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Coincheck’s $534M of Stolen NEM Found By Blockchain Forensics Firm

· March 5, 2018 · 11:00 am

BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group has reported that its Forensic and Investigations Division has successfully followed the laundered proceeds from the high-profile Coincheck hack — in which $534 million worth of NEM (XEM) coins were stolen — to an exchange in Vancouver.

Lost & Found

On January 26, 2018, the cryptocurrency world was once again rocked when Japanese exchange Coincheck reported the loss of 526 million XEM coins — worth upwards of $530 million. The theft was the second largest in the history of cryptocurrency.

However, BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group has successfully tracked the proceeds from those stolen digital assets to an exchange in Vancouver, where the funds are being laundered.

BIG plans on delivering the important information to the relevant authorities as soon as possible. According to a press release from the company:

BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group will compile the information gathered from its suite of proprietary technology search and data analytics tools into a comprehensive, official report outlining its forensic findings – for delivery to law enforcement agencies in Canada and the US.

Additionally, BIG’s Director of Forensics and Investigations, Robert Whitaker, stated:

The NEM (XEM coin) has a strong and loyal crypto community that has been affected by this hack. Our corporate mandate at BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group is to provide technology and services that bring cryptocurrency mainstream and create security in the sector, which is why we’re stepping up to help bring transparency and insight to this example of illicit activity.

BIG hopes that the company’s “efficient and effective response to the hack further establishes BIG as the global standard for cryptocurrency search and data analytics.”

Bitcoinist_Global Expansion Coincheck

BIG is a developer of Blockchain technology search and data analytics solutions. It has developed a cryptocurrency agnostic search and analytics engine which helps government agencies and law enforcement officials hunt down cyber criminals in the crypto space. The engine allows for forensic-level tracing, tracking, and transaction monitoring.

Though cryptocurrency has largely been founded around the principles of decentralization and deregulation, forensic-level watchdogs like BIG may help ensure large-scale cryptocurrency heists are a thing of the past.

What do you think about BIG successfully tracking Coincheck’s stolen funds to an exchange in Vancouver? Let us know in the comments below!

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NEM Rises to New Heights, as Partner EcoBit’s Green Project ICO Continues

· June 6, 2017 · 11:00 am

NEM is currently one of the fastest expanding distributed ledger technology platforms in the cryptocurrency space. In the recent days, NEM’s cryptocurrency XEM has seen a meteoric rise in value as it displaced Litecoin as the 4th Largest altcoin, in market capitalization last week.

The recent growth spike has been attributed to the NEM’s recent partnership with EcoBit, a green project supported by the Kelantan State Government in Malaysia.

The recent increase in demand and valuation for the out-of-the-box solution and it’s XEM tokens began earlier in the year with the announcement of the collaboration with EcoBit Project and its Blockchain card on social media site Twitter. EcoBit Blockchain card is a pioneering technology that sees the first ever implementation of Blockchain technology on a smart card, which harnesses NEM technology to enable the transactions of EcoBits tokens.

A leading Spanish cryptocurrency news site recently analyzed the direct correlation between EcoBit events and XEM price spikes, concluding the collaboration has a massively beneficial effect on the consensus in the cryptocurrency community.

Showing a super bullish upward trend line, corresponding with EcoBit events, the graph displayed a 154% increase in NEM prices from $0.0037 to $0.0094, between January and March 11, 2017, in unison with phase two launch of the EcoBit project.

Fast forward a month, and XEM saw another significant surge in price and market capitalization, reaching $0.0247 per token. Within this time frame, XEM saw its value rise in value by an entire decimal point, as EcoBit launched its website and ICO. A month later and XEM recorded yet another decimal point shift to reach $0.1276 (as on May 14, 2017).

Following the EcoBit ICO, and its green initiative, the company has gained more popularity among community members, especially Japan, where artists have created EcoBit fan-art.

What is EcoBit?

EcoBit is a green and sustainable lifestyle movement, developed in partnership with the Kelantan State Government in Malaysia. Having already raised over $1 million during the first 10 days of ICO, the EcoBit project focuses on many environmental initiatives that will be financed through the company’s ongoing ICO.

With NEM blockchain technology, the company creates a public supply chain for all produce created through its green projects on Carey Island. Through blockchain implementation, EcoBit focuses on transparency, immutability, and accountability, ensuring that people know exactly what they are buying, where it is coming from and under what ethical circumstances.

The use of self-sustaining NEM blockchain-based smart contracts enables projects to manage and monetize natural resources to reduce carbon emissions ethically. It also creates a transparent, immutable digital supply chain ledger that allows anyone to track and monitor the carbon credits/impact, project’s yields (agricultural produce) and the movement of products from the origin to supermarket shelves.

Through the ledger, consumers can be assured of the organic nature and ethical handling of food produce. The recently introduced EcoBit Blockchain Card can be used by members to “earn” EcoBit tokens via recycling program and “pay” merchants for their goods and services.

Open till June 8, 2017, EcoBit invites participants to continue to contribute towards and eco-friendly blockchain-based project, fighting global warming and climate change in the process contributing towards its sustainable environmental movement.

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Changelly is Integrated into the Official NEM/XEM Wallet

· January 27, 2017 · 3:00 am


January 24, 2017 – Changelly, an instant cryptocurrency exchange, keeps boosting popularity by integrating its tools into new projects. The Changelly exchange widget has been implemented into the Nano Wallet – official wallet of NEM/XEM, a new prospective blockchain technology.

[Note: This is a paid press release]

What’s NEM?

NEM is a new promising p2p blockchain platform fueled with XEM coins. The platform provides fast and secure services for large enterprises. One of the key features on NEM is a low entry barrier for developers, which allows to easily deploy blockchain technologies into daily life. The technology has already been tested by the largest Japanese trust bank.


