.74 at Cloudbet

Track Record: Previous Picks

The Super Bowl was the first ever to go into overtime. How the Atlanta Falcons lost such a big lead will be a question people will be asking for years. Atlanta giving up their lead and the game going into overtime made two of my picks losers.


The under 58 points and Atlanta Falcons Moneyline. The first half under 28.5 was a winner who makes the record 1-3 for the Super Bowl and 3-5 for the playoffs and Super Bowl combined. For MMA in 2017, I am 0-2. Let’s see if that improves after this weekend. Also on the fight card is the return of Jacare Souza who faces Tim Boetsch as well as the legendary Anderson Silva as he meets Derek Brunson.

You can see more details on how to bet Bitcoin on UFC 208 via Cloudbet here.

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[Disclaimer: Bitcoinist is not responsible for any gains or losses incurred from gambling.]

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UFC Fight Night Denver: Shevchenko vs. Peña – Bet with Bitcoin

· January 28, 2017 · 7:00 am

Let’s have a look at this week’s UFC fight card and recap the NFL playoff picks from last week to see how we did with our Bitcoin bets. 

Last week, the NFL playoffs came to an end. Now, the Atlanta Falcons will face the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. To Meryl Streep’s delight there are no NFL games this weekend, but to her disgust, there is a UFC card, and it is stacked. But first, let’s review our last week’s NFL picks…

Last Week’s NFL Picks Recap

The Atlanta Falcons destroyed the Green Bay Packers with a final score of 21-44. The Packers had too many dropped balls and turnovers. In the playoffs, you can not drop that many passes and turnover the ball that much if you want to win.

There was also a crucial turnover when Green Bay fumbled the ball in the red zone. There was enough scoring on both sides that the over 60 was no problem for the game total. In the second half, Aaron Rodgers took the matter into his own hands running for first downs rather than passing to his receivers that were dropping passes left and right.

My picks went 1-1 for this game, Green Bay +4.5 was a loss and over 60 points game total was a win.

The Patriots dominated the Steelers most of the game. In the third quarter, the Patriots sealed the deal with 16 unanswered points. All of the under 50 total points bettors were getting nervous, and then it happened. The Steelers got a touchdown and then, of course, the Patriots answered back with a touchdown and then the under was toast. 1-1 on this game too: Patriots -6 win under 50 points total loss

Picks record for the NFL playoffs is 3-3

Fight Night: Donald Cerrone vs. Jorge Masvidal

Masvidal is coming off a first-round knockout of Jake Ellenberger. After three fights in a row going the distance, this was a noticeable change in Masvidal’s tempo. He is known for being a very technical striker preferring to counterstrike and has lost some close decisions perhaps because his opponent was more active. Masvidal has solid take downs and takedown defense but is known for his stand up.


In this fight, he will need to put Cerrone under pressure and back him up. After moving to the 170 lbs. division, Cerrone has been on fire. He is on a four win fight streak finishing all fights in the distance. This fight should take place standing and Cerrone needs to put Masvidal under pressure. If Cerrone stays active and initiates the striking exchanges, I have a feeling that it will be a long night for Masvidal. I do not see Masvidal being able to get Cerrone to back up or that he will be able to out point Cerrone on his feet and get a decision.

Pick: Cerrone 1.62 at Cloudbet

Valentina Shevchenko vs. Julianna Peña

This fight will likely determine the next opponent to fight Nunes for the title. Shevchenko is a highly decorated striker with multiple kickboxing titles. In this fight, her takedown defense will be put to the test. Against Nunes, she had some problems defending the takedown and was not able to do much until round three when Nunes was tired. When she fought Kaufmann in her UFC debut, she surprised many by taking her down in round one. That fight ended with Kaufmann on top in mount.


Although Shevchenko has shown takedown defense, I do not think it will be enough to stop Peña from getting her down. Since the main threat from Peña is the takedown, this will also make it harder for Shevchenko to use her kicks. When the main part of the fight is up against the cage and on the ground that is the kind of fight Peña wants.

Although Shevchenko is a decorated striker, we have not seen her put anyone away in her UFC career. Peña has shown that she is one of the strongest wrestlers in the division. She rag dolled the strong Cat Zingano in her last victory at UFC 200. Shevchenko’s lack of ability to get up once taken down makes me think this is going to be a long night for her.

Pick: Peña 2.26 at Cloudbet

This fight card also features 17 year MMA veteran Arlovski against up coming Ngannou as well as Alex-Caceres “Bruce Lee Roy” against Jason Knight.

Moreover, next weekend is the Super Bowl. Be sure to drop by as I go over the game and some of the more interesting prop bets that are offered. Once again, our preferred Bitcoin sports betting portal is Cloudbet, which offers some of the best odds on the market.

[Full disclosure: Cloudbet is an advertiser on Bitcoinist.com]

What are your picks for UFC Fight Night Denver? Let us know in the comments below

Images courtesy of  ufc.com, heavy.com

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Bet on MMA with Bitcoin: UFC 202, McGregor vs. Diaz

Source: bitcoin


Bitcoin continues to be the easiest way to get funds to a sportsbook. In fact, a lot of sportsbooks offer deposit bonuses if you use bitcoin, since they also save money on fees and chargebacks. The much-anticipated rematch of McGregor vs. Diaz is this weekend at UFC 202. Let’s have a look at the odds and some of the other fights on this stacked card.