Over the last year, the capitalization of XEM has risen more than 2000%. NEM is currently creating its next generation update, the Catapult technology, together with a Japanese startup named Tech Bureau, which raised 6.2 mln USD of investments.

Instant exchange option

Changelly provides a great feature to send bitcoins and a wide range of altcoins directly to the NEM/XEM Nano Wallet. By using a special interface tab with Changelly widget, a user may send Bitcoins to the provided address. They are instantly converted into XEM and top up a user’s account. VISA/Mastercard direct payments are available, as well.

Quotes Jeff McDonald (Head of NEM marketing) stated:

With this feature, a user may instantly buy any amount of XEM without jumping into the tricky and complicated interface of other trading platforms.


“We are glad to provide instant exchange option for such reputable company on the blockchain market,” adds  CEO Konstantin Gladych.

About Changelly

Being presented about 2 years on the market, Changelly provides instant and safe cryptocurrency transactions without amount restrictions. The service has about 100 thousand active users, which make up to 1000 transactions daily.

Changelly offers an instant exchange API and widgets with crypto and fiat payment options. They can be integrated into crypto wallets, merchant websites, ICO platforms and other crypto businesses. Changelly has already partnered with DECENT, FreeWallet, CoinMarketCap, NAVCoin, WINGS and other platforms.

Contacts: Maret Avik, brand manager Email: marketing@changelly.com

Official website: https://changelly.com

Images courtesy of Changelly, Shutterstock

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Industry Report: Is Litecoin Making a Comeback?

Source: bitcoin

Industry Report: Is Litecoin Making a Comeback?

Cryptocurrency grows in Japan, and Litecoin is coming back with a vengeance. Want to catch up on the latest digital currency news? Have a gander at the stories below.

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Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Zaif is adding XEM currency to its platform. The company repeatedly appears in the headlines, and adding new digital currencies to its trading platform.

XEM currently holds heavy power in Japan, which is often credited for stimulating primary interest in the coin and bringing its $100 million market cap to fruition.

The New Economy Movement, which allegedly uses “blockchain technology to bring back equal” opportunities for individuals, has also proven quite popular within Japanese borders. Speaking of the NEM, Dragonfly Fintech CEO Lon Wong explains:

“It is timely that we can engage someone in Japan to spearhead the development and promotion of the NEM blockchain technology. Japan seems quick to jump onto this technology ahead of the rest of the world, although this solution was mooted ad developed in the USA and Europe.”


Following a rocky period that seemed to last through the early part of 2016, Litecoin executives are revamping the coin and taking it in a whole new direction. Those in charge are seemingly promising an entire list of additions to the Litecoin table, including “new software clients, protocol improvements, and the consolidation of the various communication and governance structures.”

One of the big highlights of Litecoin’s new “coming-of-age story” is the addition of iOS and Android wallets. Such an app has never existed up to this point, and the lack of a accessible mobile wallets has been a major problem for the coin when it comes to expansion.

The new wallet will offer a simple user interface, encrypted private keys, and cold storage for added privacy and customer security. Also in Litecoin’s wake is a new tool slated to maintain the currency’s super-nodes.

Other cool aspects include faster signature validation, wallet pruning, memory usage improvements, and functionality to reduce upload traffic. The exclusive “Litecoin Talk” forum has also been reactivated with a new “read-only” archive following the recent hack which took place last March.

Know of any stories worthy of being included in our special Industry Reports? Post your comments and thoughts below!

Images courtesy of Google Play, blockscan.com.

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Industry Report: Is Litecoin Making a Comeback?

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Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange Zaif Adds XEM Trading Market

Source: bitcoin

Bitcoinist_New Economy Movement XEM

Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Zaif continues to make media headlines in quick succession as of late. The company announced on July 3rd how they had added the XEM cryptocurrency to their trading platform. Keeping in mind how XEM has seen a spectacular value increase over the past few months, this is not entirely surprising.

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It is not uncommon for cryptocurrency exchanges to add new coins to their platform. The addition of XEM to Zaif is quite noteworthy, though, considering how the New Economy Movement concept has a huge following in Japan. In fact, Japan is the driving power behind the recent XEM price increase, which is now nearing the US$100m market cap.

Zaif Exchange Expands List of Supported Cryptocurrencies

The reason for XEM’s success can be attributed to Takao Asayama, CEO of the Zaif exchange. He is also the official spokesperson for New Economy Movement in Japan. As a result of his efforts, Asayama has been appointed as NEM Japan Director and represent the movement in the country from now on.

Dragonfly Fintech CEO Lon Wong told the media:

“It is timely that we can engage someone in Japan to spearhead the development and promotion of the NEM blockchain technology. Japan seems quick to jump onto this technology ahead of the rest of the world, although this solution was mooted and developed in the USA and Europe. Given Takao Asayama’s commitment and involvement, we are confident that he will be able to take NEM to the next level in Japan.”

Zaif has become quite a popular exchange platform in Japan, and it is considered to be one of the premier cryptocurrency platforms. Up until this point, only two currencies were supported: Bitcoin and Monacoin. As of July 3rd, users can trade XEM against the Japanese Yen. A Bitcoin trading pair for XEM will be added in the coming weeks.

The correlation between Zaif and New Economy Movement goes much further. The Mijin blockchain solution, developed by Zaif parent company Tech Bureau Corp, uses NEM blockchain technology. All of the pieces of this puzzle are falling into place as we speak. Exciting times are ahead for cryptocurrency in Japan; that much is certain.

What are your thoughts on the NEW concept and Zaif adding this cryptocurrency to its platform? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Zaif

Images courtesy of Shutterstock, Zaif

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Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange Zaif Adds XEM Trading Market