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UFC 202 Betting Picks

Connor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz

McGregor was training to fight RDA at lightweight 155, but Rafael dos Anjos had to drop out due to injury. With eight days notice, Diaz took the fight. After taking some punches and getting cut, Diaz made it through round one. Round two was all Diaz, and he ended up winning the fight via submission in the second round.

What is different this time around? These two were set to fight at UFC 200, but due to McGregor having disagreements with the UFC regarding media dates and promotion, the bout was removed from the card and rescheduled for UFC 202.

McGregor has reportedly spent close to $300,000 USD on this training camp. He has brought in people to train BJJ and emulate Diaz.

While everyone is talking about McGregor, many have forgotten that Diaz did not have a full camp last time — while Mc Gregor did. The fight was at a higher weight class than McGregor was training for, but the fact remains. This time, Diaz will have a full camp behind him.

McGregor will be dangerous in rounds one and two, but I expect Diaz to be sharper than the last fight. This fight being five rounds puts Diaz at an advantage, since he has some of the best cardio in MMA.

According to the odds, Diaz is the underdog, even though he won the last fight. I am going with Diaz to win currently at 1.95-2.00 at most sportsbooks.

Neil Magny vs. Lorenz Larkin

The featured fight of the early prelims includes Magny, who is coming off a performance of the night victory over Hector Lumbard. Magny will face off against Lorenz Larkin, who is coming off a win of his own against Masvidal.

Magny, who is currently a slight favorite, uses his wrestling and volume of strikes to win fights. He has good wrestling and takedowns, but his chin is questionable, and his striking — although improved — still is not that great.

Larkin is known for his technical striking. He has clean and crisp striking and does not waste much movement when he strikes. He also has good takedown defense. Since he does not rely on wild haymakers and looping punches, Larkin does not open himself up to being taken down as much as fighters that have a more brawling style. The main thing against Larkin is that he is sometimes not active enough — evidenced in his split decision loss to Tomolov.

I can see Larkin stuffing takedowns and geting some good strikes in against Magny. If Magny can not get this fight to the ground, it is going to be a long night for him. I’m going with Larkin as the underdog as my pick. You can get Larkin at 2.10-2.20

Are you with Diaz or McGregor? Let us know in the comments below.

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Bet on MMA with Bitcoin: UFC 202, McGregor vs. Diaz

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Bet on MMA with Bitcoin: UFC Fight Night 21

Source: bitcoin


The best way to bet on sports online is with bitcoin. Many traditional online sportsbooks now accept bitcoin and also offer deposit bonuses for using the currency. You can also use the “pure” bitcoin sportsbooks that provide the quickest deposits and withdraws in the industry. The number of sports bettors and sportsbooks using bitcoin increases every day, giving bettors more options.

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UFC Fight Night 21: Bitcoin Betting Picks

UFC Fight Night 21 is stacked. The main event features two dynamic strikers facing off against one another: Alex Caceres, aka “Bruce Lee Roy,” and Yair Rodriguez. Both Caceres and Rodriguez are known for their footwork and creativity in the octagon.

Knockout artist Danielle Taylor is making her UFC debut in the strawweight division. In the early prelims on fight pass, there is a potential fight of the night. Veterans Cub Swanson and Tatsuya Kawajiri will face off. Both are coming off losses and something to prove. Will the 38-year-old veteran that fought in PRIDE, Dream and One FC Kawajiri be able to defeat the number five ranked Cub Swanson?

Let’s take a look at two picks for this card.

Thales Leites vs. Chris Camozzi

Thales Leites is coming off two losses in a row: one to the now-champion Bisping, and his last fight to Mousasi both by decision. Camozzi is coming off of three wins, his latest against Vitor Miranda as the underdog.

The question is: will Leites be able to close the distance and use his power strikes and submission game or will Camozzi be able to keep him on the outside? Bisping and Mousasi were able to stay on the outside and outstrike Leites. Camozzi is a well-rounded fighter but does not especially shine in one area. He does have a TKO via leg kicks in Prize FC, however. That being said, I still give Leites the upper hand in striking, and Leites has a distinct advantage on the ground with high-level BJJ.

I’m going to take the favorite, Thales Leites at 1.60, and also add the -3.5 Handicap (no line yet)

Danielle Taylor vs. Maryna Moroz

Maryna Moroz is a technical striker with a background in boxing and has a “go to” submission, with five out of her seven wins earned via armbar. Danielle Taylor will make her UFC debut, filling in for Kish, who had to drop out due to a hand injury. Taylor has her own “go to” move using her hands to win via TKO. Taylor has a brawling style and will pounce on her opponent once they are hurt. On the feet, this is a brawler vs. striker matchup.

I don’t think that Taylor has faced anyone on the level of Moroz in her career, and as long as Moroz can weather an early storm, then she should be able to get the win.

My pick: Moroz -3.5 handicap (line not out yet) hedged with Taylor via KO/TKO (line not out yet)

Want more picks? In the Sportsbet telegram channel, we will be talking about the fights live. You can discuss your picks, prop bets and talk to over 300 bettors, cappers and degens from around the world. We are in there every day talking about all sports 247.

Let us know in the comments what you think about Fight Night 21 and the picks.

Image courtesy of UFC.

Bitcoinist is not responsible for any gains or losses incurred from gambling.

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Bet on MMA with Bitcoin: UFC Fight Night 21